Best Mario Party 10 Boards

Now it's time for the third pair of mario party lists, the best boards and bosses in Mario Party 10. For now, it's boards. Personally I liked all the boards in the game so don't get mad if your favourite board is last, so with that being said, here's the list.
The Top Ten
1 Airship Central

My favourite board in Mario Party 10, is this one, Airship Central. Even before I played all the boards in the game, I had a feeling that I would like this board the most. While ironically the music is my least favourite board soundtrack, everything else about this board is just great for me personally.

For one the setting. Now I'm actually one of those guys that normally do not like cloud levels at all. In fact the cloud worlds for the New Super Mario Bros. are among my least favourites. And considering this board is based in Meringue Clouds, AKA World 7 from New Super Mario Bros. U, you'd expect me to place this one last. While the music, yes, the rest, no. This is the best board actually.

This is a cloud level done right. I mean how would you describe it? Well I'd say it actually stands out, from your basic grasslands board. One of the problems the New Super Mario Bros. cloud worlds suffer from is that they feel too similar to their World 1 counterparts. If you compare Airship Central to the grasslands board of this game, Mushroom Park, I'd say they are completely different from each other.

There are airships everywhere, and the golden clouds are stunning to look at. All the events here are pretty exciting. I love how after you beat the mid-boss, you are sent to the middle of a raincloud, and a lot of exciting stuff happens. It's now very blue and there are bullet bills that will shoot at random spaces after every turn. Awesome. This part actually reminds me a bit of Metro Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey, you know when it was under a storm, especially the music. When you get out of the raincloud, you meet a giant airship, that you must defeat. It's not a boss minigame actually though, it's something you beat in the board itself. You roll dice, hoping to land on a cannon space, to damage the airship. When its health bar has no points left, the player who made the last hit gets a reward of loads of mini-stars. I love this. Main reasons this is... more

2 Haunted Trail

This is a rare occurrence of me actually loving something ghost-related in Mario. I mean yeah I liked Boo's Horror Castle, and the ghost houses in Super Mario World, but other than that, ghost-related levels are my least favourite in mario games. This might be one of the best ghost-related things to Mario. In fact it's my second favourite board in the game, very close to being #1. The layout is awesome and the graphics look amazing here. I mean just looking at gameplay of this board makes my jaws drop.

I really like for one thing how you both travel vertically and horizontally, and it's balanced between the two. In boards like Chaos Castle there was both but too much horizontally, with Magma Mine, there was too much vertically despite having both, but here it's balanced and I love it personally. I really like how it gives me some vibes from the ghost parts of Soda Jungle in New Super Mario Bros. U, I like that. Basically the graphics and gameplay make this board so awesome.

Once again there are two themes for the board but they are really the same, it's just the normal phase has less instruments and is played before mid-boss and second theme after mid-boss. And overall I really like the spooky feel of it. It's pretty nice-sounding and creepy. As for bosses, none of them are like amazing, but they are still above average. Sledge Bro is one of the better mid-bosses, and King Boo is alright although a bit repetitive at times. So overall this is #2.

3 Chaos Castle

My personal least favourite. This is the Bowser board of the game and to be honest it feels a bit uninspiring. It's mainly just your basic castle board with lava. I wish they could've done something a bit more impressive than a basic lava castle but I'm ok with it, because even though it's last on here, I enjoyed this one nevertheless.

The only really boring part is the beginning. It gets a lot better as it goes on. For example there was this part where you travelled vertically, basically upwards on the board and I liked this a lot as it reminded me of Magma Mine, which is my favourite board in Mario Party 9. Then I think it was near the end, there was this part where Bowser stood at the end and after every turn he'd breath fire that would be sent towards you, and it's a bit complicated but basically there was like two layers of spaces. One lower and one upper. After say every fourth space you'd switch layer, and Bowser's flames would only be sent on the surface of the upper half's spaces, so if you were under those, on the lower layer, you'd remain unharmed, as if you did get hit by the fireballs you'd get sent back. I appreciate all the gimmicks in what could've ended up being a terrible board.

The music may be my favourite board theme in the game. While there are three versions, all of them are generally similar to each other, but in a nutshell, the first version is like chillm the second version is a bit faster and more spooky, and the third version is rather epic and spooky. I personally loved the first one most but all of them are great. Now while the mid-boss, Mecha-Koopa is my least favourite boss here by far, the Bowser battle is one of my not only favourite bosses in the game, but one of my favourite bowser battles of all time. I just love the climax and twists in that one, as in the middle of the fight, Bowser becomes Dry Bowser and it all gets so epic. So while this is last, I still like this board a lot. Way better than the Bowser board... more

4 Mushroom Park

The basic first board. I like it certainly a lot actually. Despite being basic it's got a lot of interesting aspects and gimmicks that makes me like it a lot, yes even if it's not very high on the list but still it's awesome. While it's a plain grass board, the thing is that there's a whole amusement park that comes with the boring plain grassland. I mean it's huge! Everything here is sorta influenced by the amusement park. Except for the start with tiny Peach's Castle..., but let's ignore that. There's a Wiggler roller coaster, a swinging ship with Bowser's head, a bullet bill ride, a superstar ferris wheel, a blooper carousel, and so on. Now yes the first half mostly consists of trees and stuff and not so much rides, and the board does look kind of plastic and fake, especially with that grass texture but it's not a big deal. I mean the gameplay and layout it amazing.

This is the only board with only one soundtrack, and personally it's nice. It's very calm and a bit boring though. Toad Road from Mario Party 9 had a very upbeat and exciting theme as the game was the start of a new era of Mario Party, but unfortunately, Mushroom Park in Mario Party 10 has a rather stale soundtrack. I still like it though. The bosses are great. Mega Goomba is a bit boring but I actually like it a lot, Petey Piranha is one of my favourite boss battles. It's super addicting in my opinion. Overall this is my third favourite board in the game.

5 Whimsical Waters

Water levels have a reputation of being rather slow and tedious in a lot of mario games. But the boards are not slow and tedious much though. Whimsical Waters, a water board happens to be a pretty great board overall in my opinion. Or dear I say, awesome board. This is my fourth favourite board in the game, just barely getting beaten Mushroom Park.

My favourite part is overall the layout. I like how the first half is so colourful and bright and it looks stunning, then about halfway through, you way like way deeper inot a much darker area. And there is looks stunning as well. I think know what this board could be based on, but I guess the underwater levels in New Super Mario Bros. U might be a decent candidate. Let's look though at the one flaw that puts this board relatively low on the list.

One of my biggest problems with this board are the constant dragoneel treasure events. You see, scattered around the boards are forced events where a character, depending on whose turn it is, must choose a treasure chest out of five. Some are good, some are bad. This wouldn't be so bad if 1. There weren't so many of these everywhere, and 2. if they weren't so tedious and long. It takes so long for the intro, if we'd just choose a chest right away it would be nicer. That's the only real issue I have though.

The music is nice. Not too good, but not bad either. As with a lot of other board soundtracks, there are two versions, but honestly in this board the versions are barely different at all. The only difference is that some of the instruments are different in the other version. I like it overall though. I think the calm and nice theme suits the board very well. Overall though Blooper Beach from Mario Party 9 was a better board honestly.