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1 Grandmaster Galaxy - The Perfect Run - SMG2

I lost 80 lives! I played this one level for two three hour periods! I rage-Quit a year ago and never came back

I don't have SMG2 but I think this does deserve to be #1 on the list. It is sooo hard you may not make a single mistake, it's sooo difficult.

This level makes me want to kill someone. It is definitely the hardest Mario level EV-ER.

2 Melty Molten Galaxy - The Sinking Lava Spire Daredevil Run - SMG

Ah yes, the famed sinking lava spire run. I have died so many times here, and this is the perfect run of smg1. I found this harder than the perfect run of smg2, and that's because of how insane the progression is. After dying for a while, you start rushing thorugh the volcano planet, and make more mistakes. When you finally get to the pull star bit, you slowly lose patience and may lose timing. Then the planet after that is the worst bit. All those lava cinders everywhere and the location of the star chips and the launch star is way too difficult. It takes extreme planning and precision to do such a gauntlet. Then the buildup to the spire is really stressful. By the point you reach the sideways sinking platforms the wii remote is already suffering from your sweat. The lava spire itself is the hardest part of all of it. You want to run quickly, but the boulders, lava cinders, distracting star bits and one ups and the difficult long jumps are a recipe for difficulty. Absolutely grueling. This is also my favorite comet mission in both games though.
On my first playthrough here, I died at least 100 times.

3 Grandmaster Galaxy - The Ultimate Test - SMG2
4 Boss Blitz Galaxy - Throwback Throwdown Speed Run - SMG2

Unlike most people time is not an issue for me. I can easily get to Fiery Dino Piranha with a minute left but the problem is, I just can't beat him. He's too difficult. I think that the thing that most people have with Fiery Dino Piranha is that either they run out of time on his final stage or die. This level is the reason that I haven't played this game in forever.

This is the ONLY level in the galaxy games that I had to rage quit. Every time I play, I have 3 and a half minutes left when I get to bouldergeist. Yet somehow, my time is always drained by the time I beat him, leaving me about 30 seconds each time to get to the last boss and get the star. All I ever needed was to beat bouldergeist faster, but it just doesn't happen.

5 Sling Pod Galaxy - A Very Sticky Situation - SMG

This is harder than some higher up levels like melty molten galaxy sinking spire.

6 Space Junk Galaxy - Purple Coin Spacewalk - SMG

This is only hard if you are playing as Luigi.

7 Bouldergeist Daredevil Run (Super Mario Galaxy)

Why is this one so low on the list? I found it very difficult to complete! Actually, it took me 20 tries to complete it without playing Daredevil mode. To my own surprise, I then cleared the daredevil run with my second try, dying the first time for mysterious reasons (I didn't know why I died). But it was still very hard.

8 Battle Belt Galaxy - Mini-Planet Daredevil Run - SMG2
9 Deep Dark Galaxy Underground Ghost Ship Daredevil - SMG1

I never had an issue with kamella. She was always a nice boss with a cool aesthetic and concept. That was until this. I didn't even realize that the green shells can actually kill you if you don't spin quickly enough until now. Kamella also teleports a lot better during this fight compared to the other two variants. She'll teleport behind you and you'll get touched and die, or she'll teleport when you have the perfect chance to get her. The real difficulty comes from the final section when she moves up to her own platform. Yeah I don't need to describe it.
its just pure anxiety. if I have advice for you, just kill the kameks quickly enough before getting assaulted. Definitely top 10 hardest missions in this game. But definitely not the hardest too.

10 Toy Time Galaxy - Luigi's Purple Coins - SMG

This should be at the top of the list. You have to be perfect to finish this. Even without the ridiculous time limit this would be hard.

Can be quite challenging, but there are way more coins on the level than you need, so try to leave some spaces open for the way back.

ARGH! You have to get 100 purple coins, while avoiding that OHKO purple-green lava, the disapearing and turning plataforms, and the level is TIMED! But that's not enough. On SMG2, the level have CLONES too!

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11 Shiverburn Galaxy - Green Star 3 - SMG2

This one really needs to be higher on the list! This star is the only one I've legitimately gotten angry over. A star where you can't get hit, can't spin more than twice after getting the cloud mushroom, and you can't really use checkpoints? Bull.

12 Bowser's Dark Matter Plant - Darkness on the Horizon - SMG
13 Melty Monster Galaxy - Green Star 1 - SMG2
14 Kingfin - SMG
15 Bugaboom - SMG/2
16 Stone Cyclone Galaxy/ Beach Bowl Galaxy - SMG/2

Took ages to find the perfect strategy.

17 Purple Coins In the Bone Pen - SMG

There's no way you've done this on your very first try. After a while it becomes pretty easy, but it took me 5-6 tries to make a good strategy. The real issue is the timer. Other than that, it is somewhat entertaining and used the purple coins well. The 2nd hardest purple coin mission after dreadnought's.

This isn't hard if you know this trick: whatever happens, try to keep moving, and fast where possible. Don't care about routes you need to take, you'll always make a mess somewhere. I usually get between 5 and 10 seconds every time I play it.

18 Return Of Luigi's Purple Coins - SMG2

I vote for this one. Though The Perfect Run is obviously the hardest, I don't consider it a worthy option to vote for because it is purposefully the hardest. I had so many attempts at this before completing it anyways...

This deserves to be higher than Luigi's Purple Coins. Here, you're still collecting Purple Coins, But now, you're also given a Time Limit and are being chased by Cosmic Clones.

19 Sweet Sweet Galaxy - Rocky Road - SMG

Nowadays, this is on the easier side, but on my first playthrough, it was extremely difficult. It also has some of the best level design in the entire series. The three concepts mashed into one create the best one-star galaxy in the entire game. I appreciate the challenge, and the checkpoints were really helpful.

If you don't think this is hard enough, try playing without spinning or long jumping/side-flipping/triple jumping. Just use the nunchuk and the normal jump. It is really difficult. Good luck!

20 Major Burrows' Daredevil Run - Gusty Garden Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy
21 Megaleg - SMG
22 Purple Coins On the Summit - SMG

Hilariously easy. But it's so damn time consuming. You missed that coin on top of the mountain? Climb it again, sonny boy. It takes me 15-20 minutes to complete. And that's average time!

Very hard level, purple coins in insane places, and if you die, (Which probably will happen), you have to start the WHOLE level over again.

23 Bowser Jr. Mega Hammer Slammer - SMG2

I had so much trouble with this. It took me 20 times to beat this galaxy

24 Silver Stars - the Cyclone Stone SMG2

This has given me the most trouble when I was 8, I'm 13 now and it doesn't give me trouble but it should at least be on the list

25 Bouldergeist - SMG/2

Bouldergeist is a super hard boss, especially in the daredevil run.

The daredevil run was 10 times harder!

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