TheWriter Reviews: Wisconsin Death Trip (Static-X)

Welcome everybody to my first ever blog post that probably most of you will never read. Needless to say you gotta start somewhere.

For those who don't know who I am (although you can clearly see who's post this is). I am cjWriter1997 or you may just call me "The Writer". If you wanna know more about me, which probably you could care less, check out my profile by clicking on my name tag.

My first series is an Album Review series where I'll do, you got it, album reviews. Today's first album review goes to the lovely but chaotic industrial metal album, Wisconsin Death Trip, by the long-lost band Static-X who sadly had their lead singer die in 2014. R.I.P. Wayne Static. Instead of going track by track, I'm just going to point out the significantly good parts and significantly bad parts because track by tracks can take so long. Nonetheless let's begin!

Static-X ruled 1999 for metal-heads with their debut album Wisconsin Death Trip becoming a Platinum hit that has never been succeeded by them again. Later on they released 5 other albums every two years apart but none reach the popularity of their first album. The industrial complexes tagging along with heavy and slightly groovy guitars was enough to get their music going. It was a new sound that appealed to the experimental ear.

Most of the tracks range from 2 minutes to 4 with an exception of the last track December. Each track has it's own unique synth loop backing up the melancholic deep guitars in an almost intoxicating fashion. The first track, Push It, probably their most well-known song, starts off with immediately heavy instrumentation leading towards growling vocals. The overall style seems funky and as Wayne Static himself described it as "evil disco".

The following tracks are well done with their own unique lyrics style and meaning. I'm With Stupid is about murder, Bled for Days is about, metaphorically, rape, and Love Dump, isn't appropriate for this site. Each track has to deal with pain or pleasure and sometimes both. After the 6th track Otsegolation, we face more industrial surfaced songs. Stem with a droning synth, Sweat of the Bud with a packed disco beat, and Fix with a more dark deceptive drone followed by strong guitars.

The rest of the songs have their own way of speaking to you and my personal favorite The Trance In The Motion leaves a powerful break down of Wayne screaming "The Trance Is the Motion". Lastly the final track is December which is probably my least favorite. Not because it's 6 minutes long, not because the vocals are unappealing, but because it seemed Static-X had trouble really making this song so they carried the same progression to the point where it wasn't satisfying. If they added more to it then the song will seem much better.

Overall this album had some spot on dark and heavy songs that I love banging my head to or playing air-guitar to. It really came out as an astonishing piece of art. Because of a few weak parts in some production, and a weak song, I can't say it's a perfect album, but I can say it's a good one. Really good one. My favorite tracks have to be: Fix, Bled For Days, I Am, and The Trance is the Motion. My least favorite is December.

And with that, I give this album, a big fat 4 out of 5.



Oh! I almost forgot, as the Reviewer I am, I liked to know your feedback on this album and what other albums do you have in mind for me to do next. - cjWriter1997