Top Ten Songs from Smashing Pumpkins' Machina I and Machina II


The Top Ten

1 The Everlasting Gaze

This song is in my top 3 of my favorite Smashing Pumpkins songs. - Pony

2 Slow Dawn

Just below number one is this hidden, underrated masterpiece of a song. I just love the eerie vibe and the guitar solo! - Pony

3 Heavy Metal Machine

This song has a badass chorus. - Pony

4 Dross

The guitar riff. 'enough said. - Pony

5 Vanity

Wow, what a great track. The riffs are awesome and so is the chorus. I recommend checking this one out! - Pony

6 The Sacred and Profane

This song is another classic. It's pretty catchy in my opinion. - Pony

7 The Imploding Voice

This song is similar to other songs on this album, but this one is still unique because of a combo of both loud guitars and a haunting chorus. - Pony

8 Glass

Also known as Glass's Theme, this song is kind of cheesy, but awesome at the same time. - Pony

9 Let Me Give the World to You

I'm not talking about the one released in 2014, I'm talking about the lo-fi original that remains fresh and one of the Pumpkins' catchy. - Pony

10 I of the Mourning

This song is another great tune that shows how the Smashing Pumpkins ( and Billy Corgan) are capable of making noisy, beautiful songs. - Pony

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