Top 10 Hardest Mario Kart Wii Tracks

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1 Rainbow Road

This is why it's the hardest:

Rainbow Road of Mario Kart Wii is a version of the recurring rainbow-colored track and, once again, the race track is transparent. The track takes place within the Earth's atmosphere and appears to be located over the eastern parts of North America, as well as some parts of Europe, Africa, and South America. If the player happens to fall off in this track, they will burn up in the atmosphere, no matter if there is a section of the course below them, before getting picked up by Lakitu. This course has a Super Mario Galaxy theme to it, and it even includes floating Star Bits and a part of a Super Mario Galaxy musical piece, Good Egg Galaxy's background music. A large galaxy can be seen on the background, plus sunlight on the Earth's surface. This course is also Rosalina's expert staff ghost and normal staff ghost course. Also it has no railings so you could fall off at any time.

What else were you expecting? This course is supposed to be the hardest. Besides, this course reminds you that if you mess up, you're not getting back in first place. If there is a fence that is there, it'll knock you off to the other side of the road and fall down so fast that you start flaming up like an asteroid. This course is the hardest that Mario Kart Wii has to offer, and if you find Mushroom Gorge harder than Rainbow Road, then I'm pretty sure you've never been on Rainbow Road before.

One of the hardest tracks in Mario Kart history. I've learned to get good at it, but once I fell off it 15 times in one race, and another, time a blue shell kept chasing me when I fell! It doesn't help that you get mushrooms if you're in a low spot, since the mushrooms make you fall off almost every time. I have managed to beat it without falling off, but that was one time.

I still haven't mastered this track. It has been one of the hardest track for years now! There are so many loops and turns, and no blocking sides, so I'll fall off about 5 or 6 times. It especially suck when you are going onto an acceleration loop de loop and someone knocks you off the side, making you fall even further behind than when you fall of the normal track side.

2 Moonview Highway

Possibly one of the hardest Mario Kart tracks. It is almost as hard as Rainbow Road! There are no walls, cars and trucks everywhere, and even bob-omb cars! Even if you're being careful, one hit by the vehicles can ruin your chance at winning the Special Cup.

The only track I think is hard... Those cars. It's a very annoying tracks. If I had a list of my least favorite tracks, all the traffic tracks would be on it, except for GCN Mushroom City. I think we all hate traffic tracks, but in Moonview Highway, the tracks are going faster than they ever did before. This track is so infuriating, and that's why I think it is the hardest track.

I can do Rainbow Road and other "hard" tracks quite well but Moonview Highway just pisses me off every time I play it. A car always hits me. Moonview Highway is the only track in MKWii that is "hard" for me. It always gets me. I wrote down the tracks that were the hardest for me when I started the game. And my top five are:
1. Moonview Highway
2. Rainbow Road
3. Bowser's Castle
4. Grumble Volcano
5. Wario's Gold Mine

Those other tracks in Mario Kart Wii are easy but this one should definitely be the hardest because of the traffic! However, this wouldn't be hard to me. I would count it as Medium. If I had a List of the top five hardest, it would be

1. Moon view Highway
2. Bowser's Castle
3. Grumble Volcano
4. Wario's gold Mine
5. Rainbow road.

It's the obstacles that kill me!

3 Wario's Gold Mine

Playing on 150cc with hard CPU AI feels basically impossible, it's so easy to slide off the edge accidentally or be knocked off by the CPU. Can easily go through Rainbow Road 100 times but this level is a real pain.

I can get first place on Rainbow Road a hundred times. All you have to do is avoid dying (which means knowing how to take your finger off the accelerator when going around sharp turns). When I'm using a Motorcycle, though, Wario's Gold Mine kills me all the time.

When I first got this game it gave me trouble because it is basically a rainbow road inside a gold mine! Did I mention there are mine carts that try to kill you? There is a shortcut but of course on lap 3 a smoke screen goes up so yu can fall off the track once your out of the shortcut! Nintendo we love you

WHAT'S GOING ON? This is so hard. It's pretty much rainbow road, only there's them things that knock you off. Why is it not in special cup. Too short or something. Dry Dry Ruins and this should swap places.

4 Grumble Volcano

This course is like a massive troll. Fireballs, narrow track, and if that isn't bad enough, portions of the track fall off on the final lap! You'll find yourself being smacked off the track and into the lava, ESPECIALLY if you play online!

I hate when you go off a jump and a fire ball from the volcano lands right in front of you and your helpless. This course is just plain hard. Lava,fire,disappearing track,fire bouncy things. It comes with the whole package of what makes a course hard.

Way harder than Wario's Gold Mine. By the end of the race half the track is gone and on top of that there's moving platforms and fire snakes.

Rainbow Road is fine, but this gets me every time. It's tolerable on time trials, but playing this with other racers is horrible.

5 Bowser's Castle

I love it but it is definitely the most skill based with only the glitch as a shortcut. While you can definitely catch up to computers from last place, you can't get up to first from last online.

How is this not at least #4? The robot irritates the hell out of me and I've lost count of how many times I've crashed into the fireballs on the last boost.

I hate the part where there is a giant Bowser robot that makes giant fireballs. At least there are great items like the star or giant toad.

Wrong image, but yes it's a madhouse. Especially the middle with the bowser statue and you're forced to use half pipes or else you'll get hit.

6 Maple Treeway

I always get knocked off the branches, the bullet leaves you in a position to fall off. The wigglers are so annoying.

I used to hate this track actually, because of the part when you drive on a big tree branch or something. Now, I love it.

Harder than SNES Rainbow Road! Stupid Wiggler is always in the way and the tree branches are weird sharp turns!

Wiggler replaced Diddy Kong in Mario kart 7 as the Time Trials normal and expert staff ghost.

7 N64 Sherbet Land

I don't know why, but for me this race is pretty hard. I like Rainbow Road and Wario's Gold mine is like my favorite track, but I hate Sherbert Land 64.

Boring straightaways and boring design. The only thing I think is somewhat hard about this track is the ice physics and the penguins that's it

I hate sharp turns. This course has a lot of them, in fact, every course in the Banana Cup has a lot of sharp turns

Very sharp turns, and it gets very tough to avoid the penguins when in the ice caves.

8 Koopa Cape

Koopa Cape, I played it once... and I loved it. Racing down a river, dodging electricity and going over waterfalls in the Tiny Titan shroomless is so awesome. I'm kinda bad, but my record is 2:41.269!

The turns are a little sharp and inside of the pipe it can be hard avoiding those electric stuff.

Honestly what makes this track hard is because sharpest turns, and the last waterfall.

I was shocked as well, only the sharp turns (and the waterfall if you're a lightweight)
Oh well, the game was easy anyway

9 N64 Bowser's Castle

Thwomps, easy. Short cuts, great. This is a solid an awesome Bowser Castle course. Bowser made a full on castle. My record is 2:27.441.

The turns are incredibly sharp and you're like forced to slow down to make them.

This is my least favorite track besides warios gold mine in the game. I always get 10th place or worse.

Turns are way to tight

10 DK Mountain

The GameCube is definite better because the extra ramps at the beginning at the trail down the mountain. But still, the short cuts really bring it back. My record is 2:12.744

This one is kind of hard but still my favorite because it is so fun!

It is very underrated

I love this one so much

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11 Ghost Valley 2

It may be a simple track, but don't let that bother you. It's filled with sharp 90 degree turns and unexpected no guard rails. One time, I've fallen on that broken edge. If you hit a guard rail, you don't see it anymore. That shortcut at the beginning can be a little risky because after that, it forces you to make a sharp turn with almost no guard rails.

Want proof why this track is hard? My cousin and my sister kept falling and got last place or close to last place in a race.

Too easy. This should be first or second course in the Shell Cup. The shortcut is phenomenal.

When I play it's always those 90 degree turns that send me back a place or 2.

12 DK Summit

I could laugh real hard at people getting hit by the snowballs then falling off. Such good memories.

13 Mushroom Gorge

Glitches? Sure, the Mushroom Gorge glitch, okay. Bouncing around gets taken to the extremes for Mushroom Gorge. I still get target shocked every time I play it and get a low spot. My record is a 2:07.720.

Mushroom gorge is so annoying! Whenever I do a trick of a mushroom, I mostly fall off! It's so hard. That for a race in the mushroom cup, it doesn't seem fair.

Mushroom Gorge is so hard. My little brother thinks it's was easy but it's not. I always die at the cave part in the track.

I remember the first time I played this track...
I kept falling of the mushrooms and finished last place in a 50cc race!

14 Moo Moo Meadows

I can't stand when this track is chosen online. Its all about luck here, you could be in first and then comes the blue shell...

Ugh, The. cows are IMPOSSIBLE to avoid! The first time I played I kept driving into them and got last place!

This stage is not hard

Laugh out loud they are easy to dodge but this is a fun course laugh out loud

15 GBA Bowser Castle 3

How is this track hard it's amazing. The turns are fluid the cuts give good players a chance to breakaway and the obstacles that come are fair.

What? This is in my opinion the easiest Bowser Castle I've ever played on. Either this or 64's.

This isn't even a castle! What the heck! It's just some random stone thingeymabob on lava!

I think it is easy

16 Dry Dry Ruins
17 Shy Guy Beach

For me, it's easy to dodge the bombs, but the crabs? Nah, not really.

Too many crabs and bombs

This track is super easy

18 DK's Jungle Parkway

Donkey Kong, what do have now? I big jump, I forest, a cave and a dangerous bridge to cross? Oh DK. This is a lot better in the Wii version. It's #12 on my N64 list. But, my record is 2:27.562.

I disagree. This course is so easy. No obstacles. Why is it in Leaf cup? True, maybe it is quite lengthy

The staff ghost is just WAY too easy.

This is also super easy

19 Toad's Factory

Putting this track in the mushroom cup is pretty underrating.
The flower cup and even star cup would be more fitting than the mushroom cup that is meant to introduce the game to the player. Though not special cup level, it's CERTAINLY not mushroom cup level either.
It's in between star cup and flower cup for me (average/above average difficulty level).

This course has so much going on, it's so interesting, and it's not too overpowering. Toad's Factory should have been in Mario Kart 8. Really. Now, I've got a record of 2:12.421.

If you think as a retro course, this will be in shell cup, you've got another thing coming. It will be Leaf. This levels tough. Mud piles and them thromp things

The only 'hard' thing about this track is the last part with the mud 'cause damn, they can slow you down if you aren't speed-boostin'.

20 Mario Circuit 3

If you use the bullet bike or Mach Bike on this course, you will win every time.

I hate this track! The turns are just too sharp

It's actually easy

21 GCN Waluigi Stadium

This is so hard I cried and threw my controller cause the idiot who thought everything was a wii added th-
Oh for pete sake, I realized it is in the game. I'm such an idiot

Bro what? It's easy to me.

22 Desert Hills

This is very easy. Pokeys can be annoying but that's it. I agree with it being in the leaf cup though

Too many sharp turns.

23 Daisy Circuit

There is like no way to race without those cones slowing you down, and it is so hard people make fun of me who think its easy when you squashed in the secret passway.

Easiest race ever

24 Peach Gardens

The DS version is pretty much the same as the Wii version. They both have easy-to-avoid obstacles and great short cuts. It's a done deal! 2:10.697

25 GCN Mario Circuit

This is super easy. How this is the last track in the LEAF CUP is beyond me

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