Top Ten Stupidest Things to Do In a Horror Movie


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21 Stay In a Corner

They all ways stay in a corner even if the killer is far away!

As if there is going to be a door there - shfydgi

22 Swear at the killer when it's in front of you with a weapon
23 Look Into A Mirror

Trust me, don't. The scariest ghosts are ALWAYS in mirrors. - Goku02

24 Live in an old house (or one that had a terrible history)

This has happened in many horror movies, from Poltergeist to the Grudge. - ethanmeinster

Yes, because I want to live in the 500 year old Victorian house built on top of a cemetery, instead of the nice, peaceful suburbs!

25 Yodel

Laugh out loud! How does this? That's gonna draw attention. - Powerfulgirl10

26 Hide behind a rack of chainsaws V 2 Comments
27 Just stand there when a killer is holding a knife in his hand.
28 Get Involved With Weirdos
29 Invite ghosts

Girl: *to three ghosts* You're invited to my slumber party! *3 hours later, she dies* - Powerfulgirl10

Dah! Why invite trouble

30 Say "I'll be right back"

It's a sure fire way to get killed

You won't be right back

31 Investigate a strange noise
32 Put their weapon down and go investigate something.
33 Say "we have to get you to a hospital" to your injured friend when the killer is standing right there
34 Forget to Lock the Door
35 Lock yourself in a room

No, no, no, NO! Don't you get it?!? The killer's already in there! Ugh. You did.

36 Trust the one random creepy man in the middle of nowhere
37 Say ''We are all okay now." V 1 Comment
38 Cry
39 Play Dumb Ways to Die
40 Make a TheTopTens List
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