Top Ten Star Wars Characters

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181 Dianoga

Really? I don't see how. - Metalhead1997

182 Hermi Odle

His name is likely a take on "Hear Me Yodel."

183 Roos Tarpals
184 TX-20
185 Lobot
186 Dak Ralter
187 Jodo Kast
188 Tarfful V 1 Comment
189 Ooroo

He was only featured in the comics.

190 Stass Allie
191 Beedo
192 Lyn Me
193 BoShek
194 Hrchek Kal Fas
195 Elis Helrot
196 Teebo
197 Nippet
198 Zutton
199 Momaw Nadon
200 Ugnaught

So glad you can kill them like total wussies in the Force Unleashed

They look like a mutant Santa Claus.

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