10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Super Mario

It's-a these ten things you may not know about Mario before. Here we go!
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1 In the Super Mario Bros. manual, Bowser turns Toads into stones, brick blocks & horse plants.

Yes! We all know that Princess Peach has to undo the spell, but what did Mario do to all of those brick blocks that didn't have a coin in it? Brake them. Whoops! Let's put the brick blocks back together & bring the Toads back to life. There you go! I know you're saying "Well, how was Mario & I supposed to know that? " I don't think anybody knew that a bunch of Toads were turned into brick blocks. Maybe, it's because nobody bothered to read the instruction manual. In fact, does anybody ever read instruction manuals for video games?

That's why I break every block I can: to kill Toads.

Don't kill the toads! Don't break blocks.

2 "It's-a me, Mario!" was first heard in Super Mario 64.

Now, you know where this whole "It's-a me, Mario! " thing came from.

3 There's a theory that Super Mario Bros. 3 is a stage show.

If you haven't heard about this theory, look it up. Seriously, can't you see the evidence in the video game?

It's confirmed now

It is a stage show.

4 When Mario was Jumpman, he abused apes.

Here's some proof.
1. Donkey Kong Circus-Mario makes DK perform tricks.
2. Donkey Kong-Mario must rescue Pauline from DK.
3. Donkey Kong Jr. -Mario puts DK in a cage & DK Jr. is the hero.
There you go. Mario used to be an ape abuser. PETA must have been blowing a cartridge.

We all know that.. Plus he didn't abuse DK, he captured him as revenge for kidnapping Pauline.

5 Super Mario Bros:The Lost Levels is known as the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros 2.

Because the Original Super Mario Bros. 2 was deemed too difficult for American gamers Japan released an existing game Doki Doki Panic and replaced the whole cast with Mario Characters.

6 Mario makes a cameo appearance in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 & 3.

Have you ever thought of Mario crossing over with Call of Duty? Well, there you go! Mario appears in Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2 & 3.

7 Mario has to collect coins in a Game & Watch Gallery minigame called Octopus.

How much money does he need to collect for Princess Peach? Does Peach need that many coins? She won't let Mario back on the boat until he gets more money.

8 In Wario Land:Super Mario Land 3, Mario comes flying in a helicopter & takes the giant golden statue of Peach.

How does Wario feel about that? Does it look like he cares? Nope! Wario has a genie that will grant him any wish as long as he has enough money. Mario can keep the statue.

9 He used to be bad

Wrong! He Started in Donkey Kong as a Hero Then, in Donkey Kong Jr. He was the Bad guy.

In all games that he appeared in prior to Super Mario bros, he was bad. Save for Donkey Kong

10 His 1st time being voiced by Charles Martinet was really in Mario's FUNdamentals
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11 Mario makes cameo appearances in a few Wario Ware minigames.
12 Before Mario was known as Jumpman, his original name was Mr. Video.

He was going to be called Mr. Video since Nintendo planned on having him appeared in a lot of video games.

13 Mario was bald
14 Mario makes lots of cameo appearances in games

Legend of Zelda Orcarina of Time : Pictures of *I saw these* Mario, Luigi, and Bowser, that's what I saw. In Kirby, you can see Mario, Birdo, Lugi, and 1 other character I think, and particaly Peach. Yoshi in Metal Gear... I got the Yoshi one from random page. :P Earthbound 0 and Earthbound, someone mentions a Mario game in Earthbound 0 and Earthbound you can see a Mario game in the arcade, that's all I know.

15 Mario was originally a carpenter, not a plumber
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