Best Mario Party: Island Tour Songs

The best songs in Mario Party: Island Tour. This is probably one of the most nostalgic and memorable video games of all time in my personal opinion so this was a fun list to make. With that being said here is the list.
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1 Bowser's Rage

Without a doubt no other song comes close to the specialness this song holds. This may be the greatest song in mario history out there. One of the most climatic and epic themes ever for a final boss fight. Even if Mario Party 9 is my favourite mario party and the first mario game I ever got, I can't deny that Mario Party: Island Tour wakes up way more memories and nostalgia personally.

Honestly just go listen to this song for yourself. Even if you hate modern Mario Party, you can't simply deny how awesome this song truly is. I love epic and climatic songs so of course it should be no surprise this is my favourite but nostalgia is another factor that made my love stronger than otherwise. It has to do with my trip in Lithuania from back in 2014 when I fell incredibly sick, however this game (this song in particular) and a few other things made the trip quite good still.

This song is simply flawless. There is not a single thing I can complain about this work of the gods. Criticizing this song is a crime! Just kidding. But yeah that's now you see how much I love the song. Melody is just awesome. The section from 00:54-01:00 especially hits me nostalgic every single time I listen to this song. Flawless song with no flaws in the slightest and I mean it. This is the greatest song ever made.

2 Battle with Bowser

If the rage phase for the bowser battle is a flawless piece of work and my favourite song of all time, then obviously its normal phase isn't much worse at all. It's a slightly slower and less epic version of its rage counterpart, so of course it's slightly weaker. I mean it's less epic despite being pretty much the same song so yeah.

But you can't deny this song is amazing too. The nostalgia-hitting melody is still there, and the climax is still there as well. You're high in the sky on a tower, surrounded by dark purple thunder clouds, Bowser in his koopa clown car, it's the final battle. The Bowser battle is my favourite bowser battle of all time (maybe favourite final boss as well) and this song just helps it be so climatic and great. There isn't really anything negative at all about this song. It's just that the epic rage phase is better. This song is one of the top favourites as well.

3 Everyone, Let's Go!

I don't think I have loved a minigame song as much as this one. In all honesty Mario Party: Island Tour just had so much great music and it may be due to my nostalgia and bias but this song is just so catchy and memorable. Even though it loops already after 12 seconds it's still always hitting me. The best minigames in the game uses this song and it helps my love for the song grow even stronger. Same nostalgia I recieve from this song as with the bowser battle songs and pretty much every other song in the game. I do have one complaint though as the song is a bit repetitive. I mean it loops just after 12 seconds! If maybe there was an additional part to the song after the twelve seconds or maybe after 24 seconds it'd been even better. Other than that the song is amazing.

4 Wide Open!

This song is just downright awesome to listen to. It's another minigame song and it sits on the same tier as "Let's Go! ", which is the amazing tier. This one as opposed to that song isn't just a 12 second loop over and over again but rather an 18 second loop over and over again which is a bit better. Although the melody isn't as good as that song so it's stays a spot lower. However it's still wakes up memories. The minigame Sub Trouble especially makes this music incredibly memorable as that was one of the best minigames in the game. That wind instrument just sounds so awesome. Deserves to be high on the list.

5 Happy, Noisy Crowds!

Another minigame song? Well Let's Go, Wide Open and this one are the only minigame songs on the list that are amazing tier songs of the minigame songs as well in my personal opinion. Of these three this may be slightly the weakest but I still love it. It's super catchy and gives me nostalgia like the other songs on the list. I downright love the melody in this song. It's pretty upbeat and and exciting and like other songs above this one wakes memories. Also this song is a lot longer than the other two minigame songs on the list and consists of a 22 second loop instead of 12 and 18 which is another great plus. There is variant of this song that plays in the minigame Grashopalong/Quickest Cricket in which another instrument takes over the main melody but it's pretty much the same thing. Amazing song.

6 Rocket Road
7 Perilous Palace Path

The only board music on the list. I don't know I just really like it a lot. It's quite beautiful and really fitting for a first board in the game song. The melody is nice and the instruments are really fitting for the song and sound really chill and nice. It's one of the longest songs in the game as well looping after one minute and twentythree seconds, so yeah this song has a lot to offer. Great song definitely.

8 It's an Adventure!

This is quite a cool song. I love how chill it is and motivating at the same time. Although not as nostalgic as other songs on the list, this surely is a nostalgic one as well. Minigames that are otherwise stressful are automatically pretty chill thanks to this awesome song which is a huge pro. The melody is so chill. Deserves a spot here.

9 Battle with Chain Chomp

Chain Chomp is my third favourite boss in this game and its soundtrack is part of why since the battle itself was honestly not that good objectively. My third favourite boss music in the game overall as well. I love how intense it is. It's not really epic or climatic but the melody is quite intense and motivating for sure. I don't really have any complaints about this song so let's move on.

10 Battle with Dry Bowser

Dry Bowser is the best clone character in Mario no doubt. Unlike other clone characters that serve little to no purpose, Dry Bowser actually did make some appearences in the mario series, and he looks badass! Back in 2014 he was my favourite mario character because of that. Even though it's kinda stupid how Dry Bowser is a minion of Bowser in this game even though they're literally the same character I still think Dry Bowser was the second best boss in the game and this music surely was awesome too. I love the bone instrument and while the melody isn't too amazing it's quite good. I prefer this a little over the rage phase because that's just the same thing but a little less interesting and faster. Great song in my opinion.

The Contenders
11 Bowser's Tower Finale

The story mode in this game consists of the player completing 24 minigames in a tower of bowser's. The player must get to the top to destroy a machine that is creating bubbles that are clones of mario characters and the gang wants to destroy it for good reason, however at the end Bowser comes and prevents them from doing this. And so was Pink Gold Peach born..., just kidding, but yeah other than the PGP thing that's the plot. The tower consists of 30 floors and the tower is divided in three sections and each section is further divided in two sections.. Each one of the three main sections play different music. The first section in the first ten floors plays a rather calm and nice song, when you get to the second section a more spooky and slightly more intense variant of the song plays and in the third section the song becomes a climatic version. The climatic version, Bowsers Tower Finale is my favourite because it is climatic. Good song.

12 Shy Guys Shuffle City
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