Top 10 Most Racist States In the U.S.

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1 Mississippi Mississippi is a southern U.S. state with the Mississippi River to its west, the state of Alabama to its east, and the Gulf of Mexico to the south.

I'm black from Ohio I worked for a moving company I was driving through Mississippi with a co-worker who was white we were stopped by the police. The cop was passing us he happened to look over and see me driving he immediately hit the brakes and pulled us over. Straight Red Neck he asked if we had anything to pray for like we had drugs, after examining our paper work I left my I.D. at home I told us if the office can't get my my driver license # that he would take me to jail and let my white co-worker drive on. I got my drivers license number he turned a brighter red color and told us we don't have log books so he made us park the truck at the nearest hotel for 12 hours or he would arrest us. Sitting at the hotel we walked to get some beer just the people looking at a black and a white together was like we were about to be struck down by God or something crazy. Can't do Mississippi not for me I would be smacking people left and right go crazy and probably get killed in police station

As a white man from this pathetic state, I do apologize.. Not all of us are racists, I promise! But I will have to agree that we are definitely the most racist out of every state. Alabama and Arkansas are very close behind us. Here is the real truth. Although most crimes that occur here are committed by African Americans, especially from the town that I am from, that does not necessarily mean that every single black human being is bad. That is what a vast majority of white people here believe. They believe that if your skin is not white, then you are automatically a thug and a criminal. It really is sad. Power of equality my friends.

Pathetic down right ignorant people. This is the year 2014 with an African American President it's completely politically incorrect these days. What's wrong with these people. It's their parents that are to blame you are not born with hate. These Mississippi folks should come to LA and try this they wouldn't last very long. I'm not black but it's just unbelievable people still think this way with education and all the tools available. If you think your better than someone else you better have a good look in the mirror. You are nothing and your parents who taught you this are nothing. Friends are nothing basically your entire life is nothing. Sad and pathetic!

I have a friend (who's name I will not mention) in school. We both go to a religious school in Mississippi. It's in a really small town where everyone knows everyone and people being your cousin that you don't know is really common there. It's a bit isolated so they don't welcome new students well. They are also really racist. My mother was Asian so I have really tan skin and black hair with brown eyes etc. I was the new student the year before and while I didn't hear much gossip, occasionally they would talk about me. I felt so awful. They said something like this "She shouldn't be here! She may not believe in God because she's like Mexican or something" I hated that year. The next year everyone ignored me except close friends. I was in my own little bubble of happiness. But the new girl who moved here to this school was half Portuguese. She was adopted. They teased her horribly. Some girl was constantly bullying her. The new girl was always nervous. I felt so sorry for her. One day ...more

2 Alabama Alabama is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States. It is bordered by Tennessee to the north, Georgia to the east, Florida and the Gulf of Mexico to the south, and Mississippi to the west.

"It happened in April 2012 on my way from Massachusetts to Texas, I rented a brand new 2012 Jeep Grand-Cherokee, somewhere in Alabama stopped for some gas, going in to the gas station counter with my 50 bucks in my hand cause(up to there I had drove and used my visa card at different states in less than 24 hours, so it was blocked). Entering the shop there were 4 white dude charting with the man at the counter " I said HI to them then handed my 50 bucks " may I have some gas please at pump number 1? " the guys stopped charting and the answer was "WE DON'T HAVE GAS TODAY". Right there I looked outside and saw two white guys with gas nozzles in filling the gas to their cars as usual. Immediately, some struck in my mind "RACISM" went out took off like 4 miles ahead found a SUNUCO gas station had my tank filled went on my trip. I'm from Africa, can't believe up to today of what happened. Why so hate-full, do black people eat humans or what?

I am a middle aged white man who loves the state of Alabama and whose family has been living here for many generations. I would be the first to agree that we have a lot of people who are openly racist. I think I am the only white man that admits he voted for Obama. Most of what I read on here is how blacks are discriminated against by white people and I'm sure they have reason to say what they have. I can tell you that without a doubt some of the most racist people I personally have been around are black people. They will tell you they hate all white people. So if you ever hear someone say black people can't be racist because they are a minority that could not be more wrong.

I'm from California and have lived in different parts of Alabama off and on since 7th grade. I have never seen as much racism in one region of the U.S.A as I have seen here. I was a "white girl" coming from California and only wanted to hang out with "black" people because that was what I was used to in California. My high school in AL only had white and black people, no other races, and there were no biracial kids or couples either. The first time we got a biracial couple, the couple got harassed all the time. They were threatened on a daily basis. I actually went to high school, in a county, with one of the few segregated schools left in the state. I did not attend that school, but some of the kids that I went to trade school with did attend it. Everyday I had to hear someone call a black person the n-word. Even the teachers would say it. When you went to school events, black kids sat in their own groups and white kids in their own groups. I was one of the few white kids who sat ...more

I'm in Alabama right now as I write. My family is of Asian descent (specifically Filipino), and we're originally from San Francisco, California (an incredibly diverse place), vacationing in New Orleans. We drove to Alabama for a beach day at the Gulf Shores. We stopped by a Walmart to pick up some food for our beach picnic, and as soon as we walked in, I already felt really uncomfortable from all the stares and glares from the white families around us. My mom and grandma split up with us so they can grab a few things. When we met back up with them my mom told me that they were asking a Walmart employee where something was, and he rudely replied that he didn't know where it is and he refused to help them. The lady at the cashier didn't acknowledge us or say much. We left and got to our hotel, where the people in the lobby weren't very welcoming. When my family and I walked out of the hotel to walk to the beach, a group of white men (who were hooting & hollering at people, so they were ...more

3 Texas Texas is a state in the Southern USA. It is the second largest by area and population. Its largest city is Houston.

I live in a small rural town, like I can walk to school lol. But, seriously some of the older generations are kinda racist, like they won't go around saying "Black people are bad," but you know what I mean they're like mildly racist. My parents are older because I am adopted and they are really my great uncle and great aunt. My dad is not racist but sometimes says politically incorrect things and I point it out. We are not all racists! I'm 12 and I understand that there is no reason to be racist and some 40 year olds do not. Like what?! And Black people can be racist too, not just whites.

Born and raised in Texas. This is a very racist state. I would say Houston is more openly racist. Dallas is more overt. I laugh at when the state tries to advertise itself as diverse. It is in fact diverse on paper yet segregated. Most of the suburbs are monolithic. There are only a handful of cities in this large state that are diverse by neighborhood and not by population. If you are a minority and are seeking employment, you better know someone or your not getting your foot in the door. If you are from out of state make sure you have something lined up before coming here. Minorities are more likely are not to be hired for a job or promoted. No matter how much experience, education or qualifications you have. I don't know what's up with the hiring managers. It seems like some of them are intimidated by qualified minorities and will opt to hire someone incompetent and not deal with their own egos. They will promote a white person with a high school diploma over a minority candidate ...more

Texas...where you can carry a gun to Target or Home Depot (as a white man) but heaven forbid you take a clock to school (as a Muslim). Anyone saying that there is no racism in Texas or that only a few are, need to take one hard look at their state again. I bet these people stating that Texas isn't racist have either made demonizing comments about minorities or defended white supremacists. Also, have you looked at the Texas government lately? Sure, most politicians are corrupt, there's no doubt about it. But Texas politicians have taken it into another level (from Jade Helm to fantasizing about launching an atomic bomb into the Middle East, you get the drift). Anyways, you have been warned.

I strongly agree with all of your comments, about the Red State of Texas compare to many other racist States in these United State. Base on my overhaul experiences of seeing redlining/ injustice everyday cast against people of non-white or people of colors in Texas, which is a super racist/conservative State fill with many rednecks/hillbillies/bigots on the police forces, as about 70% plus are racist police officers and other authority figures who daily oppress ethnic-minorities. It will take a full-blown book for me to express the injustices I have suffered residing in Texas. In my opinion, I do not believe racist conservatives will ever see or accept the kingdom of God or allows the kingdom of God to enter into their hearts.

4 Arkansas Arkansas is a state located in the Southeastern region of the United States. Its name is of Siouan derivation, denoting the Quapaw Indians.

I'm Asian and lived in the state over five years for attending to a college. I have been so many places in the Unites States and have a lot of acquaintances and friends from over the world.
Arkansas is the most racist states. If you are non-white American, non Christian, or non conservative person. Please don't live in the place. Just visiting the place is no problem because there are a lot of beautiful places and southern hospitality are exist.
On the surface level, they are nice to other people, but when a legal trouble or a local community get involved, nobody help for non-white people because they are afraid of their community if they knew how associate with non-white people. I have had a lot of discrimination. In addition, even local people who used to be nice to you, they start to act stranger.
Behind the Christianity, there are a lot of dirty things going on. They use Christianity.
I am so happy to get out of the depressed place truly.

I am Hispanic and lived in the Northeast. We moved to Arkansas due to my husband's job. It was a really bad experience. The people will all say they are Christian but most are hateful hypocrites. They don't like people of different ethnic groups and they will not accept you if you come from the Northeast or other parts of the country. Some people were downright hostile when I'd go for job interviews. I can say that although there are some racists in the Northeast, it's much worse in Arkansas particularly if you are not from the area. At least minorities can get good jobs in the NE if they are qualified and good workers. In Arkansas, it was all about where you come from and nepotism. They also discriminate against children in the schools and sports teams, so parents beware!

I moved from Massachusetts to Arkansas due to my husband's job and it was the worst 7 years of my life - mainly because of the blatant discrimination against my daughter who was 12 at the time. I am Hispanic and she is half Hispanic. Although she'd always been a favorite back home with sports and had many accolades, the coaches repeatedly undermined her self- confidence and mistreated her. At first we thought is was "bad luck" but it happened too many times. The teachers were also racist and often made racist comments against certain children right in the classroom. When I complained the the vice principal, he told me to tell my daughter to "toughen up". They are not only prejudice against all non-whites, most of them hate anyone who is from the Northeast. If you are not white and Southern (or at least from a neighboring Mid-western state), you will have trouble getting a job, having friends and your kids will be constantly undermined and mistreated.

I grew up there. I don't even go visit anymore due to my family constantly discriminating against minorities and homosexuals.when I asked them to stop in front of my daughter I haven't been treated the same since. Even my grandma told me that I was going to burn in hell and that my own daughter is going to hate me when she gets older because I'm just a hateful person. I remember my cousins going and jumping people in high school because they were black. I remember there being a fight that contained most of the middle and high school the same day that was solely over race. After 5 years in the army and getting away from that place there is no way I will ever move back.

5 Tennessee Tennessee is a state located in the southeastern United States. Tennessee is the 36th largest and the 17th most populous of the 50 United States.

Tennessee is extremely racist! I am from the MI and white people here are blatantly racist. They call themselves trying to disguise it, but I see right through them. I have been racially discriminated against at a few jobs and but one of them was horrible, and it was truly an eye-opener. Black people are expected to be quiet and just appreciate them for "letting" us have a job. If there is a black person is in a higher position, they are so far up somebodies behind that they reek and they are full of crap. The white people obviously feel as if they are superior, and they will coact to keep and/or put a black person in a lower position and/or class than them. They are offensive in their communication, they try to use slang or quote rap songs to appear relatable-as that is the only way that I can carry on a conversation. And they are intimidated by a person like me; who is NOT a peon or a send out; I am educated, skilled and able to communicate and carry myself in a way that clearly ...more

Tennessee Racist? You don't say. I went to high school in the Shelby County area but was raised in Hawaii. I didn't even know what racism was until my parents moved here. I was met with hatred from both blacks and whites, as the blacks didn't like me because I guess, I wasn't from their eco system, or didn't fit into their collective mindsets... And the whites didn't like me because you guessed it, I was black. I went though most of High School without any friends or dates, and caught animosity everywhere I went. It wasn't until later when I found some out of state Military kids, that I was able to lead a somewhat normal teenage life... You know friends dates and all. I've never forgiven my parents for bringing me to this backward place and plan on getting as far away from these creatures as soon as I'm able.

I have attended a private school in Tennessee. The school was really racist against Asian students. Some teachers had clearly racist attitude toward Asian students and treated them with cold and unkind attitude. At the school, Asian students were often targeted for mental bullying such as exclusion from friendship, spreading rumors, making fun of Asians or particular countries, not respecting the way Asians are, and dividing the friendship or communication between Asians. In fact, Asian students were treated much worse than black students or any other minorities. Teachers all turned a blind eye on racism against Asian students. Some teachers rather seemed to be enjoying the situation. I felt it was institutional racism. I don't know about other parts of Tennessee, but racism at the school was just awful. My strongest memory of Tennessee was this horrible racism against Asians at school.

I am from Illinois. I am appalled at how common the "n" word simply rolls out of the mouths of the ignorant, backwards people here! I was absolutely shocked, dumbfounded the 1st 10 times, and now just shake my head. The free flying confederate flags are pretty offensive as well. 1st chance I get, I'm heading back to Illinois! I've been down here 8 years and am still searching for "Southern Hospitality"... Must be a myth, if you ask me! I've never felt welcome, but instead feel like a 2nd class citizen... And I'm white! God help the Blacks, Hispanics or ANYONE who wasn't born & bred (or inbred! ) right here in East Tennessee!

6 Oklahoma

I live in Oklahoma City. I have lived here my whole life and I would have to say that I have experienced racism almost everyday of my life. Blacks are treated completely differently from whites. I worked at Aeropostale and my manager called the police on a black girl for "thinking" that she was stealing when she wasn't and she didn't even apologize. She said that she shouldn't have looked so "suspicious. " I still wonder was it that she really looked suspicious or was it just because she was black. I would go with the last one. A white person was caught red haded and and she let her slide and said "Well everyone makes mistakes, " it's ridiculous. Affirmative Action has now been voted out of Oklahoma. I have a feeling that because of this, I will be moving when I graduate college next year.

I live in Edmond, OK and the majority of whites are sadly, very racist. They always blast me with exhaust or try to hit me with their cars while I'm exercising. It feels like they hate seeing an African American male not being, "lazy". They all avoid or say little to me when I'm running as if I'm some type of infectious disease. I'm always pushing myself so hard to become stronger so I can join the army after school. I want to protect the people of this nation regardless of where they come from or what they look like. I would die for any of my American brother or sisters without hesitating. It just hurts so much when a certain percentage of Americans you want to protect, treat you like dirt. It can be very discouraging, but I won't give up. I know there is good in every race and I won't lest the action of a few manipulate my will. I just wish they would see me as American Brother first and Black second. SMH

Here is a two sided perspective. Being a military kid I moved a lot. I grew up in the officers quarters and around white people. We moved to Oklahoma when I was in High School. I was blown away by how bigoted it is. White folks in this state are totally oblivious to the racism they are pedaling. It is totally systematic here. They practice it collectively. You will go nuts trying to understand it. As a black person, getting a real job is next to impossible. Phone interviews get me to the face to face but its all down hill from there. My father was offered a job running the OKC ambulance service in the 80s. He came highly recommended by his superiors in the military. At the signing they happened to notice that he was black and rescinded their offer right there at the signing. He was a hospital commander, responsible for emergency aircraft, choppers and tactical hospital deployments but he was too black for Oklahoma. I have met good Whites here too, but they are indeed the exception.

The black girl in Oklahoma City who's manager thought she stole and kinda thought she was suspicious acting. This black woman should have gone to a good lawyer and sued the socks off the woman plus the company also called the newspaper! These kind of people called racist only understand lawyers, suing and getting a hate crime, discrimination, put on their official record! If they are going to ruin you ruin them. Stop them from hurting someone else. Hell carry a recorder around! Don't keep working for a racist woman who care less about you and your future. SUE the B...

7 Missouri Missouri is a state located in the Midwestern United States. It is the 21st most extensive, and the 18th most populous of the fifty states.

Saint Louis Missouri should be in the top three... This is a horrible place to live/raise a family. You will not thrive here job wise if you are a black woman/man. The Saint Louis Public School system is horrible. The school system is full of self hate blacks, and racists whites. The Board of Education hired several firms to come in and correct problems. The first firm walked away with over 40 million-dollars, and slashed needed positions and knocked a lot of middle class people out of positions. Why was this firm brought in? Because Missouri is corrupt from the top to the bottom. Though North City is bought up over sixty-percent of the city is sitting vacant. The crime is off the chain, I hate the summer because the killing field is withe open. Whenever a black person is killed, it's not a big deal here in Saint Louis Missouri. Now when white people are attacked/killed/robbed oh the patrols in the area is beefed up to make sure they're comfortable. Look at how long it took them to ...more

I live in St. Charles, MO. I can tell you when the first black family moved into my neighborhood-- It's only been 6 years. Very white out here, and very mistrusting of poor people. When black people come to this area to shop, it's like they are ready for a fight. That being said, it is becoming more diverse as the years go by, but St. Louis is a complete disappointment. It treats its minority population horribly, provides almost zero effective help for the city schools, and as a result they have closed some. It has created nothing but animosity towards white people, and in turn, that keeps festering racism among whites. It's really sad. Less help for a decent school system means more drop-outs and more crime. No wonder we always make the "Most Dangerous" list. We can't take care of our poor, and we can't seem to fully respect each other.

Missouri or Saint Louis's white supremacist are racist against anyone that do not have the same skin color as them, or sound like them! It is sickening and discussing.

I do not believe that covert racism is still present but my experience as a non-white female living in Saint Louis proved me wrong.
People, both males and females try to show that they are culturally aware, and open toward those from different cultures and ethnic groups, but they fail after one minute's conversation. They can't fake it and they can't help themselves because racism is deeply rooted in their weak corrupt souls.
One piece of advice for non- whites residing in Saint Louis, Missouri ( And also the white young educated open minded people) Get out of that cold hearted state and go somewhere else to thrive and have great life experiences.
God bless you all.

Grew up in Mizzurah and attended grade school through medical school. Later went on to attend UCLA were I did residency training. As a Gay Asian American I still recall the innumerable racial epithets I received especially during childhood. My fellow redneck classmates merely reflected the viciousness and ignorance of their parents and they now have a president selected by a non-majority vote who speaks their language. It is through an idiosyncrasy of our electoral process as well as gerrymandering which has allowed such a person to be elected. There were so many painful experiences and try as I may, I never quite assimilated there. My personal politics always lost out to the solidly Republican contingent. Every candidate, every proposal, every law and every group that I supported was soundly defeated. Well it has been 30 years since I "escaped" and now reside in solidly "Blue" racially diverse state on the West coast which has had super majorities in both state houses. Now when I ...more

8 Louisiana

I am a white man and I came here in USA to marry my wife. I came from Romania to marry her. She is African-American and I do love her to death. When I got here I didn't expect what I'm gonna pass trough...

We had first the official marriage and we barely found a mayor that would accept to officiate our marriage. Most of them were black and they would find any kind of stupid reasons to look to busy for us... so we found one... we got married and we had as photographer my sister in law. I saw that my wife she got kinda sad later on after talking with her sister something but she didn't told me what they talked about. Later on she told me how she was asked by her sister why she didn't married a black men... they also got in a argument few days after our marriage and I got all our pictures from the marriage deleted by my sister in law...

I'm a handy man and I agreed to lift up the valor of my mother in law's house. So I replaced all the carpet in the house with wooden floor ...more

Yes. Louisiana is racism at its worst. I am an educated, full time working wife and mother. My kids go to good schools and my husband and I have good jobs. However, people cannot see past my skin color. Being a black woman in a male white dominated field they only see you as the '"help". You are constantly looked over for promotions even though you have more qualifications and education than your counterparts. It is the good ole boy system everyday. Once Obama took office people were down right bitter and it exposed a harsh reality about racism in America. It's not over. Yes there are still separate proms for whites and blacks as late as 2015, white only neighborhoods, white only schools, unspoken rules to not travel in certain areas regardless of the time of day. My state, Louisiana, has just traded in their KKK robes for police uniforms, agency officials, and politicians.
So sad but so true!

Though I grew up in a military family, I am originally from Louisiana and most of my family still live there. As an adult, I moved back and lived there for a little over a year. It wasn't home anymore. Once I left and experienced the rest of the world, I clearly saw the racism. This problem is not completely on the whites either. I am causian/native American. While I was living there, my husband and I went into a bar and grill to eat and watch football. We were met at the door and told we were on the wrong side of town and we should leave. I told the man I lived across the street and this was my neighborhood. He just smirked at me and said then you are definitely in trouble because this is the black side of town and you aren't welcome. What followed was that we were robbed several times and finally moved back to the northwest. It's a generational problem. Until the people of Louisiana white and black and say ENOUGH!, nothing will change.

I was vacationing with my wife in New Orleans. We're both Latinos from New Mexico. We didn't have any issues in New Orleans, but driving through the small towns was horrible. A white cop pulled me over, because apparently I was going over the speed limit, but I wasn't. He started questioning me and he was being extremely rude. He took away my license, and when I asked why he was doing this, he got extremely aggressive. He told me if I continued arguing with him, he was going to arrest me. My wife and I were shocked. We couldn't believe his behavior. What an ass!

9 Kentucky Kentucky, officially the Commonwealth of Kentucky, is a state located in the east south-central region of the United States.

In the area in which I live people are routinely pulled over for driving while black. The good old boy system rules and if you are a person of color you can bet you aren't a good old boy. I will say in the black male culture here we have a criminal element that is problematic. Black men, spawning children and abandoning them, single black women raising whole families and working two jobs to do it, guys hanging out on corners dealing drugs, fighting dogs, and acting like boys instead of men reinforce the image that the police hold of this ethnic group. Still those who reject that life style and work twice as hard as their while counterparts still share the same racial profiling and rough treatment by the police as the hoods who deserve it. Kentucky is a crude place and a hard place to live if you are any color but white.

I am from Turkey and I live in south west Kentucky. Cops here will pull you over for anything if you're not white. I got thrown in jail for tinted windows. TWICE!. Who goes to jail for tinted windows?! Another incident happened when I had expired license plate tags. I was actually having dinner at Burger King with my girlfriend and 2 cops were guzzling down whoppers on the table next to me. They actually waited for me in the parking lot to pull me over for my tags! I had no idea they were expired, I thought I would get a ticket but knowing these racist mf I had to spend the night in jail and make a $500 bail the next day. That's the dirty south y'all

I was pulled over by a cop in rural Kentucky passing on my way to Tennessee. I asked the police officer why he was stopping me and his answer was, "I received an alert about an Asian woman knocking on people's houses and pretending she worked for the school district..." I asked him politely if I was the only Asian in the State with the same car and color of vehicle. He said "probably, if not the 2nd". I told him he should be on video. He jokingly said then, "oh you're from Chicago, I've been there with my wife.. I asked, Did you get stop for no reason?. Racist STATE! and people.. My state (IL) is bad but Kentucky is just plain outright racist.

The racists in this state the reason Mitch McConnell stays in power. He hates all things non-white and is quite proud of it. He hated, was vocal and constantly attacked the President of Harvard Law Review (one of the hardest and most prestigious law universities on Earth) and PhD of U.S. Constitutional Law because the intellect resides in the body of a black man. However, he is extremely supportive of a racist, bigoted, prejudiced, misogynistic, chauvinistic, immoral, serial adulterer, unethical business practicing adult-child with daddy issues as his ideal of White Supremacy, White Virtues and the symbol of what America really is at its true core and the current face of our nation to the other nations of the world.

10 Idaho Idaho is a state in the northwestern region of the United States. Idaho is the 14th largest, the 39th most populous, and the 7th least densely populated of the 50 United States.

My two and a half year old daughter was accosted at her STARS preschool & called a "N" ! She came home with a black eye and a fat lip & I was told that she fell off the swing or something. The school became unavailable & then closed immediately after, but two weeks later I discovered almost exactly what happened & why by a friend who was a manager there & respected me enough to let me know.

Idaho should be MUCH higher on the list. It is because there are so few black people here; their stories aren't being told. I have a friend whose coworkers call her "Monkey Face," and when reported, they were not disciplined. A black child in our dance group was asked if she "can go to the movies" because of the color of her skin. Two back children I know of have had to drop out of the public school system and home school because of bullying. This is an awful state if you are a person of color. It is pervasive and there is no community you can move to here. It's one thing if the "north and south are segregated," but in Idaho there's no blessing of segregation; it's all one hostile community. The whole state is a backwards white camp. Tell your story and get Idaho at the top of the list.

I am a professional who worked there for a short time. I am extremely competent but I am of color. My clients called me "colored" and every single one of them was white. I was discriminated against, being used and abused by my employer. My employer is under investigation by the Federal Government for their actions towards me. Please save yourself the hassle, finances, and heartache this state may cause you as a person of color. This state does not belong in the United States of America after my experiences in other states filled with diversity. Idaho was a white and cold sample of hell may be similar to.

I've lived in Idaho for 21 years! This state is very racist! To much time in this toxic infected state! I've gotten hate crimes at least twice a month, every month. They wave the confederate flag as much as the racists down south. If you are African-American, I would keep on going past when you see that sign "Welcome to Idaho" because it's a crap state! People won't often openly say racial slurs until after they get to know and as soon as they see skin color, of not only black people, but Latins/Mexicans they unleash a whole new world of hell. This state shouldn't be rated at the 17th state! Who ever says that this state is not racist is lying to themselves and you. People have followed me through grocery stores and out to my vehicle. When they see a "person of color" they automatically stereotype and when ever the black community riots because of some kind of injustice, the white people here approach us few colored folk and lecture us on how black people should behave as if we ...more

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11 South Carolina South Carolina is a state in the southeastern region of the United States. The state is bordered to the north by North Carolina, to the south and west by Georgia across the Savannah River, and to the east by the Atlantic Ocean.

Everywhere in the US has its own racial problems, but SC is amongst the worst. Even though we have a balanced population, blacks and whites don't mingle or interact outside of the workplace or schools. Everyone stays in their own circles. Some areas of the state, like the upstate and Lexington County, which is outside Columbia are worse. In Lexington, you can't get through a day without hearing "colored" and the n-word being used by white people so brazenly and unapologetically. In Chapin, an ultraconservative community at the northern tip of Lexington County, and where nearly everyone holds white supremacist views, you'd better not be out after dark if you're a person of color- you're literally risking your life.

I've lived in South Carolina my entire life. With the most balanced racial make-up of any state, South Carolina may get a bad rap, but it's not grounded in fact. In the midwest and northeast, a lot of racism appears not to exist --- however, when in some cities it's hard to even meet people of color, how can a judgment on racism be made? When people move to South Carolina for the first time or visit, they always comment on the fact that there are "a lot of black people." Why, yes, we here in South Carolina do have a balanced racial population. That being said, racial issues that may be ignored in some other cities become big topics here. I love our state and the fact that the Confederate flag is now gone proves that this state continues to progress.

This state should rank in the top 5 for racism because it's filled with uneducated, ignorant people who discriminate against each other at all costs! If you are black, white people discriminate, if you are white, blacks discriminate, if you are not racist and stick up for someone being discriminated against, both blacks and whites will discriminate against you! This was the first state to succeed from the union and it's citizens sport the confederate flag like it's the latest fashion. I lived here only two years after being born and raised in the Midwest and I have to say, I have never witnessed and experienced so much hate, stupidity and hypocrisy in my entire life. I'm relieved I no longer have to deal with the people there who had issues with me for not being racist and refusing to compromise my values for their skewed version of how poeople should conduct themselves. There are so many churches there for a reason because it's filled with so many racist sinners who have a LOT to ...more

Yes this place is hell you have the white people who come from out of state to live here just so they can show there true colors with out fear, and the black people who were born and raised here still have that slave way of thanking. Which they pass down from one generation to the next. The white people here hate to see a black person with an education, make it or have just a little more then they do or who can stand toe to toe with them on any level. I came here 13 Years ago from New York and I must say I have never seen such a thing am getting the h out of here just as soon as I can. I can go on and on about life here but I will leave it at this stay away from this place

12 West Virginia West Virginia is a state located in the Appalachian region of the Southern United States. It is bordered by Pennsylvania to the north, Maryland to the east and northeast, Virginia to the southeast, Kentucky to the southwest, and Ohio to the northwest. West Virginia is the 41st largest state by area, and is ranked 38th in population. The capital and largest city is Charleston.

I attend school here and was pulled over for "running a stop sign." This had been my first time in my 3 years of driving that I have ever been pulled over. As the two officers approached my brand new car, they looked into the back windows and all then proceeded to ask if I had illegal substances. After telling him no, chatting with him and also mentioning my perfect driving record, he went back to his car for what seemed like years. He came back, asked me to step out of the car and proceeded to tell me that he had called drug dogs to check my car. They also removed my passenger, took her license and made us wait in the 12 degree cold weather for 30 minutes while we waited for the drug dog to come and search my car. The officer ended up saying that the dog sniffed drugs and they tore apart my brand new car filled with shopping bags just to find nothing. When the officer who had the drug dog was asking us about ourselves, he asked my friend and I's majors. We told him and he looked in ...more

I believe West Virginia is a racist state. At my school, children make racist comments towards Russians, Arabs, and African-Americans. They say that they should stay in their own country and America is only for them. They say that the world would be a better place if all Russians and Arabs died because "Russians are mean and rude and want to kill you" (yet never met a Russian) or "All Arabs would shoot you". They deny their racism, because they do not know of it as it is so deep in the culture here. Confederate flags are everywhere, and the KKK meets regularly.

I'm 13 and I've never really experienced racism living in a big city. Note I'm a black female. We had a basketball tournament at shenadoah valley academy and our way up there was long so we had to stop. Me and my friends went to pizza hut. I was with two light skinned chicks a Mexican girl and a Trinidadian boy but our chaperon was a burly quiet black guy. When we got in the place we had some difficulty with our order and the lady at the register acted like she didn't want to give us our food. Then the white guy warming the pizza had to sort everything out. So after getting our food we sat down and there are two rednecks sitting behind us and staring me down because I switched the chairs ( the first one was dirty). Then our chaperon told us to quiet down mind you we were using our low voices because the place was so quiet and there were firefighters also sitting behind us. I still didn't feel safe because of those two rednecks giving me the eye. Our chaperon left us there so we could ...more

I recognize everyday these racist simple minded bugs are so stuck in there ways its ridiculous because minorities will never get equality for any circumstance.I have friends in all races, but it seems whites look at us like we came along to destroy them and don't want anything out of life WRONG! They are scared of living in peace, but we get stereotyped and harassed by the police,denied places of employment and all types of stuff called silverbacks list goes on if people had respect for the next individual regardless of their race wv might have a chance otherwise this place will be a cesspool..

13 Georgia Georgia is a state located in the southeastern United States. It was established in 1732, the last of the original Thirteen Colonies.

Got jacked up in Georgia because I would not tell people what I did to earn all my money (I had my own business and worked two part-timers). Would not let any of the creeps, both male and female move in with me, got SO tired of the SO many moochers down there that as a lady I was supposed to be stupid nice to them even though I was smart enough to tell them all to f$&! Off. Was arrested for nothing, absolutely nothing, but when I won my case I had to again disappear because of all of my "new" friends. Thanks to my experience down there I am VERY successful elsewhere so all you jealous fools can kiss my---! Could not wait to away from there, visited last year, was ready to leave again after two days. The crooks and moochers had not left. My daughter was born there, love it for that but SO glad I got out of that sexist racist place. Where women and minorities know their place, and for the most part, stay there. I couldn't do it. Realized that Georgia was founded by criminals later. Too ...more

In Georgia the racism cuts both ways. I was walking with a group of white students past a bar in downtown Atlanta and an African American man came out of the bar and shouted, "Oh my God, white people! " I laughed, but as we moved deeper into the neighborhood more and more middle aged black men began to act in an intimidating fashion with body language and looks. Finally, some of our girls began to cry and we turned around and left. This was not my imagination. I grew up in New York City and I know "street language" both physical and verbal. Those men knew what they were doing and did it deliberately.

Bigotry is a human condition. Without it Mankind cannot expand. It is an unpleasant fact of life that our mentality is "Us against them, so they must be inferior". I have been stationed around the world and I have found that, of the places where I have been, our blessed country (today, not in the past) is the least bigoted country. That being said, Georgia is the only place here where I have ever been subjected to actual hatred. I am a white man from Colorado, number 50 on this list, and with good reason. All of the western states are way down the list because out West it is ingrained into our very being to "Judge a man by his character, not his skin." This is historical because of the need to band together against the Indians (Native Americans). Later this mentality was needed because of the remoteness of the country. I grew up in a small town, small towns at that time in Colorado were white or white Hispanic. I went from that to war, and in a foxhole one only sees o.d. green. So I ...more

Metro Atlanta, Athens, and Savannah are alright. The rest of the state is redneck central though, especially the southern half of the state. That being said, Atlanta is perhaps the most prosperous city for blacks in the US and it's known as "Black Hollywood" for a reason. Even during the Civil Rights Movement, Atlanta wasn't nearly as bad when it came to racism as many other southern cities. I'd say that if there were a list for most racist American cities, Detroit and Chicago would be higher than Atlanta and Houston. Rural southern Georgia ruins it for the rest of the state, unfortunately.

14 California California is a state in the Southwestern United States. With 39.6 million residents across a total area of about 163,696 square miles (423,970 square kilometers), California is the most populous U.S. state and the third-largest by area. The state capital is Sacramento, and the largest city is Los Angeles.

I'm from the South, and California is still the most racist place I've ever been. The South has a bad past to live down, but it's integrated and we live and work together and we share a culture. Racism is dying here. The races are more separated in Los Angeles than any other place I've seen. Everyone I saw working was Latino, and the white people all just seemed to be wandering around shopping or eating. I saw almost no blacks at all and was told that they stay in their "own areas." There was very little interaction, and a big discrepancy among who was working what kind of job. I know the South has a bad reputation, but I've never seen that kind of separation down here.

It is very racist in San Diego, even though I have degrees and certifications it remains very difficult for me to obtain suitable employment. It is no secret that most medical jobs here in San Diego ask for those who are bilingual which is almost always those who are not black. It is a shame that you cannot live in certain places in San Diego either, I have tried to live here but it is very hard if you want to make progress in your life. I am not a racist individual, I hope that people will someday re-frame from their fears about blacks doing as good or better than themselves in life.P.S. I hate San Diego California with a passion.

I live in Sacramento, California and it's recast here but not obvious. Northern Cali loves Asians, Indians, and whites who are highly educated. There are many educated blacks here in northern Cali; yet, nobody hires them and an stupid excuse is always present such as lack of work experience, educated, or simply that there is someone with better credentials and experience than you have. In Cali, almost everything is based of economics, profit, and zip code. YEP, ZIP CODE. Depending on where you live depends on how you will be treated as a minority. San Francisco has more of a mixture of races; however, it's still a Caucasian's playground. The difference between the west and south USA is that the west is less vocal about racism. Racism exists but is discussed behind closed doors. In the south, tell you exactly how they feel to your face and don't hide anything.

I am a black female and reside in LA. Its not that bad in LA because it's so diverse, but I happen to go to school in the Palisades, which is like the richest part of LA and there have been reports of hate crime in my school. Although its predominantly white and most families are republicans, not many are outright racists. Some express their racist thoughts behind closed doors and there are a few ignorant, zero filtered racists here and there but most people have enough common sense to know not discriminate. One of the best things about LA though is that if anyone is outright racist, both black and white will defend you. But on the flip side I do notice white hate at my school. I always hear black people claim about how much they hate white people among themselves, but still treat them equally. I don't know if its just in LA but white people here really seem to want to associate themselves with black people, which can me interpreted in many ways but I'd like to believe that they are ...more

15 Hawaii Hawaii is the 50th and most recent state of the United States of America, receiving statehood on August 21, 1959.

People posting here seem to have a wrong misconception of how things here work. 1. Haole means no breath. This definition originated when westerners first came to Hawaii and would not do the ha, or the exchanging of breath, which was understandable, they didn't know what it was. People of European descent are called haole because of this. 2. Almost all of the racism in the state stems not from rude locals who just want to be mean, the Hawaiian people are jaded and hurt because western influence nearly destroyed our culture. White people are scowled at because they come here and buy all the land and destroy the environment, thusly hurting our people even more. The Hawaiian people did not want to become a state, colonizers overthrew our kingdom and did not give the natives a right to vote. When we were voted to become a state, it was the white people who came here and took our land and our language and our culture that chose for us to become a part of this broken, bigoted nation.

How is Hawaii not first? If you are white, there are going to be a lot of people here who DO hate you. Many people like to claim that people here only dislike "ignorant haoles (white people)", but in reality, a lot of view people view white people as ignorant simply because of the color of their skin. The racism I have seen and heard on these islands has been absolutely disgusting. To make matters worse, it is practically enforced by a lot of state officials, as many will actively fight any racism they perceive against people with native Hawaiian blood. But as soon as an incident springs up against white people (which is literally all the time), it goes ignored most of the time because of the double-standard. If you are black, you get treated better than whites, but not that much better. The really ironic thing is that this is supposed to be the land of aloha...

Very hard to believe so many of these poor, picked on haoles, who feel so victimized in Hawaii. I've been here for 46 years, as haole (white) as you can be. I can count on one hand the times anyone has shown any prejudice to my face and maybe all my fingers and toes the times I thought I was getting some negative vibes while interacting with someone. Have never, ever felt discriminated against or thought that I didn't get a fair shot at something. We love OUR comedy and jokes about all the different ethnic and diverse cultural groups we have here, mainly because we tell them about ourselves! The only ones to get offended are the newcomer whites who seem to get offended by EVERYTHING!

Hawaii is definitely the most racist State.
If you are blond and have blue eyes, be sure that they will hate you..
Being taller than all the Asians, and good looking to boot would make it even worse.
When you are an adult, it's alright... You can put up with it. Besides, there are other white people you can be friends with. But it's really bad for children.
My little cousin gets all this crap every day at middle school.
He also plays basketball and some kids don't want to pass the ball to him because he is white.

The problem is that the parents teach their kids to be racist like that.
In other states, it may be that the parents are racists but kids never are. Kids always learn to love first. The problem is that the Asian culture requires them to look at us as enemies.
I think they feel intimidated by our looks and size.

16 Massachusetts Massachusetts, officially the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is the most populous state in the New England part of the northeastern region of the United States.

I lived in MA for most of my life and began to realize how little opportunity there was for me. I am a person of mixed race with a very light complexion. I was too dark to be considered white and other people of color would treat me badly because I was too light. There was discrimination at every turn. I was followed around stores, discriminated against in college classes, denied employment opportunities, paid less than whites doing the same job, and heard all kinds of racist statements from both sides. I moved to Alabama, which is also very racist; in a different way. At least now I have my bachelor's degree so I will have better opportunities but I will leave soon. I believe racism has transformed into more of a class issue. If you don't have a lot, you're treated terribly. I think this is a problem throughout this country. Those who can afford high rent are able to live more comfortably than the rest. Meaning they don't have the same issues to deal with. Their children go to better ...more

I had moved to Massachusetts in 2008, and lived in Shrewsbury for 4 years. I am a very serious student, and work hard in school. Anyway, in the summer of 2012, I moved to the town of Hudson. I don't mean to sound snobbish, but Hudson was very backwater. Many people earn minimum wage, and others are extremely poor (one of my friends, their house doesn't even have proper walls! ) But that's beside the point. Anyway, there's a loudmouth in my class named Ryan. When I told him near the end of my school year that I was Indian, his reaction was somewhat like this: "What? " He then proceeded to ask me if I was a terrorist, if my parents were terrorists, and other offensive questions. But that's not the only person in my town. Another example: Rebecca. While she hasn't made remarks that are directly racist, I could tell by her questions in an immigration unit that she has a bone to pick with illegal immigrants.

In 2007, I joined the MA National Guard. I was promised to be attached to a unit near the metro area. After returning from Ft. Benning, GA. I check my orders, and surprise! ; it turned out I had been attached to a unit in Lexington, MA. On my first day of drills, I entered the armory where the assemblies take place; never seen so many colored eyes eyeballing me (I'm dark skinned AND Latino). The following drills were the most difficult days in my life, I had never be so covertly hated; I could feel it. Only person of color in the unit, and the only who had to clean, sweep, and mop the armory, yet called the "laziest". At least I would demand respect where I lived, but this was crazy. Best thing I ever did was to move to NYC and get educated. Now, I even have white friends who are educated and open minded about other people's culture. Once a guy from with some southern accent insulted me, and my white friends joined me in insulting back the guy. If they have their racist moments, ...more

It would take all day to explain. Lived in MA my whole life, black and specifically of Haitian decent. Many ignorant people here but they use other term instead of the N word such as " lazy, not pulling his or her weight" always want to offer help but never want a favor returned. I am not a charity case, I grew up in a happy family with both of my parents, yes they are still married and were married before conceiving children. Yes, I've married twice and am very happy and get along well with my ex- husband that is present in the children's lives. Yes he pays his child support, don't need govt support. Yes, I have a graduate degree, I live in the burbs... The list goes on oh nope none of my siblings are in jail, we've all gone to college > 4 children all same parents. No teenage pregnancies! That's what happens in MA you get interrogated! They always want to size up. When you are not a charity case they stop socializing with you because they realize you are too confident and strong. ...more

17 Maryland Maryland is a state located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, bordering Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Washington, D.C.

My relatives are from MD and PA and are some of the most racist people I've known in my life. Luckily I was raised in a military primary family and know people of lots of races from living all over the US and the world. But one situation that happened with my cousins, I took my best friend and her two children with us to one of our family reunions b/c I always considered her a sister even though not by blood. She is originally from Puerto Rico and her ex husband was from another S. American country...can't remember which) so their son was a little darker skinned than the rest of their family. While we were out at the picnic, it started to pour down rain (one of those quick ones), so my Aunt and family that hosted the reunion asked that those kids who got wet to see if they could wear any of her grandkids' clothes while theirs dried out. When it came time to give my bff's son a dry shirt, I overheard my cousin's son ask, "do I have to loan a shirt to that'? I was so embarrassed and ...more

Maryland is very racist undercover to see if I could get information on that group and their supporters... I was letting other organization but plenty of friends I was surprise I did manage supporters that were politicians police and on the Board of Education what state of Maryland.. If you ever seen a Klansman in Maryland double that 1000 times over you have the number of members in that state.. If the truth I heard you would be surprised and what they have got done in that state and what they are still doing today behind the scenes yes I was black I would not live in Maryland...

I used to live in Montgomery County, MD. I had lived there since I was born. I moved about 6 months ago at age 15. In all my time living there, I have never experienced racism. Because Montgomery County is SO diverse, there really was no reason to be racist. The high school I went to had 50% White 50% other. Maybe even more of other. If I went into a store, I'd see a mix of all races. My neighborhood though. was filled with whites, but there were also Hispanic, Blacks, Asians, people from the Middle East, and Indians. My closest friend was from Pakistan. I'm Hispanic and so were most of the people I went to school with. If I were to go into one of my Honors classes you would see only 10 whites out of 30 students. I have moved to South Carolina, and now I can say that I have experienced racism. All of my neighbors are white. My family is the only colored people here. If I'm friends with a white person, it's because they are from upper north, not down here. I've been shunned by so many ...more

Maryland is definitely racist. There have been many occasions I've encountered racial slurs and mockery when I was out minding my own business. One recent one happened when I was taking my dog out for a walk in the park. A group of guys who played baseball started harassing me, saying racial slurs. That is everyday Maryland for you. If you're not a white male, do yourself a favor and don't even think about moving here.

18 Illinois Illinois is a state in the midwestern region of the United States. It is the 5th most populous state and 25th largest state in terms of land area, and is often noted as a microcosm of the entire country.

I was born and raised in Chicago. Chicago is one of the most racist cities in America. The neighborhoods are racially segregated, and even Mayor Daley lives in the most racist neighborhood in Chicago, Bridgeport. Young people have to worry about being in the wrong neighborhood wearing the wrong colors, but the Chicago Police Department is the biggest and most deadly gang in Chicago. The Chicago Police use people of color, the homeless, small children and even the elderly as punching bags and for target practice with their guns. The judicial system of Chicago and Cook County is terribly racist and corrupt. Many blacks are murdered every year, due to racist cops. If you have children, don't raise them in Chicago.

I lived in Chicago. Need I say more? I guess I should. They have a name for the phenom in Chicago. Hyper-segregation. I am from Virginia, ya know, capital of the former Confederacy! And I was shocked at how racist the entire system in Chicago is. Every facet of this city screams "stay in your neighborhood" and everything is systematically racist there. Being born and bred from a place that honors Civil War heroes on Monument is quite shocking to see worse racism. Needless to say I live in neither place now...I am happy living on the west coast now. It is the least racist place in the United States..

If you are black in Peoria, Illinois, be ready to get your section eight and welfare. If you are educated, and you're looking to get a DECENT job to live a decent life, you will have a hard time. These white folks keep the comfortable jobs to themselves while they watch the blacks do the hard labor for minimum wages. I've been called in for interviews with all the excitement over the phone about my resume, then when I get there, the story changed-along with the attitude. Peoria will never be a place for classy people period. It's for the ghetto non-thinkers who are okay with having nothing, and disgusting uneducated whites who don't even qualify for their own jobs.

I grew up here and experienced racism the whole time I lived there. It didn't matter if I was in the suburbs or the city or even at a job (I was called names and bullied at jobs where the managers knew and did nothing about it). I was harassed by all other races (white, black, Hispanic, Asian) at one time or another. It used to be a very segregated city, with the segregation into neighborhoods going as deep as European countries.. The Irish live here, the Polish live there, not just the black, white and Hispanic communities. And even different neighborhoods for Puerto Rican vs Mexican. I'm not sure it's like this anymore, but I can't imagine it has changed very much in the last 20 years.

19 Florida Florida is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States. Florida is the southeasternmost U.S. state, with the Atlantic on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other.

I live in Florida and my family has been here since The Spanish first landed in 1513, people always ask where I'm from and when I tell them I'm American they say no no your ancestors, and I'll say my family been here almost 500 years, they just don't know how to process it. They automatically think I'm a foreigner. A friend once said that he'd wish all racist's would just die and I responded that would be about 95% of the population. Being comfortable in your own skin is where they should begin, most people have low self esteem which makes them defensive and in tolerant of others especially if they are poor, which is common in Florida.

I was shocked to hear this kind of attitude when I made a visit to Tallahassee. I had a friend (originally from Colombia, going to FSU) drive me around Tally and I noticed in a certain part of town, he scrambled to roll up his windows and lock the doors. I asked him why and he said, "We are in a bad neighborhood. There are a ton of blacks here. " What really made me upset was when I was grabbing food at a Checkers, a man murmured in disgust, and started to yell various, "racially charged" profanities at the woman in the drive thru. I honestly was shocked to hear this and convinced myself never to come back to Tallahassee. I'm sure other parts of Florida are nice, or at least I'm hoping.

I'm from California and Florida is racist because the nation witness the trial of Zimmerman and he was found not guilty of killing a unarmed Trayvon Martin, a black kid who was walking home from a mini-store. He lied to the police, his family, and friends that he shot the kid for self-defense, but what started the problem is that he followed him and the police told him DON'T follow him. Look at Zimmerman now, he is getting into more trouble and his girlfriend even called the police. The other case is a black woman was sentenced to 20 years in prison, because she shot the ceiling as a warning sign to let her abusive husband know to step away from her. That tells you racism is still alive in the USA and it's still going strong as well.

Florida is the most racist state I have lived in. I have lived in several cities in Florida, and it never fails. If you mixed people stop, and stare at you like you came from planet mars. Most churches are "politely" racist here too. And this may shock some people, but the worst racists in this state are the Jewish people. They will come right out and ask you "What are you? " I have lived here for 27 years. and can tell you that the Zimmerman incident is nothing new. I have had cops follow me, and almost rear end me running my plates for no other reason except I am a light skinned mixed person. I saw a car on Craig's list, and went to see it. The guy refused to open the hood, and told me to go back where I came from.. Where would that be? The best state I have lived in so far is North Carolina.. I currently live in Brandon, Florida.

20 Arizona Arizona is a U.S. state in the southwestern region of the United States. It is also part of the Western and the Mountain states.

The racism in Arizona is deeply embedded from the top of Government to the bottom person. Racist laws are continually passed or are attempted to be passed on an almost daily basis and the populace, which is >80% white is content with it and tries to clamp down any type of mainstream discussion on it. It has such an appeal to racism that it attracts racists from the rest of the country which creates a spiral towards more behavior. The best a person can hope for here is to only be grouped with stereotypes. The worse is for overt action to occur. The state does officially deny they desire to make it as inhospitable as possible for illegal aliens but this is the official position. The unofficial one is that they wish to make it as inhospitable as possible for nonwhites.

Arizona is SO racist. Extremely, racist. I am African-American and what I'm about to tell you is 100% true with ZERO exaggeration. First off, according to the U.S. Department of Labor and Census, there is only 5% black population and we DOUBLE the unemployment rate. That right there should tell you something. I hold 3 college degrees: B.A. in History, B.A. in English, and a Master's degree in Education. It is EXTREMELY hard for me to find work. I've been out of work for almost 7 weeks now. I have submitted my resume over 200 times. My resume is chock full of experience and education. I've been contacted by employers and been granted a phone interview. I am always practically hired over the phone (I sound "white"), then told to come to the office to fill out my new hire paper work. I'll get there and all of a sudden the position has been filled. White people who see me show up always have that same "look" on their faces. It's a look of, "Oh no. You're BLACK? " And their eyes look very, ...more

I moved to Arizona to experience leaving my small city in Texas. I never experienced extreme racism until I moved. I'm a hispanic American who was not naturalized because a law made it so. I was naturalized by birth my mother and father were naturalized by birth and my grandparent migrated in 1912 naturalized in 1914. Never have I been treated so different due to my skin color. I treat everyone equally, although I'm very sadden by my experiences in Arizona. It hasn't been all negative I never envisioned me marrying but after years of dating someone who also is not originally from Arizona a White American who views individuals for who they are. We are considering moving due to my most recent work experience where my race has become an issue among work associates. I don't understand why racism exist. I only know I wish goodness upon all. Equally I feel alone and knowing others have shared similar experiences helped. I'm not blind either I know racism can exist anywhere but it has been ...more

When I was little there was a roll over accident outside my house. A man was stuck under a truck that had rolled over and the police came. When the police got there they didn't do anything to save the man. After the man died and they had been there for over an hour they used some air pumping bags to left the truck and pull the man out. After they saw his dead body laying there one of the cops said, it had to be a Mexican while she pushed the body around with her foot.

Arizona is becoming more intolerant every day now they have a bill to discriminate against gays.

21 Ohio Ohio is a state in the midwestern region of the United States. Ohio is the 34th largest by area, the 7th most populous, and the 10th most densely populated of the 50 United States.

Don't move your family to Ohio if you have a clean record. They are desperate for redevelopment and they fund it by traffic fines and fees. You and your family will constantly be targeted while on the road. Prosecutors and public defenders are paid solely on how many convictions they win. They will negotiate with each other on plea deals so they can get paid. They have no interest in whether you are innocent. This activity makes it incredibly hard to get a decent job here regardless of your education. Ohio has had its fair share of unarmed killings. The police there are given free reign to be corrupt and no one does a thing about it. And the other post is true. Go to the courthouses and see the state sponsored racism for yourself. It's ridiculous.

To the Asian guy who had a racist experience in Ohio at college. That was a easy fix and you could have gotten paid! You should have recorded the situation heck use your phone these days! Call a go to the dean first if no satisfaction go get a lawyer a sue, sue, sue! Sueing may not stop a racist from being dumb and stupid but, it will make them pay for making you feel less than human. Like a person has control over who they are born to and how they look! No one has control over how they come on earth or the background they are born into. Everyone understands being hate crimes go on your record forever and everyone understands paying up. The college needs to pay for it's ignorant professors report the incident, record the incident. If they do not address it SUE. I bet that crap will stop if they have to pay!

I'm from the UK. I moved to Columbus in 2017 with a job transfer. Worst decision of my career. I would rather make salary at a high cost of living back home than stay in this state. It's very authoritarian and much like a police state. The segregation of classes and races is very evident. Very few people of color seem to hold any equity here. That is an obvious sign of high inequality. I have never lived in the southern states of the USA, but if it's any worse than this, I would never visit. The residents here also seem quite ignorant and uneducated about the reality of history and politics. It's also quite hostile. I have witnessed friends and colleagues be the target of racism here more than I ever have in my life. My home is not perfect, but I'm glad to say we're much more evolved than the degree of racism I've witnessed here. I do not recommend moving here. I do not want to contribute any more taxes to a place like this. My conscience demands it. Maybe I am naive about America.

My South-Asian family and I were driving back to Massachusetts from Michigan and made a stop at rest area in Ohio. As we were walking into the building, one guy, looked like a veteran, rolled his eyes at us mutters "Wow, they speak english." to his wife. Even on the way out, one woman gave us a disgruntled stare presumably because of our skin color. This is the first and only time I remember directly encountering racism in the United States. And Cleveland is one UGLY city surrounded by towns of overweight, dirty, people who drive like they would in a 3rd world country.

22 Virginia Virginia, officially the Commonwealth of Virginia, is a state located in the South Atlantic region of the United States.

I'm from Northern VA, lived there all my life and it disgusts me how people who haven't lived here all their lives are judging a state by 1 or 2 years. The Confederate flag is really nothing, it's been there for a century to show Southern pride, and if that is too much to take, I don't know what you can take. Virginia is a Southern state but it is also a Blue & Red state, as far as I know, the most racist region here is Appalachian Plateau, a very redneck area. Here in NoVA we don't get much racism, but as I am Asian, and Indian, people ask why my eyes aren't small like all Asians, so I'm not a Asian because of that. So yeah, most racism here is directed to Asians rather than Blacks, Latinos, and Whites. But I may be wrong as I am Asian which gives me another perspective.

I see segregation and no room for opportunities to make an honest dollar as a young person because of one's skin color or as an immigrant. It is like those in authority are loudly saying "go back to where you come from." This is how one feels going in circles, being stagnant not going anywhere. Trying countless of time to find a job is frustrating and the job sites does not make it easier. When a person does call you for a job opening and from one's answer that you are not a citizen, 9 out of 10 hang up the phone on you.Its hard, it's like each man to his own self. Nearly everyone is grumpy, skeptic and individualistic. It's only prayers that keeps one going and faith. But I thank God there are one or two persons who helped me to get a job which was church related. It has since closed down but was grateful nevertheless.

It really is sad how the society operates not being kind and equal but again this is facts am sharing.

I moved from Ohio to the southern part of Virginia and lived there for 10 years. Most people there are have extremely bigoted views, and they will put you on an island if you don't agree with them. Also, they haven't let the civil war go as well, kept calling me a yankee and I kept getting into fights, its like traveling back to the 1970s. They are loud, arrogant and mostly rude to foreigners. I regretted moving there, and since moved back to Ohio where I feel more at home. Worst experience of my life. Glad that I escaped that hellhole with my wife a couple years ago!

This place should be in the top five at least. Don't be fooled by the DC suburbs. As soon as you cross the Fairfax county line you are in the heart of Dixie. Confederate flags are literally everywhere and the KKK is alive and well and regularly distributes recruitment fliers in the Richmond area. All of the "segregation academies" that opened in the 1960s when the public schools were closed down during "massive resistance" are alive and well. Sure they all claim they don't discriminate anymore but few minorities can afford the $10K + tuition at these private schools.

Honestly Virginia is probably more segregated today than it was in the old days of Jim Crow. Before the 1960s blacks and whites in Virginia lived in the same cities and towns but in different neighborhoods. Now due to white flight they don't even live in the same localities anymore. The blacks are pretty much confined to the urban areas, while the whites for the most part live in the suburbs.

A few years ago ...more

23 North Carolina North Carolina is a state in the southeastern region of the United States. The state borders South Carolina and Georgia to the south, Tennessee to the west, Virginia to the north, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east.

I lived in North Carolina for 10 years. I'm 21 years old. I was born and raised in atlanta where the city is so extremely diverse you can't tell who is white and who isn't so to be racist would be a waste of time. So when we moved to NC I couldn't believe how segregated the town was and still is, my parents bought a store in the town and people blatantly said they didn't want to come to our store because we were black. And the white people are just as trashy and low class than every other race. They are all just stupid and very uneducated. How can you hate someone without knowing exactly why? I used to feel sorry for them but now I think they deserve to be stuck in a town that's 15 miles long for the rest of their lives, they have no common sense.

I lived in Raleigh for several years and it is very diverse, I spent 2 month in Chapel Hill which is a very diverse and wealthy college town with permanent residents. I can't speak on the college itself but the town itself had all races. I have lived in Winston-Salem for the past 2 years its diverse. I am from New York City I spent a few months in Rocky Mount before Raleigh. I have never seen such a racist place in my life. One woman told me their are good (n-word) and bad (n-word) and I was stunned. I was called yankee so much I thought it was my name laugh out loud My ex-husband was black my bff is Hispanic. In North Carolina its where you are, the mountains are racists too.

I served in the US military proudly eight years of my life. I was raised in Los Angeles for the better part of my life before joining the service. I made the huge mistake of requesting to be stationed in the East Coast. Somehow I ended up in this horrible state. I have been fired twice for not being able to "fit in" not being a "good fit" with my coworkers. My coworkers have treated me with so much disdain because I look and walk like a Hispanic. I am not a kiss ass and maybe I ought to be given that if you're not part of the crowd you're doomed. I hate North Carolina with a passion. I had an immaculate resume with a bunch of awards from working in medical labs while in the Navy. I became a civilian and all those good all evaluations turned to horrible evaluations from managers who cannot accept me because the crowd doesn't accept me. I know just as much if not more but my skin tells a different story, one where people think I am and will always be a subordinate. I have defied society ...more

I am 17. Kids my age even if they're not racist say "n*****" on a common basis. They laugh it off like it's nothing. My friends frequently call each other it as a joke right in front of African-Americans. Even the African-Americans here are racist towards their own ethnicity! Have you ever seen "Django: Unchained"? Do you remember Senior Slave Stephen? He hated African-Americans. The African-American kids here do their ethnicity almost no justice and won't defend it against white people. The cops here are the typical dixie skinheads you see in movies: love to apprehend minorities for dumb reasons or no reason at all. There are a couple golf dad neighborhoods here, and all the elders still call the African-Americans "colored." It's a rough place that went progressive in 2008, but instantly went back to the old Nixon conservative agenda regarding racism. If you go out west or down south in North Carolina, the racism is RAMPANT.

24 Wisconsin Wisconsin is a U.S. state located in the north-central United States, in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions.

I lived in Wisconsin for 4 years. I never experienced such racism. People were out right nasty. I am from Northern Maine, and have never been treated so badly. In Wisconsin I was a counselor in a Shelter for teenagers. I do not think it helped me being black and knowing all of their family secrets. I am a attractive black woman with a very compassionate heart. I was never taught hate. By husband is white and I have two adult children. Our families get along fine. There really is not that much difference in people. I have found that in the hearts of most people, we want the same things. To have a job, family, freedom to enjoy our lives and worship as we please, and try to be happy. I am so sorry some wish to hold on to something that has caused so much pain and suffering in our country and the world. Before you dislike someone because of the color of their skin or the slant of their eyes. Stop and think behind their clor is a person with thoughts and feeling just like you.

Wisconsin definitely should be higher than this. Black people here experience racism everyday. Everything from being passed over for jobs to always being treated like you will steal something. I am a preacher and I get followed around stores. People don't like to rent to blacks either. Also, on top of all this, some black people here hate black people. If you go to Brookfield, downtown Milwaukee, certain parts of Wauwatosa, Germantown you get that "I'm better than you" vibe, or that fear that your going to do something bad. There's no way Wisconsin should be this low. I went to college in Mississippi and have been there 6 or 7 ties since 2005 I did not experience the racism I experience in Wisconsin. The rural areas of Missouri are also bad.

The successor organization to the original American Nazi Party, The New Order, relocated in the mid-1980s to a secluded 88-acre rural property called "Nordland" in New Berlin, Wisconsin.

Members of a neo-Nazi group and counter protesters peacefully rallied within yards of each other here on 09/03/11. According to local police, five arrests were made and no one was injured as members of the National Socialist Movement organization and a local coalition of community groups rallied in the afternoon near New Berlin, WI.

The Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting was a mass shooting that took place on August 5, 2012. Wade Michael Page, a self-proclaimed neo-Nazi, fatally shot six people and wounded four others at a Sikh temple near New Berlin, Wisconsin.

Milwaukee Wisconsin is the most segregated city in the country.

I happened upon this list looking for resources related to employment discrimination in Wisconsin. Discrimination taking place in the work place, housing discrimination, and other prohibited forms need to be federally reported. Please, if you are experiencing direct or indirect (encoded) forms of racism that can be reported to an outside agency, do everything you can to document and consistently report incidents in any way possible. Encourage people who have experienced these phenomena to comment on this page.You are not alone in your experiences in this state. (2016)

25 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania, officially the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is a state located in the northern and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States.

I grew up in Erie, Pa and I have to say that it is very racist toward people of color and also prejudiced against people who aren't protestant or catholic. I worked at an amusement park there and they were horrible to black people. They never hired any black people and did not like to hire poor people either. Even Jewish people were whispered about behind their backs. My growing up was very white and although I knew there were a lot of blacks in Erie, I hardly ever saw them. We grew up to be afraid of blacks and to not include them in anything. I'm glad I moved out of there so I could see a larger perspective and examine my own beliefs. I rarely go back now, but I know its no different than when I was growing up.

Everyone talks about how the south is so stupid and racist. I moved here 2 years ago from Georgia and I am still ahead in school. I sit there bored in my classes. Not to mention, right across the street from the school a confederate flag is hanging. Pennsylvania was part of the Union, they don't even have an excuse. Also, when the school started to ask for them to take it down, 2 students walked over after school and told the owners of the flag, "Keep it up, people should be offended." It gets worse the farther you get from cities. Central Pennsylvania is roughly 95% white and is the only reason Trump won Pennsylvania. At my school I have about 5 black students in my grade, they only get stereotyped by racist peers.

I live in Philadelphia. My dad can get mean, and he's got bad road rage problems, two out of the three that I witnessed that I remember got race involved somehow. The last one that I saw was very recent, and it got race involved, but it wasn't really about that. After having driving related problems with another person on the road, the person pulled up in the lane next to my dad. She rolled her window down, she was black. She called my dad racial slurs used for white people, and he just called her ugly. I didn't see her because I was so busy hiding in the backseat. As you see, it isn't just the typical whites being rude to blacks or Mexicans. Many people here discriminate all races. When it comes to race, it sucks here, but not as bad as Southern states.

A long time ago my mother who is Vietnamese bought some ramen noodles for school and we went through the 10 items or less line. We had exactly 20 items but we bought a pack of 20 ramen noodles and pack of 10 apples. The cashier counted each ramen noodle and apple as an item each so in all we had 48 items. Ths lady in her 40s screamed at us after we came outside and made a scene. She wouldn't listen to my mom who said we didn't know they counted each one separately. The manager came and he happened to be Indian or Middle Eastern. The lady completely lost it and dropped her stuff. She screamed racial slurs before many people and said that she weren't gonna buy from that place again.

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