Top 10 Best Sounding Germanic Languages


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1 Swedish Swedish

I'm learning Swedish right now and I love it. The language is so clearly structured, yet it flows beautifully when spoken.

Swedish is the most beautiful language I've ever heard, French and Danish are close honorable mentions!

When I was at Sweden. my uncle teaches me how to speak Swedish before he dies.

I like swedish because its very nice, it sound like littlte bird sing very nice, its god melody 2 easy to laern

2 German

I like it for it's formality. I picture an accomplished scientist or author when I hear it.

Of course German is the best sounding Germanic language duh

Ehrlich gesagt die schrecklichste Sprache in der Welt! Everything sounds like speech of Hitler!


3 Norwegian Norwegian

Seriously, Norwegian sounds better than German!

Alt for norge

Jeg tror norsk skal nr. 1 I listen. Det høres vakre!
i think norwegian should be no. 1 on the list. it sounds beautiful!

4 Icelandic Icelandic

Icelandic is bootiful ;OOO

Such a beautiful and under-appreciated language. So sad how such few people know about it. Lengi lifi Ísland!

5 Dutch Dutch

This language some people think this language sound beautiful but not as beautiful,but it sounds cool

6 English English

Whats with the us flag English comes from england!

Greatest language in the world

Its not the best language its kinda ug

7 Afrikaans Afrikaans

Retard dutch


8 Danish Danish

Danish sounds very nice, but it's very hard to pronounce.

9 Swiss

Swiss is not a language. - 445956

10 Faroese Faroese

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11 Frisian Frisian

This is the closest language to English

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1. German
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1. Swedish
2. Norwegian
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