Top 10 Galaxies in Super Mario Galaxy Games

In the Super Mario Galaxy franchise, there are no less than 90 magnificent galaxies. Here you can choose your favorites.
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1 Freezeflame Galaxy

Honestly this may be the best galaxy in the game.I'm glad to see that this gets the appreciation it deserves, because level design wise this galaxy is incomparable. I really like the powerups too, and this is really an exploratory galaxy which makes it better.

I love the relaxing Beach Bowl Galaxy. I could just Shell Swim and swing on that vine forever! And the Ghostly Galaxy is great too, gotta love those Luigi's Mansion references, but I agree that the Freeze Frame Galaxy is byfar the best and hardest Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. I find the Freeze Frame Galaxy to be just the right amount of challenging and it seems like in recent years, Mario Games have been lacking that extremely challenging feel.

The only place in the Universe where literal stars coincide with massive ice space bridges over a cosmic Everest peak while then traveling to another planet that is the embodiment of Hell. Fire and Ice have never been more beautiful, powerful, stunning, and fun. If you don't think that ice skating on frozen crystals over floating lakes of lava above black holes is any fun, then life for you must be horrible.

This galaxy is rightfully #1. It offers some of the best experiences in all of Super Mario Galaxy, and each star is fun and unique. Especially that summit one, that's amazing.

2 Toy Time Galaxy

Just a fantastic Galaxy. Probably one of the most memorable from both games. I love the mecha bowser and the bouncing down cake lane missions. Bouncing down cake lane is tricky but not impossible. I also love the 8 bit Mario and Luigi levels. They really aren't as hard as people say but they're still a lot of fun.

Whenever I think of myself when I was 2 playing this game as the first video game I ever played, this galaxy comes to mind. Coming back to it after deleting my mom's file on accident (she played the whole game), I got nostalgia.

This has more cake than the sweet sweet galaxy does, but who cares? nowhere else can you trash a mole in a cannon firing electric balls at a metal spring encased fat plumber on a giant cheesecake.

Has got to be one of the most original and fun galaxies ever, especially the mecha-bowser one, and the secret star with tox-boxes.

3 Melty Molten Galaxy

One of the hardest galaxies in the game, has one of the best bosses in the game (Fiery Dino Piranha), and its music is amazing. The mission with the lava spire is great (especially the one health version). It also has more space to explore than many, many other galaxies.

Nowhere else in the game can you scale volcanoes plunging into magnificent magma oceans as two supermassive stars slowly eat at each other behind you.

Easily the better of the two lava galaxies in the series. The music is excellent and all of the locations are very fitting and difficult, which I love.

Another great level. I love the difficulty here too. All of the stars are quite challenging to get, but not to the point that it's unenjoyable. And the music is so great.

4 Gusty Garden Galaxy

I love travelling around via flowers, that's so cool. The music is really amazing too, even if people say it's overrated. The only problem is major burrows, he's one of the more annoying bosses in the game.

Great music and all but a little overrated. I'm not really a fan of galaxies which have a bunch of small planets all over the place because it makes them feel a little uninspired, but it's still cool.

What I really like is the music, the planets, well, everything! Difficult bosses and the 1up planets make it fun.

That music. I don't need to say anything about it, but the level design is amazing too.

5 Supermassive Galaxy

Unpopular opinion but this galaxy isn't all that great to be honest. It's just an uninspired giant world where everything is huge and that's it. The music is also fairly basic. Not bad but not top 5 worthy, if top 20 at all.

Even though the general idea has been uused in Mario twice before (SMB3 and SM64), it still astounds. From the 1UP trick to the giant Thwomps, this is the best of the best. One problem: you can't stomp the goombas!

I'm always afraid that a goomba is going to stomp on Mario like he's been doing to them.

I love all the big things. They are all slow and look like they're bouncing.

6 Good Egg Galaxy

One of the more known but still underrated ones. For me, this is my favorite galaxy, many people ignore the sheer magnificence of the atmosphere, music and level design here. The 2nd and 3rd missions in this galaxy really show the pinnacle of platforming. When you add the fact that Good Egg also prepares you for the entire game whilst being so diverse with concepts and fun, this is truly impeccable. I hate how people see this as the galaxy that introduces you to everything. That is true, but there is far more to it. The boss fights here are also astonishing, and every planet here has some use later on. The level design here is at the same level of freezeflame galaxy and at some points even better. Really is the perfect all rounder level. And some people say that it is too easy, but you should also ask if it is supposed to be hard this early on. I personally found the buildup to dino piranha hard but in an ingenious way. Truly should be remarked and deserves more credit. This is also ...more

It's the first galaxy you play! Its epic and amazing. It's easy enough for a first level but is challenging and fun. I was mind blown. The music is amazing. I was exploring 30 minutes the first time I played that galaxy. It was amazing. Great first galaxy. Will always be my favorite. Go SMG

Not only is this galaxy epic, but the music is even more epic. I beat this galaxy more than once just for the music.

Just read my comment on Gusty Garden Galaxy because the same thing applies here.

7 Throwback Galaxy

I just love how well this iconic SM64 level was incorporated into the game. It truly feels like a galaxy of its own, although I'm not sure why it's in World 6 and not World S...

I love Mario 64. I'm also playing with that system as I play with this one.

Is remake from sm64!

Is so nostalgia

8 Beach Bowl Galaxy

Similar vibes to Sea Slide Galaxy in its beach setting. I like it a little better thanks to the better stars though.

Why doesn't Super Mario Galaxy 2 have the Beach Bowl Galaxy music track? Why?! Of course, it is best to ask Nintendo.

Best galaxy of all time! I played it over and over

It's a very awesome galaxy.

9 Sea Slide Galaxy

This one offers some of the best exploration and playability experiences overall. Heck, even the purple coin challenge is fun because of the overall atmosphere!

This world is one of the most open and explorable in the game. Only bad thing is the annoying purple coin star. But still probably my favorite level

I really love the Sea Slide galaxy, the atmosphere Is great and all the stars are super fun to collect

Purple coin takes long

10 Starshine Beach Galaxy

All I want to do us mess around in this galaxy, it's so fun!

This is a discarded Super Mario 64 level.

This has mostly every Yoshi power up!

Running on water! What more can I say?!?!?!

The Contenders
11 Shiverburn Galaxy

Those figures, those nightmare provoking figures. They still scare me when I think about them.

Those figures. Those nightmare provoking figures. Still scares me when I think about them.

Basically just freezeflame Galaxy but executed better.

This galaxy is always really fun to revisit.

12 Cloudy Court Galaxy

It's a fun level with one of the best Mario power ups ever made!

13 Fluffy Bluff Galaxy
14 Grandmaster Galaxy

The hardest level of all time is my favorite. The perfect run is very hard, but fun at the same time. If you like challenges with a Yoshi in it, fly here. Oh, and get every star In the whole game.

The puzzles in this galaxy and their test of your skills is great. Oh yeah, in the pull star part, it also has that creepy Easter egg from Shiverburn Galaxy, the "Hell Valley Sky Trees".

Good for what it is but it's not a top ten worthy contender for me.

15 Honeyhive Galaxy

I really like this mainly because of the nostalgia. But even otherwise, such a great boss. BIG BAD BUGABOOM. What a name. The boss fight itself is good, but that name. Anyways it is a very exploratory level, which I really like. Just chilling around with Bee Mario and exploring the planet looking for star bits was amazing. The mandibug invasion was really fascinating too. I can't renember if there was a secret star here, but if there was then it would be amazing. One tiny downside is that it is a bit easy, and there is less pure platforming other than the first level.

This galaxy is pretty good I remember playing it in super mario galaxy

16 Ghostly Galaxy

Really fits the vibe. Bouldergeist elevates this galaxy to another level, but also a bit overrated. I feel like after this galaxy, the game's difficulty increases heavily.

Not true! Yes, Bouldergeist is my favorite boss in the Mario franchise, but I doubt that he was the only reason why this Galaxy was added. There were a lot of other great things in this Galaxy too. Take ''Luigi in the haunted mansion'' for example, you get to become a ghost and explore this awesome mansion that reminds you of Luigi's Mansion! Not my #1 favorite Galaxy probably, but still in my top 5 favorites for sure! I also love Buoy Base, Bowser Jr.'s Airship Armada, and Good Egg Galaxies! And I know that this isn't technically a Galaxy, but I also love the Star Festival from the beginning of the game!

This level actually has a pretty cool story line. Luigi gets kidnapped by bouldergeist and u have to navigate a haunted mansion to save Luigi and then kill bouldergeist. Bouldergeist is one of the best Mario boss fights of all time and he actually is pretty easy. People complain about how hard he is but he really isn't but he's so much fun.

One of the most haunting levels in the series which features one of it's best boss fights.

17 Cosmic Cove Galaxy

This galaxy was a safe haven for me, and still is. Whenever I'm mad, anxious, or worried, I boot up Super Mario Galaxy 2 and go here. I would sit atop the frozen waterfalls, admiring the view and listening to the calm music. This planet was beautiful and in my opinion needs to be given proper HD glory.

This was a cool, relaxing and calm galaxy. If only it was longer...

What could it look like on the wii you graphics and design?

Beach bowl is better

18 Space Junk Galaxy

Very very good. Pull star path is one of the most engaging and philosophical levels in the game. Some of the best atmosphere you'll ever find too. The music is amazing. What more to say? The secret star is amazing too. I do partially feel this galaxy didn't fully use its potential. Could you imagine flying through space, looking around and advancing through pieces of junk? The first star captures this essence better, but finding rocket ships in the middle of space was amazing. If they added more to it instead of the kamella mission, then this would definitely be closer to Dreadnought and Freezeflame.

Some of the most beautiful music in the game along with an atmosphere that perfectly reflects the "galaxy" aspect of the game. It also has good bosses and creative levels.

This one has two of the best bosses in the first game: kamella and tarantox not to mention introducing several concepts to the game like moving platforms and pull stars. The theme is great too. Plus the toad brigade is there

The song is amazing and relaxing I like to listen to it before bed to help get myself sleepy.

19 Bowser's Galaxy Generator

It's just fun (apart from that boss) I hope it reaches top 15. It is not the best but should be on this list

20 Dreadnought Galaxy

Along with Dusty Dune, this is one of the most underrated three star galaxies there is. This is truly brilliant. Infiltrating the Dreadnought is probably the best star in the game, and this is Battlerock but slightly better. Honestly I love both, but Dreadnought is better. Level design, atmospherically and gameplay wise this is brilliant. I have no idea why people don't appreciate it as much as it should be. I guess maybe the music. Topmaniac also is better in this galaxy.

Super underrated. I love Battlerock as much as the next guy, but it boggles my mind how people place this one lower and forget it exists.

The levels are just so much fun! And despite popular opinion, I actually like the trash level.

21 Buoy Base Galaxy

It's a fun galaxy with some great music! I love how you have to go underwater, and then go up!

I like the soundtrack

22 Yoshi Star Galaxy

This galaxy is very good I remember playing it in super mario galaxy 2

23 Battlerock Galaxy

One of the best when it comes to atmosphere. The music and the background is truly unbelievable. This is probably the inspiration for many future galaxies like Dreadnought and Toy Time (similar level design concepts), and Breaking into the Battlerock and the Battlerock Barrage are two of the best missions in the game. Just that atmosphere and everything else. The garbage mission gets undeserved hate honestly. It is lame for such a path of a mission for you to clear garbage, but even still it is fun and is engaging. Truly one of the specimens of the game. Top 5 galaxies for me.

While not as good of a space station level as Dreadnought, as controversial as that may be, this is another fantastic level with great music.

Battlerock is one word.

24 Loopdeeloop Galaxy
25 Bowser's Galaxy Reactor
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