Top 10 Best Weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

This list ranks the best guns in 2009's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. For a ranking of the best guns in the 2022 game, see Top 10 Best Guns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (2022)
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The SCAR-H has very high damage, accuracy, and range with decent iron sights. Sure, the ACR has a high rate of fire and is a tad more accurate but it is only good with stopping power. The SCAR-H does not need stopping power, it is the best gun in all overall categories except magazine capacity.

When I was playing on Multiplayer, I always used the AK47 and I only got 2-6 kills a round. Someone at my school said that the Scar-H is the best gun so I tried it out myself and now I'm getting a whole lot more kills, the only bad thing about this gun is that it has only 60 bullets total. Overall, this gun has a very low recoil and a lot of damage to players. I would prefer extended mags or scavenger if I were going to use it though.

This is the best weapon because it has very high accuracy, very high damage very low recoil, and moderate fire rate. It is best with extended mags. The only problem is that you will need scavenger if you want attachments on it because it only comes with 60 rounds (3 magazines).

This weapon along with the grenade launcher attachment makes short work of most opponents. Some will complain about the short clip, but I would recommed using the scavenger perk for more bullets and the ability to get more grenades through fallen combatants.


Iconic weapon, it shall always be remembered. Put a silencer with stopping power on this thing and you will find a new definition of stealth.

Although the ACR has relatively low damage, the incredibly low recoil will ensure that more shots will hit, allowing very quick kills. Its recoil is so low, it fact, that it can easily be fired full-auto at long range and still hit with most of the rounds. It is extremely reliable and is useful in just about every possible in-game scenario.

There's no way the Scar is superior to the ACR (at the moment the scar is #1), yes the scar has good damage but that's the only thing it has on the ACR, the ACR has godly recoil and accuracy combined with great fire rate, range, and mobility.

This gun firstly has 1. Laser beam recoil.
2. You barely notice the low damage, which anyway seems like 2 seconds (counting really fast! ) to kill.
3. Reload time is pretty fast, same for the fast RPM (round per minute) which makes up for the low recoil.
4. NICE iron sights.

3 Intervention

Billy Mays here with the all new intervention! This bolt action sniper will leave your enemies drowning in an ocean of their blood. Equipped with with stopping power and fmj this sniper is almost a guaranteed one shot kill. The ads is the quickest of the snipers and the hip fire can be improved with steady aim. Enjoy rushing? There's not a better sniper. Enjoy quickscoping, hard scoping, no scoping, trickshotting, trolling, or just plain old seeping around? The intervention is the gun for you. You can just run out in the open and in half a second you can have the enemies in your sights and pull the trigger. They won't even see you coming.

This is, by far, my favorite weapon. VERY VERY long range, excellent damage, and my favorite part is the bolt action. It is the way you become better with sniper rifles, as you need dead accuracy, and at least a quick shot to kill.

But that being said, I don't trick shot and I'm biased towards sniper rifles.

Intervention is the all time best weapon and sniper in all of the CODs. If you are a little noob who sits in a corner with a Barrett then don't play this game. I am a level 70 prestige 10 and I run around with an intervention and quick scope the heck out of people. That's right noobs.

This weapon is shot one kill! Need to have sleight of hand pro and stopping power equipped to use it to its full potential. Does take some practice, but you will reap the benefit if you gain the necessary skill

4 AK-47

This is by far the Best gun I have ever used in the history of video games. I know that the fire rate is really cheesy, but the damage it does is wicked. The not I can understand the scar being the best, but the car? Seriously? I I just can't understand that.

Even though the russains made this baby in the 70's it still rocks everyone's socks. MW2 would not be the same with out this gun. And if you put silencer and red dot with stopping power and commando this will be a monster.

AK47>SCAR-H, AK has a 30round magazine, same damage as the scar-h, shoots faster than the scar h, reloads faster than the scar h, only problem is recoil.

This is the most greatest and powerfulest gun I ever used. In mw3 I was on 2nd prestige because of this gun. Then I started playing mw2. I vote 4 the best guns ever, and this is 1 of them strongest. I know that its very hard 2 unlock cause it's so good.

5 Famas

The most underrated gun in Modern Warfare 2 and the best burst gun in the game. Combined with stopping power, it can kill with one burst. Red dot it great but the iron sights are excellent, probably my favorite.

How is this not THE BEST weapon! It easily is the strongest, most efficient assault rifle. I must admit, you actually have to be good at aiming to use the gun which most Call of Duty players aren't. That's why everyone calls it a "noob gun", because they get ripped on by it yet can't use it themselves. Sub Machine guns are noob weapons.

Best gun in the game. Excellent accuracy, range, and very little recoil. Fire rate takes time getting used to, but this gun is essentially a one shot kill from any distance with the stopping power perk applied.

It's a beast. You need some skill to use the bursts and aim quickly. When used properly, this lovely looking gun kills faster (and over longer range) than scar, tar, acr, ump, etc.

6 UMP45

Easily one of the best weapons in any small map. Actually the best. Nuketown, Killhouse any. You name it. High fire rate, pretty good accuracy. Easy kill. Use it with ACOG on Big maps and become virtually unbeatable. Be sure not to use any attachments because they really suck in my opinions. The one with the fire rate increaser is good but not really. I mean it has only reduced kills for me. And need more time to take a kill. I don't know why. Only downside is ammo. But scavenger can easily deal with this. Extended mags is not a good opt in my opinion.

I believe that the Ump45 is the best gun in the game because of the low recoil and the high damage per second. It it is also one of the first guns that you unlock in mw2. This is a well rounded weapon for players of any skill level in the game mw2. This gun is great for new players because it is one of the highest damaging guns in the game. Another great gun for starters is the M4 carbine or the M4A1.

The ump has to be the best gun because of its versatility. Its best with the silencer and is a good gun to be used to get kill-streaks. Stealthiest submachine gun in the whole game when silenced. Recommend you use it if you haven't.

The weapon has high firing rate. It also has one of the best iron sights and has the best accuracy and damage possible. It also very powerful and can damage enemies at any distance. Also can be handled easily.

7 SPAS-12

Long range, One shot kill at any range... There is no better lie than this..

SPAS-12 is really a cool weapon to use, but it is a shotgun and it can hardly be called a long range gun or a one kill weapon at "any range" but like most shotguns it does kills in one shot at close range. (but not always)

If you are looking for Shotguns my best suggestion would be "STRIKER" more bullets per mag and Better rate of fire making perfect for room clearing close combats.. !

Almost as good as the M1014, not as good range or damage, but it's good for people who are just starting the game.

Sprays hard, long range, pump action but fast shooting, lots o ammo, and one shot kill at any range, beast gun and its secondary. All the things that my penis has

The SPAS is a all-around good gun for sure the best shotgun in the game.


The fal is great because all the other guns have some crippling feature that makes them pointless at a certain range. These factors, like the acr'a damage either can't be fixed or have to be fixed with a perk or attachment. To counter the acr's damage you have to waste perk 2 on stopping power. The gals downside is the semi auto, but wih a good trigger finger it's flawless

If you master it, it's the only weapon that is great at short, medium and long range. It's great with a silencer and fmj because it's the only weapon the suffers very little from the use of a silencer.

My dad doesn't like this gun, but I do. (Sorry Dad)
This gun lacks in fire rate, but makes that up in the other attributes.

With holographic sights, and without Stopping power, it's still a 2 hit kill. You can use nooby second perks like cold blooded pro, danger close etc.
BEST GUN in mw2!

9 Barret .50cal

This is good sniper

10 M93 Raffica

PRO: Pretty strong, extremely fast reload and very low recoil.
CON: Bad iron sight, low magazine size and 3 round burst.
OVERALL: 8.4/10

This Weapon is that what the mp9 in mw3 is it's a ptimary weapon but in the secondary slot.. The iron sight is a pistol iron sight and I really enjoy that it is an m16a4 but in compact.
Really love the m9 series

This gun I owe about 50K kills, I use this gun with AKIMBO's more than any gun it is so extremely difficult to get the draw on in close-mid range combat that not even old models can touch it, In my mind number two but I'm a good critic so I'll stick to the rating rules

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11 TAR-21

Just started using the tar, it's a very powerful gun. I used to use the scar for months now I don't even have a class with it. Tar is far the best all round gun. Close and mid ranges you will win with no problem without stopping power. However there are a lot of good assault rifles around perfect for different maps. M14 silence is very underrated. Give that ago.

Tar-21 is special for many reasons, the most obvious reasons are damage and stopping power. Range of this Assault rifle is fair enough and it the rate of fire is not that bad for such a high damage it inflicts. At greater range its rate of fire makes it better than fancy weapons such as scar...

The Tar kills in 2-3 shots and even though it says it has the same damage output as the Scar, it is quite superior if you can manage your recoil. This is my Go-to weapon and I believe next to the Ump45 this is the best gun in the game. Hands Down.

The TAR - 21 is my favorite. Awesome damage and really fast recoil. I don't see how recoil helps any way cause if someone can actually shoot that fast he's inhuman. Any attachment will do that increases accuracy. Overall epic gun.

12 USP.45

Guys, you'll drop anyone with this little beauty. Quick as hell on the trigger and low recoil. Half decent aiming and YOU WILL DESTROY. Like, you could snipe with this thing if you put a scope on it. Put me in a fight with the best Call of Duty player with ACR and give me the USP, erry time I win. This gun doesn't even need your number one spot, 'cause it know's y'all is ignant, 'cause the USP is your answer to everything! Zombie apocalypse? USP! Terrorist threat? USP. Hey baby, can you give me the good lovin'? Hell yeah, 'CAUSE I GOT MY damn USP!

It is awesome in the right hands. I get like half my kills every game with it

13 Nuke

This thing is good to use but that does not mean you can call it in anytime you want you must be vary skilled in combat. Ends the game when you use it. Hard to get the killstreeks

Basically kills everyone on the map, very good weapon.

14 RPD

RPD= extreme power and perfect accuracy if fired similiar to the FAL. Hip fire mows down enemies like a shotgun with steady aim perk. Great gun to shoot through walls with. Shoots through cement blocks with fmj added. single shot kill in hardcore. Thermal scope is near perfect after a little practice and technique.

It's simply the best. Bursting this gun makes it a true winner. A 2 hit kill at all ranges with SP, best iron sight in the game, 100 round clip and it looks cool. The RPD is a winner.

Killer gun for mowing lots of foes! I Great open sights. With just a gip its beast.

Better than the AUG-HBAR If you mow down a lot of enemies at a time often

15 M4 Carbine

I love this gun because the accuracy is great and its fire rate is awesome! It's easy to use and you unlock it quickly too which is cool. One of the best assault rifles in my opinion. And unlike the ak-47 it's not really shaky which makes it easier to aim from far away.

For all the people who use the acr, use probably haven't tried the m4a1. It has the 3rd best accuracy next to acr and the famas. The m4 is a lot faster than the acr but the acr has a slight difference of accuracy. The m4a1 rocks in mw2.

this gun is the first you get and is easy to get good with. even without slate of hand on this still does not take long to reload. I use Red dot all though the iron sights rock.
perks I use slate of hand pro, hard line pro (because there is no need for stopping power) ninja pro because I can sneak in and kill and heart beat sensors are the stupidest thing in the game so I don't like getting killed by them.

Good at close and mid range, and with a noob tube, at long range. Master its iron sights and you will love this gun.

16 M16-A4

With stopping power and ninja you're fast and powerful enough to take down opponents at close range, if you can get your burst on target. People criticise the burst weapons as noon guns but they require a lot of skill because of the delay between bursts. But if you can use this well and couple it with a good shotgun secondary, you're tough to take down

This gun is awesome on Wasteland Map with stopping power, red dot and silencer. Camp just in front of machine gun pit and take down those suckers at distance and mid range. Usually get at highest kill / death ration on this map if not win.

I suck at this game, but since getting this gun I get about 5 kills per match rather than the 1 or 2 from martyr grenades. Great at long range with red dot. So-so in close quarters.

There is a good reason why the US troops rock around the world. This is a cool gun, and remember it tracks back its history to M1 Grand and M1 carbines of WW2...


This gun is a 2 shot kill at any range, has very low kick, and a decent fire rate. Has to be the best gun in the game.

If this was a assault riffle it would be number one, I think it should be but its not mot choice any gun with perfect accuracy and two shot kill is godly in my mind

ALways thought it should be an assault rifle and not an LMG, but always loved it. Very Deadly, and very accurate.

With lightweight, this is unstoppable, it's a complete monster, can call anything and anyone and has exceptional range

18 44-Magnum
19 Model 1887

People say the spas-12 has more range. But I tested the model, and it beat the spas-12 by a long shot! AKIMBO? Beast! Double the power, and this is most usefull at rust. Because the level is small. No doubt that you will be in First, Second, or Third because the model is the best shotgun ever made in " Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2!

May be I am a bit funny this time, but regardless of other reasons which I am not sure about, I love to use Model 1887 for its stylish reload mechanism...

Best shot gun. And cool akimbo animation

20 MP5K
21 Throwing Knife

I mean like guys this instantly kills and on multiplayer you look like an absolute badass when you get like 15 kills with it. And plus it has infinite ammo if you can find it

22 AA-12

It is low range, but if you get close to them, they die of one shot, my friends rage at me for using this gun.

You will need scavenger.

23 P-90

Good gun, can sometimes kill as quick as the ump but other times can't kill at all it seems. It has a huge clip size and can dominate in ground war on close quarters maps. Best attachment is the silencer, red dot, and akimbo, yes akimbo is very good on it.

It has rapid fire, and can easily kill people. It has good accuracy, and just for some reason, it's extremely fun to shoot this gun.

Amazing gun. Iron sights aren't great, but red dot can change it all. Or you can cheat and go full out akimbo with steady aim.

Great for using akimbo P90s because of its large mags. Works better with steady aim. Get use to using akimbo P90s and you will be a GOD!

24 Thumper
25 Mini-Uzi

The Mini-Uzi... the best friend for the most agressive players.

This thing is insane and truely offer the best performance from one-hand wielding...

That is my name

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