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141 Malakili
142 Jubnuk

I've heard this rumor on the internet that he escaped the Rancor's stomach by slicing it open with a talisman he found in there. it wasn't in the movie so I guess it didn't happen. next time, don't believe everything you read off of the internet.

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143 Yaddle Yaddle V 2 Comments
144 R5-D4 V 3 Comments
145 R5-Q5
146 FA-4 Pilot Droid
147 Barada
148 Kardue'Sai Malloc
149 Battle Droid

There voices make them sound like retards.

Like these guys. can be comedic in the clone wars and it's always fun to see dozens of them all being blasted apart or chopped up.

I hate these things. they're so indestructible and they have very annoying voices.

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150 R4-GO

My god what he should be higher

151 Droideka

Droideka should not be on this list because it is a type of droid, not an actual character.

George was playing bakugan when he made this droid...

Great scott, they are strong Droid!

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152 Lok Durd
153 Neimoidian

They are a species not characters

154 Dwarf Spider Droid
155 Muftak
156 Darth Marr
157 Boushh
158 Dannik Jerriko
159 Saelt-Marae
160 Willrow Hood
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