10 Reasons Why Mario Is Better Than Sonic

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1 Without Mario There Would Be No Sonic

Atari's E.T. fail caused the video game industry to crash. Then Mario saved it! Sonic? Well,... Sega just wants money. So basically sonic is just like Mario but worse. MUCH WORSE! Sega doesn't care about the quality! They care about fans and quantity! They trick gamers into buying ripoff games. Nintendo would never do that!

Sega just saw mario making bank and they were like " we should try that! let's just come up with a cool character." And made one good game and said they were rivals with mario. All of mario's games have been well liked, while not all of sonic's games are. he can never be the gaming godfather son, because mario is always number 1! lets-a-go!

I hate all those people who are like, "Sonic is way better then Mario! Mario should just get a life! I wish Mario never happened! " Well guess what. Without Mario there is no Sonic. So there!

Mario > Sonic 4 life!

True because Sonic is in Sega and Mario is in Nintendo. But Sega stopped making consoles so Nintendo payed Sega for Sonic, or Sonic won't exist if Nintendo didn't pay for Sonic.

2 Sonic fans are annoying

I'm more of a sonic fan myself and I do have to agree with this one.

The sonic fan base is toxic but the reason for that is because we care about him and we want him to have the best games possible.

not every franchise is perfect of course but I think people are like that becasue they care, I mean if they didn't then they wouldn't say a thing right?

Mario for me isn't that great and the main reason for that is because ya know, you play a game, you finish it, and then you play the Classic Sonic games for the rest of the day.

mario is just boring: same games, same controls, same feelings, same power ups, same characters. there is nothing new here.

The Sonic Fans are just bunch of angry, immature, and unkind. They act like sonic and the games is way cooler and popular than mario.

The Mario Fans are Happy Naturally kind. The Thing they loved about mario is the franchise and series. There not like the sonic fans where they act like Spoiled Brats are something.

Just because you hate the franbase doesn't mean you should hate the games. Just play the games and don't get involved in annoying stuff the fans do. Hating the game just because you hate the fandom is like hating a car because of the guy driving the car!

Go watch top 10 gaming's reason why mario is better than sonic and mario vs sonic death battle 2018 before read the comment section and think again! Sonic fans are way more annoying! In fact, sonic is not perfect compare to mario.

3 Sonic Has an Annoying Voice

I'm not a crazed Sonic fan but I will defend Sonic by saying. He's fifteen so he's still a kid so of course his voice will sound a little annoying also even though he talks a lot in the games at least you get to know on what kind of character he is while Mario I will say has a nice Italian accent but he isn't much of a talker. Just give catchphrases.

I'm not offended or anything. I'm just saying.

Jason Griffith was good, Ryan Drummond was alright, Roger Craig Smith sounds like he always has a cold and then pinches his nose before talking.
Why did you recast, Sega? Why? WHY?

His voice in the old cartoon looks annoying enough but nowadays his voice is getting better.

Whenever I play sonic lost world, I have to hear that stupid voice!

4 Sonic Fans Make Terrible Fanart

They also make good fanart, but it is hard to find, I'll admit. But I'm willing to bet that Mario has some good and bad fanart as well.

That effects the gameplay of The games? I guess if I drew fanart of Ocarina of time it would be the worst game ever?

I am 11 years old posting this a I made sonic art. When I look up sonic fan art, it is the worst. And then I realized that I am better than them. I just wish I can post my pic here. );(I am a Mario fan)

Mario Fanart is mostly good. But there was one which was Waluigi Showing his dick! Is this life?

5 Mario Doesn't Have a Perverted Anime Fandom

Don't give those 34-year-old couch potatoes who live in their mom's basement any ideas!

*cough cough cough* Fanfiction *cough cough cough* Deviantart
Seriously, with both fandoms, I've seem some pretty darn good stuff, but as much as there is excellent content, there's some pretty messed up stuff...

Actually, he does. They both do.

What about hentai Peach pictures?

6 Mario's Better for Kids

Sonic literally cussed once. Tails, Amy, blaze, marine, and cream are the only really good characters for kids in sonic.

We are not Dora fans we are stating the truth here and we are giving reasons why yes they are both cool but mario is more kid freindly you heard?

Sonic is worst! I mean! Pokemon and Mario are fun and cuter! Nintendo's two game series are way better than that stinky hedgehog

Totally kid appropriate! No blood, knives, or guns. Sure there is fire balls but it's so harmless Andy this game is innocent

7 Mario Has Better Games

Mario's games have WAY much more polish than Sonic's, because Nintendo is awesome when it comes to making polished games. Sega just rushes games and expected for them to sell well. A delayed game is eventually good, whilst a rushed game will forever be bad.

But still, Mario isn't safe when it comes to bad games. Remember Mario Is Missing (it's an educational game), New Super Mario Bros. U (copy & paste), Mario Party 9 and 10 (not a party anymore), Paper Mario Sticker Star and Color Splash (not Paper Mario) and the failed attempt that was Hotel Mario (just abysmal)? Yeah, I thought so.

Sonic has had a decade of bad games starting with sonic 06. The last good sonic game is mania (sonic team didn't even make it! ) and that was nostalgia based. I'm not sure if sonic can make a good game anymore without it having to be nostalgia from the sonic trilogy on the genesis. On the other hand, Mario has been proving to not come to an end with his latest game, super Mario odyssey. Mario will probably last for another hundred years!

What I find kind of funny about this reason is that based on the top reason "without Mario there would be no Sonic", they make a Mario game with Sonic playing sports. This is obviously called Mario and Sonic at the:"Rio Olympics, Winter Olympics, etc." I feel that they made this game because Sonic needed to be raised up again, and Mario was his answer.

Let's compare two of Mario and sonics worst games! Hotel Mario: 33/100 hotel Mario sucks because Mario and luigis voices sound retarded it has ugly CDI animation, and all you do is close doors. Sonic 06: 11/100 Sonic 06 has to be the worst if not one of the worst games ever! It wasn't finished so it was super glitchy and the controls suck! At least Hotel Mario was pretty funny!

8 Sonic Abused Tails In Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Well I wouldn't say abused, more like ignored. I mean, Mario stomped on Luigi's foot in Mario Power Tennis but some siblings do that sometimes. But sonic doesn't even care about tails' safety.

No he didn't, he just struggled behind Sonic, who is the fastest thing alive. This is just to cover up that Mario abused Yoshi in Super Mario World

Mario never would abuse yoshi or his brother oh and sonic is in fact a cannibal he eats animals and let's tails die over and over again.

Remember, Donkey Kong Jr and Donkey Kong Circus exist (Mario abuses Donkey Kong, his son and other animals in those games).

9 Sonic Has More Bad Games

All that Sonic does is run around collecting stuff and stomping on robots. This is SO boring in my opinion. Sonic is not amazing, he's super cliche. There's already Flash, Dash, Speedy Gonzales, and other characters that can run really fast. Mario is more unique and fun. He not only saves the princess, but he has sports games, party games, crossovers, kart games, and much more!

He only has 2, Sonic 06 and Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric. Mario has a whole SUBSERIES that is garbage, plus his main GameCube entry also sucked

Both series's had bad games, but if you compare the franchises, then Sonic has had more bad games.

The only bad sonic games are:sonic 06, sonic boom,a rpg sonic game (I don't remember the game) and that's it...people saying sonic games bad just because someone say it sucks so everone saying his games sucks even if they didn't try the game like sonic adventures when its at first came out everone saying its good now they say its sucks for no reason(its MY opinion,not 100% sure,sorry for bad english,and yes I am a sonic fan)

10 Mario has more characters

WRONG! Sonic has ten time more characters then Mario and even though they are annoying, at least they have personality compare to these noncreative character with no personality

Actually, not counting spin-off characters and crossovers (Donkey Kong and stuff) Sonic has 31 official characters and Mario has 30. Super close though!

If we counted spin offs and every minor character and major Mario character then Mario would have over 100,000 characters.

Sonic has more characters. They are stupid except Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy.

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11 Mario can swim unlike Sonic

Sonic is weak in water. But Mario swims in it like a pro in a lot of games. Only in some games Mario has a health meter in Mario like Sonic.

Mario can slide on water with a penguin suit in New Super Mario Brothers Wii.

Sonic can run on water unlike Mario.

12 Sonic Has More Annoying Characters

Sonic and Amy have to be the most annoying characters out of the whole gang. Sonic is very egotistical, creepy looking from his two eyes connected, and doesn't want anyone to have the glory except him. Amy Rose doesn't care about anything but Sonic, especially in the Sonic X series. She has a irritating voice (except for Sonic Boom), is very bratty, and super emotional.

Amy was made to be sonics equivalent of peach, that's why she gets captured by eggman in half the games shes in.
So what amy has a hammer while peach could use marios powerups to.
Amy also has to threaten any living creature that likes sonic.

Peach is the most annoying video game character of history. Amy haters, at least Amy can defend herself.

Help me mario I am being kidnapped again for the 37248932412367th time please save me

I think my work here is done.

13 Sonic saves the world but Mario in Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, he saves more than the world, he saves the whole universe

Super Mario galaxy, super Mario galaxy 2, paper Mario the thousand year door, super paper Mario even yoshi's new island they save time and space from bowser. so now sonic sonic 06? sonic generations does colors even count so mario wins don't worry I like them both but it is true no offense sonic fans, but they are in different universes so time only matters in there universe.

Well I really do like Mario and I think it's an amazing franchise I thank Nintendo for making super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 they are some of my favourite games but... firstly sonic has saved the universe more then twice and secondly I know but I think you got the universe mixed up with galaxy they,re are around a million to a billion Galaxy's to a universe.
That's like comparing e.g Hawaii to the world size related
But I do see where u are going with this.

If you play any paper Mario games or Mario galaxy games, Mario does save the universe from the clutches of Bowser.

And Sonic 1-Up's this by saving time and space in Sonic Generations. Nice try Mario, you're never topping Sonic this millenium

14 Mario Kart Came Out Before Sonic and Sega All Star Racing

True. Mario kart first came out for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Sonic racing game came out 30 years later, Mario came out in 1985 but before him it was his father AKA " Jump-man " for the arcade games Donkey Kong, DK 2, and DK jr which on jr he tried to electrocute a baby monkey to save Cranky Kong the first kong, and Mario the plummer is not like his father, but Mari fans know that Sonic doesn't run at the speed of sound, just compare how fast both of them ran at their first game. Mario first game is Super Mario Bros and Sonic well I don't know.

I may love Mario Kart more than all Sonic racing games, but because Mario Kart is older doesn't automatically mean it's better. Just saying.

Sonic Star Racing sucked. Just by looking at it you know it's crap.

How does that make it worse? In my opinion it's a lot better than Mario Kart. -shadowswagger922 who likes sonic 06

15 Luigi is better than Tails

So true tails is just the perfect smart guy who is so perfect which is kinda boring but Luigi on the other hand you can relate to him sometimes stupid sometimes scared he also has his best moments I love Luigi.

Luigi sucks. Tails is way better because he's smart and just like Ratchet, who is way better than dumb Luigi.

So true Luigi is way better than tails. He is way stronger and not as annoying

Electric Luigi vs stupid know it all tails. Winner?. Obviously Luigi!

16 Mario has more fans

I'll take Mario, Pokemon and Legend Of Zelda over Sonic the Hedgehog any day. Hell I might be the minority but Rayman, Star Fox, Banjo Kazooie, Conker, Devil May Cry, Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Sly Cooper, Ratchet and Clank And Jak And Daxter are more enjoyable than Sonic but that is just my humble opinion. Hell I'm not even as crazy for Ratchet and Clank nowadays like I was when I was 14 or 15.

Duh! Obviously Mario has more fans than that stupid annoying hedgehog!

Like me! Mario is also more popular so that's another reason why.

No, the franchise has more fans. Sonic the character has more fans (barely though)

17 Sonic has terrible TV shows

I'm a Mario fan, so of course you'd think I'd diss Sonic. But in my defense, I tried watching the Sonic Boom show and cringed so hard my eyes hurt. Knuckles looked and acted stupid, Shadow was... um... crazy, and the voice-acting is kinda crappy. Just saying.

I'll admit that I am a HUGE fan of Mario But the super Mario bros super show was horrible the super Mario bros 3 show was even worse the super Mario world show was not as bad sonic boom was kinda good old sonic cartoon was bad Sonic X is my 10th favorite show of all time so sonic is better in T.V. shows but Mario is still WAY better

Like in sonic boom. I really hate what they did to shadow. He used to be a ally? But now he's a crazy freak who only cares about revenge!

Mario had some bad cartoons too but I did like them my fave was the super Mario bro 3 one the acting and the voice acting was great!

18 Mario has better RPG games

Super Paper Mario is an RPG, and it't the greatest game in the universe, but I've never even heard of this so-called 'Sonic RPG'. Also, I'm a MEGA Mario fan and won't play anything else.

Every Mario RPG game was amazing! Unlike sonic, he had only 1 RPG game. And it was terrible!

Yeah, the boss music in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam is possibly some of the best ever!

19 Mario's Been Around Longer

Means nothing. All that means is that Sonic got a blueprint from Mario, and made the things he did even better. Being around longer doesn't make Mario better, it just means he needs to retire and make Sonic the mascot of gaming as well as SEGA

I am sick of this excuse yes I am a mario fan ( I like sonic also but not that much) but so what it should be that there would have been no sonic, just saying it doesn't whos been around longer.

Mario, is about 9 years longer than sonic.

Mario's been around since 1987 sonic 1989. BOOM!

20 Mario Can Be Fun for All Ages

We don't need to go through like all that stuff like in Slender, like, finding all the 8 pages and all that junk. Mario's a simple videogame for kids and brings creativity even more! Than just a stinky ol' hedgehog that goes ' fast.

That is very true. Most sonic games aren't really for a whole family, but games like Mario Party and Mario Kart you can play with everyone.

Mario is obviously extremely fun! Almost every Mario game is "go kill Bowser and save peach." Definitely never gets boring! -shadowswagger922 who is mad at these sonic haters

Mario Party and Mario Kart are amazing for the family!

21 Mario has better villains

Perfect chaos is water, mario can freeze him with an ice flower.
Enough with the stupid mephiles my god nobody cares about the villan of one of the worst video games ever why not just admit that you guys like sonic 2006 if you miss mephiles so freaking much. Rosalina would just kill the time eater if she sees it as a threat, mario could use a super star or his stopwatch.
Infinite makes weak versions of previous villans and their illusions, also if charmy bee can take infinites illusions out than infanite would just be a weak boss fight.
Dark gia and solaris are like the dragon in the lost kingdom sp mario wins for shure.
Mario can power up into metal mario and one shot metal sonic. The deadly six are goombas compared to Mario.

The villains are harder too. Anyone remember the mini-bosses and the boss of Secret Mine in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon? They took me a while to beat.

Actually, bosses in Super Paper Mario take many hits to kill. Plus, the boss battles require strategy.

Yeah, all of Mario's villains die in 1-3-5 hits. And pretty much every villain is Bowser or someone like him.

22 Mario is more recognized by people

A dead meme 8 metres underneath the earth makes Sonic more recognisable?

Every one I know knows Mario.

Of course he is he gets like 3 or 4 games a year when sonic only gets one horrible one

23 Coins are better than rings

Rings are actually a more creative term of cureency. Coins may make Mario look rich, but that's becuase they're used as currency literally everywhere. Rings are way better, they do not make Sonic look divorced, in fact, it makes him look like he'll propose. And I don't know a place in the world that uses rings as currency, so Sonic takes cake in currency

Coins would actually make you look rich. Rings would make you look like you married and divorced 1,000,000 giants, and the rings are your wedding rings.

Both are good, but tripping on something will cause you to lose all of your rings.

Sonic is rude it seems he treats women so bad he always divorces them.

24 Mario has better final boss music

Okay this is just daft, I can't defend Mario on this. When it comes to music, Mario is just completely irrelevant. The only final boss theme that's actually memorable from Mario is Bowser's inside Story's final battle.

You can't compare them. Sonic unleashed final boss? Sonic 06 final boss? Sonic Forces final boss? Sonic generations final boss? Why don't you search those up and tell me if Mario has better music.

Dream on. Sonic has better music than this plumber in every area, including final boss

This is so dumb Sonic has way better final boss music.

Oh don't forget yoshis island... (first one) it has the BEST final boss music ever!

25 Mario is from a better company

Yes he was. Nintendo is one of the most best selling game companies in the world. Mario, Zelda, Dk, Kirby, Star Fox, Metroid, the list is endless! Sega has their one blue rat who's only ability is going fast and what, three consoles? Mario being made by Nintendo is a big step that put him at the top of the ladder. Plus, Mario revived the gaming industry, bringing forth the existence of sega and sonic. Why, Mario? Now we have to deal with the one of 06 and his other horrible games! Anyone who says Mario has bad games obviously hasn't heard of Sonic Boom.

Sonic is SEGA's best franchise, and he is the best gaming franchise ever. Both Nintendo's main 2 best franchises, Mario and Pokemon had been dethroned by 2003 (Konami's Yu-Gi-Oh beat Pokemon and Sonic destroyed Mario)

Nintendo is the best game company in the world! Search in Google if you don't believe me.

Nintendo is my favorite video game company. Can't get enough of them. loved everything I played from them. Nintendo gets a 10/10 mastery rating

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