Top 10 Worst SpongeBob Episodes Where Patrick's a Prick

Episodes where patprick has either been an insufferable idiot or jerk.
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1 Yours, Mine, And Mine

The episode is about Spongebob and Patrick getting a krabby patty toy together but Patrick hogging the toy for the whole episode. The two struggle to get the toy from each other finally Patrick eats the toy so no one can play with it being the selfish prick he is. Mr Krabs gives them each individual new toys but asks for them to pay, Patrick says that it is on him takes Spongebob's wallet, Spongebob tells Patrick that it is his wallet which he responds by saying "Have you learnt nothing about sharing" for your information Mr Star he does now about sharing you however clearly don't you chubby, ignorant, selfish, greedy, idiotic, hypocritical prick.

This is probably the first episode where Patrick's a prick NOT because he was stupid. He was a gressey greedy grimlon in this episode. So now Patrick is Selfish, another thing to hate about him. If Patrick didn't get away with being selfish in this episode then it would be so much better. I used to love Patrick at least Pre movie Patrick. This episode changed everything. The ending is one of the worst spongebob endings I ever seen, when Patrick steeling spongebob's money again, and saying that ATROCIOUS LINE!

Patrick was being a selfish butt the entire episode he stole his best friend money TWICE ate the food he was SUPPOSED to share with spongebob then he threw a fit all because he didn't have a toy then mr. Krabs gave them one krabby toy only for spongebob to have it for a few seconds then Patrick took it a played with it the WHOLE night! Then spongebob and Patrick start fighting Patrick got upset all because he didn't want to share so he ate the darn thing mr.krabs saw this and gave the each a toy Patrick took spongebob money and when spongebob try to protest he put up the lame have you learn anything about sharing excuse

One of the many holes in modern spongebob. Out of all the bad Patrick episodes, this one has to be the worst. Patrick doesn't have a job first of all, so it was nice of spongebob to buy the toy for both of them to have. Patrick wants to be a selfish idiot and not share. He just eats the toy because he has to share because apparently, if he can't have it, no one can. He then asks spongebob for money at the end so he can buy another toy.

2 Pet Sitter Pat

I am 150% alone on this, but this is my least favorite Spongebob episode of all time. Yes, I hate it more than A Pal For Gary, Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom, and Once Coarse Meal. This episode frustrates me to a high level, and Gary's suffering is basically if you took what happened to him in A Pal For Gary, replace that thing named Puffy Fluffy with Patrick, and multiply his pain by 10. Patrick, out of "stupidity", starves Gary, chases him with a flamethrower, tortures him with a hair dryer, floods the house, and all while acting chill and happy the whole time. I hate Pet Sitter Pat with a passion.

There are two types of insane:
You have insane and you have Pet Sitter Pat.
Patrick is a total psychopath, and he torments gary the whole episode.
And the worst thing is, is that Patrick thinks that he's HELPING Gary.
I am aware of the fact that Patrick can be very stupid, but this is not stupid anymore, this is totally crazy!
What were the writers thinking?
If the writers thought that this was funny, then I declare the writers as some of the most sadistic cartoon writers ever.
This is not even funny anymore, just plain madness and insanity.

This episode is Patrick's worst appearance by far! Not only that, but this episode is a rip off of A Pal for Gary. SpongeBob is like able which is good, but the main problem is how the cruelty is even worse. Patrick should have at least understood how to feed Gary. The worst part is that they allow this dumbwit to get away with it. As for the episode on its own, why the hell did they even try.

I agree with the person who said that not sharing a toy is not worse than torturing an animal. Patrick is an evil monster in this episode. Well the ending too was horrible when Gary was reading Snail Tales to Patrick.

3 The Card

The reason why this one is the worst is because Patrick literally said," SpongeBob, you can't always expect my usual brand of stupidity. I like to mix it up; keep ya on your toes! ". He blatantly admits that his stupidity is all on purpose,
which shows that everything that he puts SpongeBob through was on purpose. He literally admits to being stupid on purpose in a PATHETIC attempt to compensate for all the crap he puts people through. This isn't a guy that gets an unfair amount of hatred, like Brian from Family Guy (come on, he can be a jerk, but at least he admits to it at the end of the day, and what he sometimes does is NOTHING compared to everyone else's actions). This is a guy who embodies evil and cruelty and when he clearly goes too far in this heinous plan of his, he doesn't stop. He presses it on. He went WAY too far on this one.

This episode probably made me regret allowing SpongeBob SquarePants to be on television all because of Patrick's extreme insensitivity and inconsideration. Why, SpongeBob has him for a best friend's beyond me. Therefore, I wish that Nictkoon would end forever.

Patrick, in this episode, reveals his stupidity is a facade! And it seems he is contistly destroy the card even though he is fully aware time and time again! And then in the final moment reveals he had the other four rare cards! Score: rage vomit! Sign, LuxrayVision.

Actually I didn't find the episode so bad, I love the episode, because of Patrick's prickness and his stupidity and SpongeBob stopping him from destroying the card, like Tom and Jerry stopping the baby from being harmed, I give this a 10/10.

4 Stuck In The Wringer

No yours mine and mine and I'm with stupid are the worst,cause in each of those episodes spongebob is only being nice and trying to help Patrick and Patrick's being a big,stupid,mean jerk and doesn't even apologize. In stuck in the wringer at least Patrick eventually realizes it's his fault and eventually apologizes.even though it took a while, and Patrick only makes me mad a little's the people at the carnival who set me off not Patrick.and we all know why the carnival people make us angry

I don't hate this episode as much as everyone seems to. Patrick was trying to cheer SpongeBob up, it just didn't work out.

Why in the world would someone think is a good idea?

I forgot to mention that in I'm with stupid its also patrick's not real parents also annoy me

5 Smoothe Jazz At Bikini Bottom

If Patrick was never in this episode, it probably would have worked out greatly. Squidward gets to go the concert and gets to enjoy it. Patrick just came out of nowhere! Also, Patrick just walks on stage to order nachos. Then, the audience cheers for him! After that, Patrick is allowed backstage for his "comedy act"!

Why did the audience praise him instead of unleashing the karma that he deserves?! These writers are just trying to piss me off! And I apologize if I was being hypersensitive, because I just needed to rant about this episode.

They could've had Patrick make a cameo snacking on some delicious nachos but no they had to have Patrick appear in this episode.

Why was Patrick even in this episode, I mean they could've taken him out and the episode would have worked, possibly.

6 Big Sister Sam

I like this episode, but there's a few problem, what did SpongeBob do? Patrick never had a sister, like mentioned in Something Smells, aside from that, I give this episode a 9/10, I would look at it, but Sam being harsh to SpongeBob for no reasons, it's just painful to watch, she even had a reason to be harsh to Squidward, because of his good insults.

This should be Number One on this list because of how bad Sam is. She surpassed Patrick in terms of stupidity and temper. But what she did to Squidward made me reach my boiling point. Just because that octopus angered her, it doesn't give her the right to harm and kill him. Therefore, I wish that Squidward murdered her.

Patrick is just blind to morality here.

Patrick: Hey! Just mind your own business and let us blecorate in piece!

Why don't you just mind your own business and let us thieve in piece?
Why don't you just mind your own business and let us murder in piece?
You get my point, right?
- The Mysterious Mr Enter

Patrick is an ignorant Prick that is completely oblivious to the harm Sam is causing.

7 The Splinter

Patrick should not only be arrested for making the splinter worse, but also arrested for impersonating a doctor.

The so called "doctor" Patrick made Spongebob's splinter problem a million times worse.

He thinks making the Splinter worse is "the yes! ". No, that's not good at ALL.

Some Best Friend He Is!
After The Movie He is a stupid, helpless, selfish little son of a b-

8 Ink Lemonade

NO! No way did Patrick get away with this. All he did was torture Squidward to get his Ink Lemonade. This is worse than "Stuck in the Wringer".

One day, the evil Patrick decided that it is time for him to try to kill someone.

This episode should be higher.

Why is this only at 31?

9 Oral Report

Besides how much of an ass Patrick is, this episode has problems. Squidward gets beating up for no reason, there is gross out, lots of filler, Mrs. Puff getting arrested for someone else's actions, and Sandy being hinted to doing illegal things. Not to mention the plot holes, and how pointless this episode is a a whole.

Patrick claimed to be helping when all be was doing was stressing spongebob more than he already was. And all the things he was doing woulden't help spongebob AT ALL.

10 Karate Star

Spongebob teaches Patrick karate and it turns out Patrick is a "karate genius" and then he becomes obsessed with karate chopping everything insight going on a karate chopping spree. He then thinks he has killed Spongebob in the spree and blames his own hand for this pulling it off his arm. Spongebob somehow manages to survive and freaks out at Patrick's handless arm but Patrick says it is okay as sea stars can regrown limbs so grows his hand back. However it turns out that the limbs can regrow their own bodies so this new Patrick goes on a karate chopping killing spree.

He almost killed an infant!

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11 Rule of Dumb

Despite the regret he felt at the end, it doesn't remove the fact that he was a prick almost all the entire episode. He took the comic book collection a 40 year old guy who spent his entire time collecting those comic book. Patrick or PatPRICK took everything he wants or interests him without needing it, he mostly take stuff for the sake of taking.

Eh. Well yeah but I can honestly imagine Patrick being a prick cause the crown has a lot of power. But at the same time, yeah Patrick definitely is a prick.

What's shocking about this episode is that, at the end, Patrick actually REALIZED that he HAS become a monster, and surprisingly felt guilty about it.

This defines prick

12 Patrick's Staycation

Patrick is a ungrateful scumbag in this episode. SpongeBob was doing his best and pooptrick doesn't appreciate ONE thing, even going as far as to go to squidward and SpongeBob's house because he thinks the two house are resorts
patrick, die

I agree with the other comment Patrick is completely ungrateful for the time and effort Spongebob is putting in for his staycation and when he leaves due to it "terrible" he goes over to Squidward's house to make Squidward serve him.

Patrick can't even understand what a resort is!

13 I'm With Stupid

Why the hell is this even here? This episode is hilarious and Patrick does NOTHING compared to Yours, Mine and Mine or The Card

One of the very few bad old spongebob episodes, and I think the first Patrick the prick episode.

He takes it way to far and how stupid can he be that he doesn't recognise his own parents.

He's not just a prick in this episode. The prick moments did not start till Season 4.

14 The Fishbowl

Should be MUCH higher. This episode gets so little hate and it should get a ton more. It's a rehash of yours mine and mine.

Patrick's apology is so incredibly weak! Also Patrick is unlikeable in this episode!

His stupidity gets the best of him in this episode.

At least Patrick admitted he was a monster.

15 You Don't Know Sponge
16 Dumped

People say that episodes like Pet Sitter Pat were the worst (not that I like it, because I don't), but Patrick literally had no sympathy for the whole episode!

Patrick was extremely irritating here. No wonder why it's considered one of the worst episodes of season 2, some even consider it to the worst of the show.

Hey! Who wants to see 11 minutes of a sad break up? I don't, but at least everything gets resolved and the bad guy get his comeuppance

Screw him for trying to steal Gary away from SpongeBob!

17 Restraining Spongebob

The writers obviously had to make Patrick annoy the hell out of Squidward when he puts a restraining order on Spongebob because someone has to torture this poor, innocent cephalopod he can't just be left alone and be happy.

This episode is awful. All Patrick does is be a retarded jerk around Squidward the entire time, plus he beats him up.

Why didn't Squidward just put a restraining order on both of them? It says so on the wikia.

18 Little Yellow Book

Patrick is annoying as hell in this episode. He ate a frigging diaper!

Cook me up a Krabby patty, with good old fifi!

19 Gone

YES! The episode's final scene where Patrick gets the treatment he deserves!

Patrick deserved to get kicked off the bus at the end of the episode.

20 No Nose Knows
21 Pat no Pay

Hey writers no one likes to see characters get abused for no proper reason. Mr Krabs may be an ass in other episodes but in this one he did nothing and doesn't deserve what he gets.

I just want to torture Patrick in this episode.

No one likes to see the pain of the innocence (I.e. Mr. Krabs in THIS episode)

22 The Play's the Thing

What was he even doing here?

23 Toy Store of Doom

Why did this episode need to exist?

Patrick convinces Spongebob that the toys are Alive and would kill them if the lights were off

He rewinds the toy robot like a dumbass after the toy stops moving

24 The Googly Artiste

This episode sums up what the Spongebob writers think of criticism; like "Return of Slade", they get it WRONG.

Patrick is NOT an artist...neither are the writers

25 Patrick! The Game

I actually loved this episode, and I do not consider this Squidward torture episode for a few key reasons.
1. Squidward's torment is actually not harsh. He just insulted Patrick and his game and asked Patrick to explain the game while he, Patrick, SpongeBob and Sandy play. He just took it the wrong way.
2. Unlike many other modern episodes, Squidward asked for it, considering that he insulted Patrick and his game. Sure, SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy and the game pretty much annoy him, but even that I see as Patrick and Sandy getting back at him for making fun of Patrick's game.

This episode DESERVES to be on this list, because Patrick is a huge jerk in this episode, and he tortures Squidward for no reason!

Patrick is very egoistic in this episode.

This is actually the episode where squidward was a douche and pat did actually make a good game

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