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21 The Borrowers

This one is a duplicate, as Arrietty is already up there, and should be removed from the list.

This isn't even a studio ghibli release why is this cover here.

22 The Red Turtle (Japan) The Red Turtle (Japan)

Though, definitely not the best, The Red Turtle is still amazing.

The animation is quite different because of the collaboration of styles, but the end result was fantastic.

The film is extremely imaginative (especially the dream sequences), and it makes you think a lot about the
plot. It is also very rewatchable because there is something new to get each time in the artwork and the creativity.

23 Pom Poko

This is truly rewarding if you get through without falling asleep through the repetitive actions.

I love this movie so much, why isn't it higher?

It's so good,surprised that it's not even here.It's touching and fun,and ends on a bittersweet note.Not my favourite,but it definitely deserves to be above Tales From Earthsea.

24 My Neighbours the Yamadas

I couldn't stand the artwork for a ghibli movie

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