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61 Bomb Squad Trooper

He's orange color just makes him look so cool. - darthvadern

62 Darth Plagueis Darth Plagueis

He is the master of darth sidious the emperor of the emperor.

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63 Darth Bane Darth Bane

Took down the entire Sith army in a matter of seconds. He is merciless, smart, strong, and a master of the force. He also brought back the "Rule of Two"

2nd worst bounty hunter. Jango fett is way better

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64 Director Orson Krennic Director Orson Krennic

Gotta love that cape!

Best stare ever

Intelligent, ambititious, calm and commandind director Orson Krennic is best star wars character.

65 Jyn Erso Jyn Erso Jyn Erso is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise, portrayed by English actress Felicity Jones in the 2016 film Rogue One.

Should be way higher. She died fighting for the rebellion, and she had no jedi powers or lightsabers, she only had hope. - Stevenuniversefangirl

Should be way higher, Jyn is a true hero and was an amzing role model wit no powers.

Jyn is my favorite. Without her, Rebal was nothing. And she is so pretty and badass

66 Owen Lars

I think he should be in the top 20 because without him dying Luke would not join Ben on the adventure and star wars would be called instead boring farm work wars

Still a better character than Jar Jar

67 Bossk

See bossk in "robot chicken: dengar on the elevator". enough said

Bloomin awesome! Literally crapping awesome right now! Best bounty hunter ever!

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68 Commander Cody

Obi Wan's clone trooper. He gives Obi Wan his lightsaber back. Then, he turns his back on the jedi like the rest of them.

He obeyed Order 66. Sure he was likable, but he's not like Rex. He never removed his chip. He is not a great character. - Daviddv0601

He the best star wars character! He is obi-wan's clone commander. he orange

Commanded Cody is the worst clone trooper, he gives Obi-Wan his ligthsaber then blasts him. what kind of a clone trooper would do that he's so dumb and he has no "BRAINS! " He just listens to Palpatine not Kenobi.

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69 Aayla Secura Aayla Secura

Great character who was overshadowed because she was a minor character in the films.

The best jedi ever. So sad she dies with order 66.

Best lesser known character

I love her!

70 Kithaba
71 EV-9D9
72 IG-100 MagnaGuard
73 Nien Nunb
74 Chopper

It can't be star wars without CHopper

OP droid. Shown to be able to beat other droids in droid combat and easily dodge bullets from an entire army. Nigh-on-invincible. Amazing pilot, he can beat R2! He can fly! If a Jedi tries to get him he can just taser from the air! His taser vs. sith lightning would be interesting...

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75 Wedge Antilles

Wedge as the only not main character to survive all 3 of the original movies should surely be higher on this list.

He is awesome and worth voting for

He is awesome and survived all three original movies. But he doesn't want to be in another Star Wars movie :(

Makes me think of wedgies.

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76 Admiral Motti

A high ranking officer who proved that the force choke is little more than annoying. All the force choke did was shake his throat and it seemed that he was virtually immune to it. This proves the force choke can only shake your throat and proved that Vader could only shake his throat.

Although not my favorite character he is a honorable mention and even challenging Vader. Vader began to choke him and delivered the full power of the force. Now Motti is feeling little pain and starts to pyre to break the grip.

A respected officer who was choked by Vader and seemed to have little affect on him and was about to break out of it.

Got to give him credit for speaking up to Vader. He was choked, and survived.

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77 R4-P17 V 1 Comment
78 Boss Nass

I don't like this name. It makes me think of the a word.

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79 K-3PO
80 Ziro The Hutt V 1 Comment
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