Best Super Mario Odyssey Kingdoms

WARNING! If you do not want spoilers, then please don't proceed at your own risk.
The Top Ten
1 Metro Kingdom

The Metro Kingdom is awesome. It feels so much like a maze busting with secrets and it also has lots of nostalgia references. The only bad thing about this kingdom is the dumb jump rope challenge.

Amazing kingdom but mildly overrated. It's super fun to explore, but only becomes so after the boss. It left a bad first impression with the rain and awful motion-controlled 1st person mechawiggler battle. After that it becomes amazing however.

Gotta be my favorite kingdom! I can go on skyscrapers, visit Pauline, and the Pualine concert is huge nostalgia to the first Donkey Kong game! This Kingdom is the best!

Now everyone makes this number 1, the moons are memorable, and the setting and activity's are a blast.

2 Mushroom Kingdom

The Mushroom Kingdom is a great one. I love the locations like the pond, the castle, and Goomba Woods. I also love the Yoshi Capture. But the thing I might love the most is how you can replay all the fun bosses, especially the Lord of Lightning. It also has lots of fun 2-d nostalgia room and even a room based off of the 3-d Super Mario 64.

It's the best bonus world, which isn't saying much. I love the references to Super Mario 64, but half of the stars are pretty lame, as they're just harder versions of past missions or Toadette-Achievements.

I couldn't help but tear up even though I never played Mario 64.

3 Luncheon Kingdom

The Luncheon Kingdom is super cute. Plus the forks are really fun to flick and the boss fight is fun but it get's really annoying when you get blown of the mountain and have to climb up a harder way. All in all, a great kingdom with the cutest items in the shop.

This kingdom is great. I like how it took on a different take for a fire world, the Stupendous Stew looks really good, and the forks are nice and are fun to flick with.

This kingdom is perfect in making me hungry. It's also really beautiful and interesting to explore.

I wonder how the stupendous stew tastes.

4 Seaside Kingdom

"Amazing" is my number one, and here's why:

1. The boss fight is amazing - the only one in the game to make the entire kingdom its arena. It's such a good idea that Nintendo revisited it for Bowser's Fury, and it uses the main capture mechanic well.
2. The Gushens are a top 3 capture for most people, and for me, they are my number one. They allow for quick overwater travel, and with enough skill, you can actually climb to the tops of cliffs (if only Nintendo let you explore it instead of placing an invisible barrier).
3. After the story mission is over, the setting becomes gorgeous with a perfect sunset.
4. The NPCs are better than Lake - the snail guys are much cooler than the mermaids. I think the water is fun to explore.
5. The music is relaxing and has perfect beach energy. But it also changes to a much quieter one when underwater, giving me "Dire, Dire Docks" vibes.
6. Great Kingdom-exclusive costumes - the resort one is awesome, and the ...more

The Seaside Kingdom is incredible. It is beautiful to start with, it looks so cool underwater, and it has a lot of moons. There is a ton to do there and it is awesome. The only bad thing about this kingdom is the dumb volleyball challenge.

A bit big, and the beach world has been overdone to death in 3D Mario, but it's pretty darn beautiful!

Better than Lake Kingdom in my opinion.

5 Cascade Kingdom

I think Cascade is a great kingdom. It is visually amazing and has the best theme in my opinion. It is a bit small, but is still pleasing in other ways. The are more than enough moons that would take someone a while to get, and the Madame Broodal boss battle was good. Overall, a great kingdom, but there are better.

An instant classic. I will never forget the moment I stepped out of the Odyssey and out to the Cascade Kingdom for the first time.

The music is great

I will never forget when Mario captured the dinosaur that isn't Yoshi for the first time

6 Sand Kingdom

Easily my favorite Kingdom in the entire game! I normally prefer snow levels over desert ones in Mario games, but this one was different. It's got a beautifully colored town, an inverted pyramid, some awesome ruins, some underground ice caves, and much more! It is also home to my new 2nd favorite Mario character, those Tostarenan skeletons! My personal favorites after this one are: #2 Bowser's Kingdom (I especially love the Mechabrood boss battle), #3 Ruined Kingdom, #4 Cap Kingdom, and #5 Mushroom Kingdom! I still love the Mushroom Kingdom best in the world of Mario in general, but in this game, not so much.

The Sand Kingdom is so awesome. It is the biggest kingdom in the game and the only open-world one. It has so many places, like the Inverted Pyramid, Tostarena, the underground ice caverns, the big ruins, and other awesome places like the Moe-eye habitat and the Jaxi ruins.

This one is by far the best! It is just HUGE! By far the biggest kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. This is the only true open world kingdom.

It's a bit bloated but for what it is, it's one of the most interesting and fun worlds to just explore.

7 Wooded Kingdom

This was such a neat idea for a kingdom. The mixture of the nature and mechanical parts of the kingdom were amazing. Most of the moons were fun to get, and it was pretty fun to just run around in. But the music, OH MY GOSH the music. This was by far my favorite in the game and one of my favorite Super Mario tunes of all time! The watering cans were so analytical that they were actually pretty funny. I will always remember this kingdom! Thanks Nintendo.

This kingdom is beautiful, has the best captures, has the best music, is really cool-looking, has incredible concepts like Deep Woods, has decent boss fights, so many secrets, and is just the best. A hidden gem that is outshined by the Sand and Metro Kingdom. The Sand Kingdom is too open, the Metro Kingdom is too packed, but the Wooded Kingdom feels like a good mix of both.

The Wooded Kingdom is the best. It is the kingdom that feels most like platforming, I love the style and architecture, the music is the best, it has so many secrets and hidden places, the Uproot and Tank captures are awesome, it has pretty good boss battles, and it has some amazing concepts that other kingdoms don't have like Deep Woods. Easily the best kingdom.

At first I liked mushroom as it's so peaceful, but that's not what Mario is about.
THIS is what Mario is all about. Too me, metro kingdom was dense but to small. Sand was big but not dense enough. This kingdom strikes a great blend and has lots of layers to it. Not to mention the music is the best in the game (minus robobrood battle)

8 Bowser's Kingdom

My favorite outside of metro. Sure it's linear but I'm glad it's so different from every other bowsers castle level. Really unique.

How is this amazing kingdom not higher? It is packed with moons, is different from all of the boring lava-themed levels, has awesome architecture, feels like a huge castle, has an awesome atmosphere with the colors in the sky, has the best boss battle in the game with Robo-Brood and is just awesome and has the best music in the game. And for once, it has poison instead of the lava. Did I mention it has one of the best and most fun captures in the game with Pokio. A severely underrated kingdom.

Bowser's Kingdom, where do I start. First off, I love the theme of it which is like a Japanese theme. Secondly, it has poison instead of lava. (Finally something new.) Third, it has awesome music. And finally, it just is bursting with secrets. I love how you can go to every roof and find hidden places. Oh, and did I mention it has the best boss fight with Robo-Brood and the best capture with Pokio.

It's too linear for my liking, but the atmosphere is neat.

9 Moon Kingdom

Nice looking area, along with a great Final Boss Fight, but I hate the Dry Bones Capture SO MUCH! >: /

A bit bland but it's a really cool finale to the main story.

10 Lost Kingdom

Seriously? Number 11? Give me a break. How could this be worse than the cap kingdom? This has by far the best puzzles out of all the kingdoms. The cap kingdom doesn't have anything that the other kingdoms don't have. All it is is just a tutorial kingdom. The lost kingdom is amazing. Everything about it is perfect, from the music to the atmosphere. Also it's not way too long or big like the Sand Kingdom, because let's be real, the Sand Kingdom sucks.

I really like the music here, it's really fun to explore, and I think this is the only Kingdom to not have the ends of it either be a huge cliff or a tall wall and instead has poisonous water to block the way. The only thing this area lacks that the other areas have is a Boss Fight.

I love this kingdom. When you fall with Cappy and the Odyssey from the Cloud Kingdom, you would never expect a kingdom like this. Even more, right off the bat, Cappy gets captured and it's already exciting! The overall atmosphere of the kingdom isn't too overwhelming, and it's not too small or too big. The downside, though, many of the moons were super easy a boring to get. And don't get me STARTED on the music for this kingdom. BEST IN THE GAME! SO CALMING AND BEAUTIFUL!

This kingdom is definitely the most fun, the only problem is how short it is. Most kingdoms offer much more play time, but this kingdom is definitely the most fun to play.

The Contenders
11 Lake Kingdom

The Lake Kingdom was awesome for me. I enjoyed the huge underwater area, which made it feel like an open-world underwater area, the moons are fun to get, it has good challenges, and is a great kingdom overall.

I think it's the better water world of the two. More interesting setting, better music..., I just have more nostalgia for this one honestly.

The most enchanting kingdom in the game. It really makes me want to go swimming.

12 Snow Kingdom

The Snow Kingdom was one of the funnest kingdoms for me. I enjoyed finding the hidden well in the blizzard, I enjoyed activating the four barriers in each of the rooms, but most of all I enjoyed the races. The Snow Kingdom is a highly underrated kingdom.

This is the best kingdom by far! I absolutely LOVE the Shiverians and the race is really fun. I think it could be bigger but what's there is great. I really enjoyed hunting for the power moons too. This should be higher on the list

The town area is one of the best, but the rest is about as bland as they come, especially when the storm goes off and there's just no visual point of interest in the outside area.

I like this kingdom because the Shiverians are nice, because there are some challenging levels in Shiveria, because there are some cool souvenirs, and because the races are fun ( I haven't done a race in a few months)

13 Ruined Kingdom

Feels out of place and outside of a pretty cool boss battle, it's not the most interesting kingdom. There's nothing to explore really, which even Cloud Kingdom kinda succeeded at.

Despite it's small size, I actually like it more than some of the decent sized areas.

It's pretty short, but the few things that are here a pretty enjoyable.

14 Cap Kingdom

Great tutorial, and really unique atmosphere and setting for the first level.

Not the best area by any means, but for the first area in the game, it's pretty good.

Awesome music and atmosphere.

15 Darker Side

It's one of my personal favourite final levels in the series, even if ridicoulusly easy with all the unintended shortcuts.

You get to show all of your skills! Could it get any better?

16 Dark Side
17 Cloud Kingdom

Not a popular option, but this is the best. It's so beautiful, and you get to fight Bowser! Also has the best 8-Bit section in the game.

It's a bit cozy but I wish it was more than just an arena.