Top 10 Features of Specific Mario Kart Games

Mario Kart is a legendary series that seems to always evolve and innovate with each new game. Nintendo always seems to blow your minds with what they come up with. From bringing back older tracks to letting us design our own karts. Here’s their best ideas in the Mario Kart Series
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1 2 Players Per Kart - Mario Kart Double Dash

This idea was absolutely mind blowing even to this day. Having two characters in one kart was completely unheard of yet Nintendo made it work. This is by far the best gimmick that they have put into a Mario Kart game. Not only was this the point where Nintendo expanded the character roster but they also added a sense of strategy to picking characters too. Each standard pair of characters have their own special items that only they have access to. The only problem is King boo and Petey Piranha can use any special item but even still these items are some of the most unique in the entire series.

2 Retro Tracks - Mario Kart DS

Now technically Super Circuit had retro tracks as well but they were all just the Super Mario Kart tracks. And pretty much everyone agrees that DS is when they officially became a tradition. Not all of them are great but it was nice being able to play tracks like Sky Garden and Moo Moo Farm again. It also seems like the retro track selection gets better and better with each new game. It's really nice to see Nintendo breathe new life into some of these courses. Especially the old and forgotten ones. Just look at what they did to Cheese land and Ribbon Road in Mario Kart 8. That just shows that they can do a lot even with tracks that were originally on the Gameboy Advance

3 Missions Mode - Mario Kart DS

One of the biggest problem that Mario Kart has had ever since the beginning in Super Mario Kart is the lack of things to do for single players. Pretty much all you have is VS race, Grand Prix and Time Trials. DS brought in missions mode and it was a complete blast. It was so much fun doing different tasks and even fighting bosses! It's really unfortunate that we haven't seen this mode return since.

This is the closest thing we've achieved to a story mode in mario kart if you ask me. It was such as fun single player mode. I'd love if they bring it back.

4 Kart Customization - Mario Kart 7

This was another mind blowing feature that I'm pretty sure everyone can enjoy. It gives you more to unlock and also adds an additional element of strategy when making your vehicle so you can optimize the best combination of stats

If I'm being honest I disliked this feature. I liked it when you had a handful of vehicles to choose from, now it's just too messy and too much for me.

5 Anti Gravity - Mario Kart 8

This has to be the one of the biggest gimmicks they have added yet. This has innovated and changed the way tracks are made forever. No longer are tracks simply following the path. Now you can drive on walls and ceilings making the tracks themselves even more chaotic.

I prefer Underwater and Gliding but this was super neat as well. Now we can drive on walls and stuff. It makes the tracks so much more impressive and fun.

6 Underwater/ Gliding - Mario Kart 7

Both of these features were really cool and really expanded what you could do with the tracks. You could have much larger gaps in the tracks now as well as drive underwater where you couldn't before. In the older games you couldn't drive into water or you'd fall off the track but now you can without falling. These two gimmicks have changed the way tracks are made

The fact it took them this long to implent underwater driving is mind-blowingly weird. But I love the feature. Gliding makes for some amazing jumps as well.

7 Bikes - Mario Kart Wii

This was pretty revolutionary at the time because up until this point you were stuck with a kart and that was it. Now you had an option and there was some strategy involved. Personally I find the bikes to be better than the karts in this game because of the ability to perform wheelies.

I liked it because it gave us more vehicles to choose from although drifting with bikes manually is pure crap in my opinion so that's why I always go automatic.

8 All Cup Tour - Mario Kart Double Dash

This was a really underrated mode that again gives something else to do. I'm kind of surprised we haven't seen this brought back in the newer games that have retro tracks. Having this expanded with retro tracks would be awesome. I'd love to see that in Mario Kart 9.

It was neat to play all tracks in one cup. Would love to see it reappear.

9 DLC - Mario Kart 8

Prior to this game Mario Kart has stayed within the Mario universe. However with DLC being a reality now it opens the door for almost any Nintendo character. The Series has expanded to include Legend of Zelda as well as Splatoon and Animal Crossing. I'd like to see a few more franchises make an appearance somehow

This was pretty neat. My favourite thing about the DLC in Mario Kart 8 was actually ironically enough the new nitro mario tracks and retro tracks. The zelda and f-zero stuff and so on was my least favourite parts of the DLC.

10 Swapping Characters in Between Online Races - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

This was a very subtle addition but sometimes a little goes a long way and this is one of those times. Mario Kart Wii, 7, and 8 all forced you to have to stick with the same character and vehicle for your entire online session which was kind of annoying. Gone are those days thanks to Mario Kart 8 deluxe.

Nothing too noteworthy but it's a cool feature that it's there that's for sure.

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11 Outstanding, Unknown Shortcuts - Mario Kart Wii
12 200cc - Mario Kart 8
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