Admiral Motti


Had to roast Vader even though Vader could choke him. He survived this fairly easy, and remained strong in his opinions of the force. This was the first choke on screen and also the most remembered one. Sure Motti is not flying in the air as he is choked due to force users being weaker in the original trilogy. Force users have a difficult time hurting the person due to the throats being able to take the pressure. The choke also is for stopping breathing not crushing which can be countered by someone clutching their throat or simply using will power to break loose of it.

He was very tall, strong, muscular. He spoke against Vader until Vader cut him off by choking him attempting to stop him from breathing. However, Motti fought back by tugging at the invisible grip, and finally started to get some air and started to lower his chin showing he was breaking it. This shows that the force choke is not that deadly and he or she can rightfully defend their throat. He or she can also still fight back physically while they use one hand to defend their throats. Also it requires great concentration to even start to choke him or her and since he or she can break the grip by tugging at their throat and defend what is rightfully theirs basically saying to the choker f you

A good way to shut up someone is to force choke them. Although the victim's body is not hopeless as they can fight back and the choke is not something that is going to kill someone so you can prove your point by taking it. The force user will stare at someone's throat as they laugh and mock until they start to have a little trouble breathing but they can break out of it to get the grip off their throat and if they want they can still mock and in the end the victim basically wins as they will take it and prove that the force is just a religion

He was not a believer in the force and mocked it saying it was an old religion and basically Vader couldn't do anything to hurt him with it. However he had to hold what he had to say until he broke out of the choke he was in. Although the choke was far from ending his life it was still a display. It looked like an outside pressure which was only going to do little damage. Also Motti was tugging at his throat to break it. Since it was the first choke on screen Motti was not levitating but in his seat fighting off the hold.

Vader utterly dose not understand freedom of speech but believes in choking. It shows us how the force can be used for the first time. The fact that you can choke someone without touching them is impressive. However, actually ending a man or woman's life with this power is out of question as they will fight back and tug at the invisible hand as well as the pressure on their neck not being enough to harm, and if the choker loses attention they will release the grip on the victim's throat

Our first force choked victim although he lived. Looking back at it was kinda like the first lightsaber duels which is lame but having an emotional punch. In this scene Vader was supposed to be using his full power but the result is him giving Motti a throat hug as you feel like Motti is not in danger as he is sitting there breathing with slight difficulty as you see his throat muscles moving which makes the choke at first seem weak. Now we have sexual memes because of this due to the force choke being kinda sexual and is something I would use on my wife with permission of course.

He challenged Vader which resulted in tampering with his throat. Motti fought against the grip to try and break it. This is when we learn of the force choke. An ability which involves attacking the neck to try and stop someone from breathing as the victim fights against it. In A New Hope it was an only intimidation power and could not kill. Also, the victim can fight to get the choker off their neck.

He was physically powerful being peak human and more intelligent than Vader roasting him easily before being cut off by an weak force. This is the first choke scene and it shows that Vader is powerful but no god as it does not come close to killing Motti. Force choking is for torture but not killing. He/she will feel an force attacking their neck and they can pyre it off or physically take it.

A scene to show that the force is real and not some hokey religion. Vader used his force choke at full force to attempt to kill motti but was interrupted by Tarkin as soon as he saw Vader choking Motti who was defending his throat after a long choke. I do think that Motti could have escaped the choke as even before Motti put an hand to his throat it was only touching his throat

Admiral Motti was an very physically powerful man being around 6 foot 4 according to footage. He also was very intelligent feeding his arrogance. He even spoke up to Vader calling the Force an crazy religion which resulted in Vader choking him no holding back. He survived due to 1. Vader choked him but it was not powerful enough to kill him 2. Tarkin told Vader to release him.

Choked by Vader for mocking the force. He was choked for quite some time before Tarkin thought it was childish and ordered Vader to release his grip on Motti's throat. Who won the argument is for debate with Vader supporters saying he choked Motti before he could speak and thus won. Motti supporters say he had a point and that he easily survived Vader's throat hug.

Tall, muscular and intelligent. Motti was the whole package and even with short screen time his struggle for air against Vader has become so iconic. He stood up to Vader. Vader started to choke him in which Motti's impressive build started to shake a bit. He fought Vader off until being released. He will always be iconic and so will this force choke

Was choked by Vader for a few min. before being released. It's the first on screen appearance of the infamous choke, and second after Padme was choked by Vader as well. Motti gasped for air, tugging at his throat to remove a invisible hand. He was able to loosen it enough to breathe a bit before Vader taunted him. Vader is not OP as he really can't instantly kill someone with this power and it is a slow process which can be prolonged and even stopped if the victim has the strength to pull the grip off.

He owned Vader and would have humiliated him had Vader not choke him. At first, Motti ignored the choke for a while trying to speak and call Vader names but eventually he tried to break it by tugging at his collar and it was working as Motti was starting to breathe fine. Tarkin ordered Vader to stop, which in return set Motti free

Mocked the force until he was choked by Vader which surprised him greatly. He realized that Vader was trying to stop him from breathing so he lifted one hand up to protect his throat. He survived as most due Thanks to the Force choke being weak but learned not speak up to Vader as he might be choked again for many years to come.

He survived Vader's stranglehold! Vader's choke involves closing the trachea, which can take quite a while to even become effective and takes a lot of pressure, which is out of Vader's reach. Vader has choked many including even the beautiful Leia in the comics, but like Motti she survived and tugged Vader's grip away.

Force Choke-An ability to constrict a persons throat to desperately try to stop them from getting air. However he or she has tons of time to fight back as the ability takes a long time before it becomes affective at all. He or she can also still fight back physically either by breaking the choker's concentration or pyring off the invisible hands place on their throat. This is an very slow power contrasting common belief, and the human throat can withstand it.

He didn't care about Vader's power and spoke up to him. Vader then slowly force choked him in which Motti was fighting against. At first Motti tried to act like nothing was happening but one could see his throat vibrating and Motti opted to prove Vader wrong and pull the grip away form his neck. The choke is a joke

Was force choked for running his mouth. His throat was jiggling as he brought up a hand to tug to defend it so he could get air. This proves Force choking although cool can't really kill the human body as he or she will fight against it and since the choke can't really crush it they are safe. Stay calm and break it

Shows off the force choke for the first time. However it does not kill Motti. Vader and Motti basically had a non violent debate about the force until Motti spoke the truth. Vader cut him off by choking him which resulted in Motti fighting back. The pressure was not powerful enough to hurt his throat

Was choked by Vader with the force. Motti was physically peak human plus towering over many and having a huge muscular build makes him arguably superhuman. Now Admiral Motti survived the force choke. Now I don't think Vader could really have killed him as anybody can survive Vader's choke.

A high ranking officer who proved that the force choke is little more than annoying. All the force choke did was shake his throat and it seemed that he was virtually immune to it. This proves the force choke can only shake your throat and proved that Vader could only shake his throat.

Was force choked. He defended his throat. The force choke is an outside force so it can't really hurt but it still is cool to see. Would be useful against someone who was talking trash as you could intimidate him or her by choking them but they would be fine so they could still talk trash

An admiral not afraid of the force which resulted Vader attempting to kill him but Motti was right that the force was weak as Vader struggled to close his windpipe and along with this Motti putting an hand up to his precious throat to defend it before Tarkin stepped in.

One of the most iconic for one scene in which he is force choked by Vader. I don't think Vader could have killed him as it appeared to be weak. Force choking requires complete focus and power and energy to work correctly and killing someone is like winning the lottery.