Best Mario Party 9 Songs

Now it's been three months since I started this list series about Mario Party, in which I rank things related to Mario Party games I own. The first lists I did were the best mario party 9 boards and boss battles. And now three motnhs after we're back to Mario Party 9, this time to look at its songs. As you guys probably know, Mario Party 9 was the first mario game I ever got so expect me to be a little nostalgic and obsessive in this list although I'll try my best to be as neutral as possible. With that being said here is the list.
The Top Ten
1 Title Screen

The best song in Mario Party 9 is definitely the title screen theme. You know you're in for a treat when this music plays. You start your Nintendo Wii/U, insert the Mario Party 9 disc in the system, play it, and wait for it..., until the music starts kicking in and you're in the title screen. Such a nostalgia train.

I just adore this music more than any other song in the game. As the first Mario game that I ever got (and console video game as well), the title screen is obviously one of the first things that come to mind when I think of this game as the title screen is the first thing that comes up when you play a game. This is one of my all-time favourite title screen songs out there as well. No other title screen theme symbolizes the true magic of their game as much as Mario Party 9's tune does. It's upbeat, exciting, cheery and all that.

I'd go as far as saying this song is flawless for a title screen song. Maybe a flawless song as well. It is in my opinion, the best song in Mario Party 9.

2 Super-Duper Mario Bros.

At 2nd place is "Super-Duper Mario Bros.", a minigame song that plays in the extras mode minigames "Castle Clearout" and "Shell Soccer". This is basically a faster and more jazzy version of the overworld theme from the original Super Mario Bros. but gods it's so CATCHY. Listening to this song is an offer you cannot refuse.

The instruments and upbeat melody just steals the entire show. The overworld theme was already a good classic but this is actually even better than that song. So personally this is my second favourite song in the game, being in the amazing tier.

3 Bowser's Mad

Of the three Bowser fights in between Mario Party 9, Island Tour and 10, I do think the ninth installment had the weakest boss overall maybe. However these three games had the most epic bowser fights in the series though (that is why I decided to compare these games in particular). Part of the reason these fights were so epic is because of the awesome and climatic music.

The Mario Party 9 mad phase bowser theme is in particular very epic. You could imagine this song playing in the final boss of Super Mario Galaxy honestly. The melody is awesome! The french horn (I think it's that instrument) that plays the melody is incredibly cool but that "piano "beat in background is just like "This is flawless". This song is amazing as well.

4 A Starlit Sky
5 King Boo's Mad

About two months ago when I made one of the first lists in this Mario Party list series, Best Mario Party 9 Boss Battles, I said King Boo was my favourite boss in the game (although it barely beat Chain Chomp) and part of it was the music that played during the fight. In King Boo's mad phase, you get a really creepy and awesome song. It's fast-paced and creepy and it sounds almost as if maybe you'd have to flee from a spooky castle or something and there's a timer on it. Yeah that example fits the song extremly well. I love the song. Amazing-tier.

6 Chain Chomp's Mad

This is an example of a truly badass song. It's generally fast and it's incredibly catchy and I love the sound effect instruments that play. It sounds so interesting and tense thanks to it and I love it. That intro in the song sounds especially creepy in a good way. It's like you're fighting some retro villain while inside a video game, if you know what I mean. Point is, the song is awesome.

7 Magma Mine

Magma Mine is the best and only amazing board in Mario Party 9 in my personal opinion. Its music is also the best board music in this game as well. It's got this sorta creepy but exciting feeling. I especially love the bass that plays in the background. It helps the song be quite catchy. The main melody is cool as well as it gives you a feeling of what the board is about. Great song overall.

8 Be Careful!

Other than the super-duper mario bros. song, this is my favourite minigame song. While it's sadly only played in three minigames, these three are some of my favourite minigames in the game due to this awesome soundtrack. This song usually plays in minigames that require you to be careful and precise. 10 to Win is for example a luck based minigame where you pick cards, and Ballistic Blowout and Player Conveyor involve you having to think and be precise a lot. I really like the song a lot. It's pretty interesting and the melody is certainly nice so this is at #6 for me.

9 Battle with Bowser

This is quite a climatic theme. I mean the bowser battle is probably the third most epic one in the mario party series (AKA the least epic of the three most epic bowser battles, which includes the bowser battle in this game, Island Tour and 10. I'm just going to call these bosses collectively as the "Climatic Trio" for simplicity from now on in future lists). While the rage phase obviously like usual is better in my opinion, this one is quite a great tune as well. While it's a bit empty, it surely it nice to listen too. It gives you a feeling that your adventure is soon over and it does fit the minigame ever so slightly too. Great song in my opinion.

10 Battle with Blooper

Blooper is the only boss in the series where I prefer the normal phase song over the mad phase song (excluding all those mid-bosses). It's got this "When a ship leaves the harbour and goes to the sea" vibe if you understand what I mean. I personally really like it a lot. It's very nice to listen to and it certainly fits the battle as you are on a ship in the battle in the ocean. Nintendo really nailed it with this one. Good song overall.

The Contenders
11 Ready to (Mario) Party
12 Think About It
13 Fun Times
14 Battle with King Boo

Before King Boo's mad phase, there is the normal phase and the song that plays there is in a nutshell a slower and less creepy version of the mad phase song. Although worse, is still a fairly great song. It has more spooky sounds than its rage counterpart. I think one flaw though is that the song sounds a bit empty but other than that it is fairly good.

15 Museum
16 Fluff
17 Bowser Jr's Mad
18 Battle with Bowser Jr.
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