Top Ten Super Mario Kart Courses

Super Mario Kart, the first Mario Kart game ever created. Unlike its future installments, all of the tracks were based around one of eight themes, and each track were numbered as a result to keep track of them all. Which courses are the best? Let's find out.
The Top Ten
1 Rainbow Road

Of course, Rainbow Road gets a high spot on the list for being the game's most unique track. It's the only non-numbered track, serving as an epic finale for the game and also being the game's hardest track.

But it's not "annoying-hard," like many other tracks in the game. As long as you play decently, you shouldn't have to be annoyed. The worst thing is that one small mistake ruins your chances of 1st place, but other than that it's still a pretty great track.

2 Donut Plains 3

This is a known punching bag among the Mario Kart community and is widely regarded as the hardest track in the game outside of Rainbow Road. The narrow pathways, slippery roads, Monty Moles, and the broken bridge contribute to its difficulty.

While I think it's a little frustrating, especially in Grand Prix races, I still slightly like the overall difficulty as it tests what you know about the game. Plus, the setting and music are absolutely gorgeous!

3 Koopa Beach 2

This track is cool. It's simple but effective and satisfying. The biggest con might be the fact that we just drive left the whole time, but at least it has an interesting course design.

Halfway through, you drive through water and must avoid the deep, darker parts of the bay. It can be challenging to do so, but also fun. Overall, a pretty good course.

4 Vanilla Lake 2

Vanilla Lake 2 is easily the best Mario Kart track on the SNES for me. This might be surprising to many, as the majority of gamers tend to hate this track. In fact, some people say it's one of the worst Mario Kart tracks ever.

What I like so much about this track is the overall course design. It consists of a square with a huge pond in the middle, with ice bits floating around. You can either take the risky shortcut or the slower route with snowmen. This makes it one of the most interesting and addictive tracks ever, and overall my favorite track in Super Mario Kart.

5 Ghost Valley 3

This track can be slightly frustrating, especially at the end part with three holes in the ground, but all in all, it's a pretty good track with a nice difficulty. The turns can be a little sharp, but they're not too terribly annoying to make. Simply just moving left can actually work.

Overall, I like it.

6 Bowser Castle 3

While most of the flat Bowser Castle tracks tend to be rather underwhelming and uninteresting, the third one from Super Mario Kart is an example of a flat BC done right. Yet again, it's relatively difficult, but it's still satisfying to complete this track. Plus, the course design is interesting.

Yes, it's essentially just a more chaotic Bowser Castle 1, but that's what makes it good. I especially like the part with many jump pads, which makes it relatively easy to steal 1st place from the AI. Overall, great track!

7 Mario Circuit 4

In my opinion, the fourth and final Mario Circuit from Super Mario Kart is the game's best version of it due to the crazy course design. There are a lot of twists and turns, but they aren't that annoying to pull off. Instead, they are placed fairly and make it satisfying to finish.

So, overall, I'd say that I like this track, maybe even a lot.

8 Donut Plains 2

It's like Donut Plains 3 but a lot less spectacular, as the Monty Moles are less frequent and the slippery road only appears near the end. It's easy to navigate through without slipping.

What does this track have that makes it stand out? I'd say the huge lake in the middle of the track, which is super close to the road, makes for a cool challenge and shortcuts. Overall, not bad.

9 Koopa Beach 1
10 Ghost Valley 1

This is just an overall really fun course. There might not be too much to it at first glance, but it can be a lot of fun due to the many jumps halfway through, plus that really awesome feather shortcut at the end.

Thanks to the wide-enough roads, this track is also one of the least frustrating courses in the game. Overall, a pretty good course.

The Contenders
11 Ghost Valley 2
12 Mario Circuit 2

Being the only track in the game with a huge jump, this track sure deserves a mention on this list. But as I've said in the past, that's the only thing this track has going for it. The turns are easy and simple to make, and half the time you're just driving in a straight line.

This does make it not so frustrating, but that's really it. So, it's alright but it's also a pretty boring track.

13 Choco Island 2
14 Choco Island 1
15 Bowser Castle 2
16 Donut Plains 1
17 Mario Circuit 3
18 Bowser Castle 1
19 Mario Circuit 1
20 Vanilla Lake 1
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