Awful Animation #11) Top Ten Worst Patrick's a Prick Episodes (Spongebob) 10-6

Puga Am I the only one who finds post-movie Patrick worse than post-movie Mr. Krabs? Let me say a few things first. I'm only counting down the first half here. Number 5-1 is still gonna be called Episode 11. Episode 12 is FoodFight. (Cries) I'm also not including episodes I've already reviewed. You got lucky, I'm With Stupid. Enough stalling. Here we go!

The idea for this episode could've turned it into a shining gem. Instead, well, I'll say it. Squidward begins the episode with a pillar on wheels with a blanket-covered item on it. The world hates Squidward. Even if the Mona Lisa is under that blanket, no one will like it. Meanwhile, the plot-I mean Spongebob and Patrick are making "arts and crafts" with rocks. They're just putting GOOGLY eyes on rocks. What's the joke? Some critic comes along because plot. The critic looks at Squidward's sculpture and steals his beret? Um, police? Oh yeah, no use, the police have no logic under this sea. And the critic doesn't teither because he thinks Patrick's Googly-Rock is artistic. Oh and look, now EVERYONE loves Patrick's "art" and Patrick is rolling in the dough. We're now at the Pat's a Prick half of this episode as he basically turns into Spongebob from Porous Pockets. Not a bad episode though. Anyway, he goes to the Krusty Krab and asks for artistic advise. Um....Squidward gives Patrick a Krabby Patty and Patrick puts Googly eyes on them. Now Patrick bought the burger for $3 and sold it for $50. There's a word beginning with "I" that sums up that up, now what is it? Oh yeah, ILLEGAL. The episode ends with Pat rubbing his success in Squid's face, which is supposedly "comedic." My God is Patrick a douche here. Not only is he a criminal and a thief, his delusional jerkiness is horrible here. And we're only 1/10 done.

A season five short. Now people wanted a Mr. Krabs torture porn forever. Did they get it. Yes and no. This episode was attempting to put all the misery in Mr. Krab's side. Guess what. THEY STILL MESSED IT UP. The episode begins with Patrick eating countless Krabby Patties in one go. And as you may have figured out by the title, he can't afford to pay. Mr. Krabs gives Pat some chores to make up for the price tag. Guess what. HE MESSES THEM UP. Instead of cleaning the bathrooms, he eats the soap. Instead of organising the ice, he smashes the freezer. Mr. Krabs gives Pat one last chance and makes him put the rubbish in the shredder. The rubbish is in sacks. Mr. Krabs gives Spongebob a SACK of money to put in his safe. Spongebob checks on Pat on his way and brings the SACK of money into the shredding room and I CAN'T POSSIBLY SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING! Patrick sees Spongebob's sack of money and throws it in the shredder and because asspull the sack not only blows up the money but the whole restaurant and we get to see the money get ripped in front of his own eyes. So we finally got a Mr. Krabs torture porn. What's wrong? The fact that Mr. Krabs didn't do anything WRONG. All he did was "sell" his merchandise. Is that illegal? No. Patrick was the illegal one here and Patrick is treated in the right.

Patrick acts like an ignorant douche and distracts D
Spongebob from his important boating test in unfunny ways. Bor-ing. Overhated yet still boring.

This was part if the season eight ratings-trap, where everyone takes a vacation. The worst episode of the bunch? This one. It starts with shadow puppets for no reason at all. Does it relate or further the plot. Nope. Then it's filler. The episode really starts with Patrick wiped out from doing nothing. Spongebob finds him and he needs a vacation. Now if Patrick wasn't a prick here this episode could've succeeded. But considering the fact that we're at number 7 on the worst Patrick's a Prick episodes list, this can't be good. Spongebob builds a pool for Patrick form sand. What is Patrick's reaction? "Thanks so much!" Nope.
"Amazing!" Incorrect. In fact, here's his reaction:
"Where's the diving board?"
Patrick's ungratefulness goes on through out the episode and pretty much murders it. When Spongebob saves Patrick's life, Patrick immediately DEMANDS a Krabby Patty and to be entertained while the burger is being cooked. Don't you suppose you're pushing it a BIT too far? This episode would've worked if the main character wasn't being a jerk.

Let's start with a plot hole. Patrick said in a previous episode he doesn't have a sister. Anyways, the episode begins with Patrick and Spongebob ripping off I'm With Stupid for a while when Big Sister Sam arrives....and tosses Spongebob into the air. Let's play a game called "Stupid Star" where we count how many times Patrick is unaware of what his sister is doing. That's the first one. We immediately get number two when after Squid insults Sam, Sam pushes Squid's house away. Number three comes when Sam pushes Pat's house away and makes a sand rock twice as big, kicking sand into Squid's face in the process, which is odd because Spongebob's house is now CLOSER than Squid's. Squidward is angry as a volcano (I'll get to that episode) and we get 4,5,6 and 7 tossed around. After Squid's outburst, Patrick replies with "Leave us alone and let us decorate in piece" with SQUIDWARD's window. Now Pat is more unlink able than Sam. This is a problem because YOU ARE TRYING to make Sam unlikable which cannot be said for Pat. Squidward drives a bulldozer into Sam's sand rock and Sam throws the bulldozer into both Squid and Spongebob's house. That Spongebob bit is cruel because unlike the other three, Spongebob hasn't done ONE thing wrong in this episode. Sam goes home, Patrick gets no consequence, The End. I've made my point clear.

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