Songs to Sing On the Day We Bare Bears Gets Cancelled


The Top Ten

1 I'm With You - Avril Lavigne

We Bare Bears is a great show! - micahisthebest

2 The Past - Korn
3 My Immortal - Evanescence

This song is beautiful, but this list isn't

This song and this list are equally stupid.

4 Don't Tell Me - Avril Lavigne
5 When You're Gone - Avril Lavigne
6 Goodbye May Seem Forever - Jeanette Nolan
7 Goodbye Cruel World - Pink Floyd
8 Looking Up - Paramore
9 How to Save a Life - The Fray
10 Untitled (How Could This Happen to Me?) - Simple Plan

The Contenders

11 Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day

Yes this is the right song mostly because it's September too. I'd kill Cartoon Network if they cancelled we bare bears

Green day is the best band ever

Man you have the EXSACT taste of music that I do. YASSS paramore and green day! (And My Chemical Romance)

12 Really Don't Care - Demi Lovato

We Bare Bears is a good show! I'd sing this song on the day this list got taken down.

13 7 Years - Lukas Graham

Yes, that is a very sad song

14 Never Forget You - Zara Larsson
15 Hurt - Johnny Cash

The song should play before CN died

16 F**k You - Cee Lo Green
17 Best Day Ever - SpongeBob SquarePants

What. What? WHATTT?! I'm going to kill you, Spongebob!

18 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry - Hank Williams
19 Please Don't Leave Me - P!NK
20 Why - Jason Aldean
21 Tears In Heaven - Eric Clapton
22 Dead and Gone - T.I.
23 Without You - David Guetta
24 Where Are U Now? - Skrillex & Diplo
25 Habits (Stay High) - Tove Lo

Yes, let's sing a song about doing drugs as a result of the cancelation of a cartoon.

26 Fix You - Coldplay
27 Someone Like You - Adele
28 F**k You - Lily Allen
29 I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace

I like this song and all... but why sing a song about abusive relationships over a kid show getting canceled?


30 The Worst Day Ever - Simple Plan
31 No Way Out - Phil Collins
32 How Do You Get That Lonely - Blaine Larsen
33 Reboot - Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, Samune Zimi
34 Suicide Song - Hatsune Miku
35 Last Song - Megurine Luka
36 Karma - Kagamine Rin
37 Bird In a Cage - Megurine Luka
38 Try Everything - Shakira
39 Wish You Were Here - Avril Lavigne
40 See You Again - Wiz Khalifa
41 I'll See You Again - Westlife
42 Hello - Adele
43 My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion
44 At Least We Tried - Moby
45 In This World - Moby
46 Yesterday - The Beatles
47 Raise Your Weapon - Deadmau5
48 Sleep Alone - Moby
49 Mad World - Michael Andrews
50 Mother - John Lennon
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1. I'm With You - Avril Lavigne
2. The Past - Korn
3. My Immortal - Evanescence
1. My Immortal - Evanescence
2. Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day
3. May It Be - Enya


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