Best Episodes of Star Wars Rebels

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1 Twilight of the Apprentice

This episode was probably the last good episode because following this episode Ezra shaved his head, Kanan was blind and grew a beard, and Sabine dyed her hair. Out of the 3 I think the worst thing is Ezra shaving his head as the merchandise had Ezra with his long hair, and several Star wars rebels promos had Ezra with long hair. Following this episode the series seemed very dark and different from the beginning.

The finale of season 2! I was just wowed and left confused once it ends. It left so many questions! It also showed the long lasting friendship of Ahsoka and Rex, friends since the clone wars.

2 The Siege of Lothal

The Siege of Lothal was a very great episode, the battle with darth vader, and the destruction of the pelta frigate, were the best scenes.

The start of season 2. With darth vader in it, I was happy.

Darth Vader really turned this one upside down.

3 Spark of Rebellion

The start of it all! Introducing all six members of the ghost crew, Kanan, Hera, Zeb, Chopper, Sabine, and Ezra.

Such a great start to an amazing show.

4 Shroud of Darkness

I don't know how to describe this episode! It was great with some excellent character development. And... Yoda was in it!

Really strong, with great lightsaber action.

5 Always Two There Are

An exiting episode introducing the two main antagonists of season two. The seventh sister and the fifth brother. A real great episode!

Kind of scary, but still very solid.

6 A Princess on Lothal

When I saw a Young Princess Leia walk onto the screen I got a instant jabba the hut size erection. The Star Wars Geek in me had a instantaneous orgasm of Galactic Intensity.

The episode where the legendary Princess Leia appears as a bossy teenager. The characters made a daring escape while bossy Leia does what her family does best- complain.

Teaming up with Princess Leia was really fun to watch.

7 Stealth Strike

An episode that showed how truly amazing Ezra is at escaping, and without harming anyone! And it introduced a hardly used weapon, a gravity pull that can pull a ship out of hyperspace!

It was engaging, action packed and purposeful, however it had its cringy moments such as Sato's ''he's got this''. If Rex hadn't let himself be captured so easily this would be in the top five of best episodes.

Lots of grat action. I love any episode with Rex. Also shows Ezra is becoming very OP.

8 The Mystery of Chopper Base

The rebels finally find a base! But the weird spider things might prevent them from having it... Also, the true love between Hera and Kanan developes.

9 Trials of the Darksaber

No question. It's the best one yet. It's focused, well-paced, emotional and character-driven.

This episode is just amazing and it has much history and feelings in it.

10 Twin Suns

People say the lightsaber fight between Maul and Obi-Wan was too short and really disappointing, but it was the perfect way to end the legendary sith lord. I admit, I too was upset of the short fight, but the more I thought about it, the more I really liked it. Maul and Obi-Wan were both really old at the time, so they couldn't do what they used to. Maul tried the same move on Qui-Gon that Obi-Wan predicted and cut his lightsaber in half. Perfect way to end Maul!

Perfect conclusion to Maul's arc. The symbolism in this episode was beautiful. Despite everything Maul had done to him Obi Wan still holds Maul in his arms and comforts him in his dying moments. That's a true Jedi.

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11 Zero Hour

Okay why isn't this up there. This is definitely one of the best episodes of the series, right there with Twilight of the Apprentice and Trials of the Darksaber.

Best Thrawn moments of the season. Top notch.

12 Legends of the Lasat

Although it wasn't the best episode, it was really interesting to see the species, that was thought to only have one more person, have a whole planet and garunteeing that Zeb is not the last.

13 Fire Across the Galaxy

Hard to find the words to describe this, you can watch it many times and it isn't like the previous rebels episodes but reflecting on all the rebels finales it hits the mark. The duel between the inquisitor was slightly off though

Great, nonstop action. The duel between Kanan and Ezra and the Inquisitor(the good one) was the best in the entire Star Wars franchise, films included.

14 The Last Battle

It is a throw back to the best Star Wars T.V show ever.

15 Jedi Night

You guys are right. I love this episode so much, I'm 34 and have been a fan of Star Wars for a long time. This show does not disappoint! Best we've seen since Empire Strikes Back. I seriously recommend those of you that call yourselves "Star Wars Fans" to watch Star Wars Rebels.

I agree with you. Very good episode, animation was stunning.

This one was really good.. I gotta say, dang good work by Dave.

16 Family Reunion and Farewell

This episode wasn't perfect, but it definitely did a good job of showing how to defeat Thrawn. It also showed how Sabine and Ezra got closer.

17 Homecoming

A real father-daughter development between Hera and her father, the legendary clone wars twi'lek Cham Syndulla. Something cool I found was the little girl, Numa. She appears in clone wars for one episode and it was cool to see her again.

18 The Honorable Ones
19 Flight of the Defender
20 Rise of the Old Masters

One of the best in season 1, and the first one I ever saw. It must have been good, because now I am a die hard fan!

21 World Between Worlds

Great to see Ahsoka, Vader the emperor and all the voices of the future and past

22 An Inside Man
23 Legacy

A deep, sorrowful episode that ends on a somber note with a quiet end to the biggest question in Ezra's life- were his parents dead or alive?

24 Warhead
25 Ghosts of Geonosis
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