Best Mario Kart Super Circuit Tracks

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1 Sunset Wilds

Sunset Wilds is one of the most innovative and amazing Mario Kart courses ever made. The fact that this complex stage was on the GBA really mind-blows me even more. I'm a fan of desert courses in Mario Kart and this is without a doubt the best one so far. For one, it's the only Mario Kart track in history so far (along with Lakeside Park) in which the background changes for every lap. First lap it's afternoon, second it's sunset and last lap it's night. Combined with super epic music this track is a masterpiece.

This track just reached the tenth and final spot on the countdown. I have absolutely have NOTHING against it. I thought it was unique how the sunset kept going down after every lap. And plus, the Shy Guy hazards. Shy Guy is my favorite character, and he even has his own track. But Sunset Wilds, with its Shy Guys, take the final spot on this countdown.

This track is a ton of fun to play on! A Shy Guy filled desert which not easy to reach, but satisfying to boost on speed boosts. The speed boosts are either easier or harder to take, depending if somebody has already risked trying to go through there and the time changing is the best atmosphere in the game. Plus the music:
Reminds me of an old Western cowboy film

Best of course

2 Sky Garden

Sky Garden is one of the most unique Mario Kart tracks, and the music is not bad. You are racing on clouds, so it couldn't be more creative than that.

The music in this course is just... Relaxing. Love this track!

3 Ribbon Road

You're racing on a piece of ribbon that never ends. It feels like that Snow Land and Ribbon Road fit perfectly in together in the Star Cup. Snow Land represents the North Pole, and Ribbon Road represents Santa's Workshop. It would be a GIFT of mine if Ribbon Road returns to MK8. See what I did there.

How are Cheep Cheep Island and Broken Pier higher than this?!? This track is great!

Ribbon Road is amazing. Super original

4 Cheese Land

It's made of Cheese. Enough said.

Looks so yummy.

5 Rainbow Road

The hardest track. The walls are literally made of jump pads, stars fall out of the sky, thunderclouds shock you... Ohh man... So good...

Not much. It just has one of the catchiest music in the franchise.

Amazing rainbow road

6 Cheep Cheep Island

It's big, the sunset is nice, and it's just kinda funny just to watch the Cheep Cheeps just dive everywhere in the background.

Princess Peach sounds perfect in this game!

Ah, Cheep Cheep Island. This stage is the best, or one of the best!

Why don't people like this track? It's miles better than Shy Guy Beach.

Love the sunset

7 Broken Pier
8 Riverside Park

I'm a HUGE fan of this track. Whether if it's the music or scenery, it just reminds me of Florida for some reason. But it's a great track overall.

Best track ever!

It better appear in Mario Kart 8 otherwise I will be very sad...

9 Yoshi Desert

This track will be a sandy good track to race on (Bad pun). It reminds me of ancient Egypt, with the pyramids and music. The Yoshi Sphinx in the background makes this track even better.

This is one great track! Who doesn't like a track with a great desert and being based on Yoshi?

Never underestimate Mario Kart: Super Circuit. Besides Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart 64 & the Mario Kart Arcade GP series, this game is the best Mario Kart game ever!

10 Shy Guy Beach
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11 Snow Land

I had trouble choosing between number 9 and 10, but I picked Snow Land for the number 9 spot. It's snowy scenery, really, really good music, and all the hazards, no wonder it's in the Star Cup. And plus all the coins in a row.

The music sounds strangely similar to Choco Mountain.

12 Bowser Castle 3
13 Bowser Castle 4

Unfortunately, we already have three N64 tracks for Mario Kart 8 and probably four because in Sunshine Airport there was Yoshi Valley written on a sign. You wouldn't normally see it but it is on GameXplain's analysis. How Nathaniel predicted the retro tracks to be would be good for the game, but the N64 tracks were more memorable and the GBA and SNES tracks were not that good, and even in the great graphics Mario Kart 8 has, they wouldn't be as good as some of the more modern retro tracks. It's a bit of a problem, but I'm fine with having "GBA tracks until like Mario Kart 15", as long as they don't use too many of them in one game and they look great graphically and play well.

This should be in MK8. Why did they only use one GBA track in Mario Kart 7?
Here's how many tracks they have used altogether:
SNES: 8/20
N64: 11/16
GBA: 7/20
GCN: 10/16
DS: 8/16
Wii: 4/16

I think they should do that thing where they have four tracks from the two newest games, of course. I think they should also re-use two SNES tracks, three GBA tracks, but only one N64 track, only one GCN track, and only one DS track just like Nathaniel Bandy on YouTube said.

Wow. Nathaniel Bandy. I watch him. He's awesome. I didn't know he was this famous yet.

Very challenging and fun

14 Luigi Circuit
15 Lakeside Park

Again, HUGE fan. It's the best jungle track in the series. With one part of Riverside Park's music in it, the volcano that shoots out fireballs, and everything else, this track is number seven on this list.

16 Bowser Castle 1

Like the background

17 Bowser Castle 2
18 Boo Lake
19 Peach Circuit
20 Donut Plains 3
21 Chocolate Island 2
22 Choco Island 1
23 Vanilla Lake 2
24 Donut Plains 1
25 Mario Circuit
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