Best Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Tracks

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1 DK Mountain

You first go up to a literal volcano! Then drive down a mountain! Going across bridges, doing phenomenal shortcuts, and twisting and turning makes THIS one the best!

DK's Jungle Parkway is way better than DK Mountain. Why? The graphics, no having to hear annoying voices (especially from Peach and Daisy), much more classic music, way better graphics, Mario Kart 64 will always be better than Mario Kart: Double Dash, which is still a fun game.

This track is amazing! Wario Colosseum is good too, but this is even better! First you get shot out of a cannon, drive down a volcano, avoid giant boulders, drive pass a deep chasm, and go across a wobbly bridge! The music is awesome too! Definitely the best track MKDD!

Amazing music, sharp turns, a cannon to shoot you to a mountain, going down a hill with rocks rolling down and some places where you can fall. This track must be great and it is! Well not my favorite but it is in my top 5 for sure.

2 Rainbow Road

I love hard stuff, it is stronger, and that's the way humans evolved: to be strong to save themselves from predators.

Wow this isn't number one? Seriously? This track was awesome!

My favorite Rainbow Road. A great challenge!

Best tracks in Mario kart history!

3 Wario Colosseum

Come on people, this track should be in the next Mario Kart game or else those people who will make the next Mario Kart game will burn in Hell for the rest of their lives!

Very challenging and this level should not has shells cause they will make you mad if your going across a hole you can fall off very easy.

Honestly, these top three are just about perfect. All we need is to move DK Mountain to #3 and bring this up to #1. Just wish it had one more lap.

YES! This is the greatest course of all Mario Kart history! But where's Daisy Cruiser? That's the best course owned by a female!

4 Daisy Cruiser

Personally Daisy as a character she is mediocre but her cruiser in double dash makes her better cause the stage has decent amount of boost and a lot of quick sharp turns and much much more.

Very unexpectedly good. The best section is the stretch from the starting line to the end of the kitchen.

You're driving on a cruise ship! That's all I can say! So glad it got brought back in MK7 now I finally get to go in that swimming pool!

Best in mk history. Why you may ask because you get to ride on a cruise ship.

5 Mushroom City

A pretty fun city track. I like Mushroom Bridge and all other highway tracks in the series more, but you can do some fun exploration on this one

It's a city I think of Mushroom city cooly.

6 Bowser's Castle

The course itself has a good layout with a lot of tight corners to drift around, but the real icing on the cake is Bowser's deep laugh after a player falls off.

This Bowser's Castle is very creative, especially for its time, and still holds up as one of the best versions of this track.

This one is third best Bowser Castle in the series behind 8 and Wii.

7 Dino Dino Jungle

Must I explain why this course is amazing?

Honestly it's underrated

8 Yoshi Circut

Surely this is the best? It's shaped like Yoshi!

Good turns and a good length.

Yoshi Circuit is garbage

Shortcuts are awesome

9 Waluigi Stadium

Great layout. One of my best courses in Double Dash and in Wii.

I hate this course

Not as good as Wario's track, but very fun, the remake was better though with all the ramps

10 Mushroom Bridge

I love this course

The overall setting and ability to drive on top of the bridge is what makes it great

The Contenders
11 Baby Park

Dodging items, when done well, can be a lot of fun. It's really satisfying to shoot your green shell at a red shell to dodge it or shoot a Bowser Shell at the players in front of you. It's a chaotic course but if you use items well (and there are plenty to go around - with two sets of item boxes), it can be fun! Remakes of it are never great, though…

It's just going right 14 times on an oval. If you wanted to play something like this why not just play battle mode? Baby Park is just you and other racers getting punished with each other's items for a minute and a half. ON. GRAND. PRIX. Pointless, overrated, waste of space, out of place, basically every other thing you would hate in a track. "Frantic" my butt.

This is the worst Mario kart track ever. They weren't even trying when they made this stage. Not only it has bad music that is a ripoff of the nanananana music, but it is really hard to get first on every lap

Bowser shells flying! Huge bananas! Red, green, blue shells everywhere! Super challenging and there is 7 laps and it is a nonstop fun time!

12 Sherbet Land

I don't know why this track is so hated! This track is my favorite Double Dash track, and in the top 5 best Mario Kart tracks of all time.

Ugh this stage is terrible. The ice physics are horrible. Easily the worst stage in the game. Thankfully the Mk8 version was better.

A lot of people hate it and I can see why but I personally love it but the water and those huge ice enemies are so annoying.

I used to hate this one as a kid. I like it more now though.

13 Luigi Circuit

This track has been the most important one for me.

Am I the only one who likes this track?

14 Peach Beach

13th? Nobody here likes a peach and the Music? and Sherbert Land is ahead? This must have been just added.

I like the receding shoreline, adds a nice new tactic if you have a mushroom.

I see what they did there...

Pretty nice track

15 Dry Dry Desert

It's pretty underrated. You have a lot of things like wigglers, Giant sinkhole and tornados going on. It's more fun than other desert stages... I'm looking at you DS Desert Hills.

The back and forth curves at the beginning are bad but after you pass the pit, the final stretch of the race (with the Pokeys) is solid!

This course is good well it is kinda hard with the tornadoes and the pit and the enemies but if your a pro its no big deal.

This track deserves more praise, a great thing about this track is that the off-road, well, isn't really the off-road as it makes you go as fast as the normal roads, the real off-road in this track is way further away

16 Mario Circuit

Man this wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for those damn bumps at the end.

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