Top Ten Hardest Super Mario Bros. Levels

There is plenty of levels in Mario games that most people breeze through, but there are also levels that are very challenging. Here is the Top 10 Hardest Levels in Mario Games.
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1 The Impossible Pack - New Super Mario Bros. 2

It says it is impossible.

2 World C-3 - Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels
3 World 8-7 - New Super Mario Bros. DS
4 8-Airship - Super Mario Bros. 3
5 7-Castle - New Super Mario Bros. DS
6 Champion's Road - Super Mario 3D World

Unless you are an expert at this, I would strongly advise you to enter the level as Peach with a Tanooki Suit and one on your item box. To do this, enter World 3-1 twice and try to get two Tanooki Suits on your items. Be sure to save your progress after you have done that and then head to World Crown. Try and complete the level using the powerup. If you lose everything, don't go back to World 3-1. Instead, reset the software and re enter back into the game. And I mean it. Don't quit back to the title screen otherwise your progress will be saved at Champion's Road without the Tanooki Suit. That way, you will always get the Tanooki Suit back and then retry as many times as you wish.

Another thing to notify is to expect the toilsome time to be a problem if you stay in one phase for too long. This happened mostly in the Dash Panel and Laser section when I kept on trying not to lose my balance and after attempting to navigate my way through the clear pipe section saying THANKYOU! I ...more

This level was absolute hell to complete. After over 100 attempts and a week of pain, I can say this is my greatest achievement ever.
Here's tips for those of you who haven't beaten this yet:
Section 1: This section is fairly easy compared to other sections. Just long jump for the first few platforms, then take your time to kill the Electrogoomba on the next platform. You can then easily long jump past the next section and go to Section 2.
Section 2: The easiest section in the entire level. If you're using any character besides Toad, just jump over the platforms.
Section 3: Get to max speed by running around then jump over to the series of platforms. Try not to jump on the Chargin' Chucks if you can help it.
Section 4: This is by far the hardest section of the level so far. You'll need some practice to get consistent on this section so don't expect to beat it in your first try. For the first series of platforms, build up speed and jump toward the blue blocks when the ...more

The perfect run is easy, stop complaining and git good

This level, however, playing it with mario and no power-ups from other levels, this is the hardest of all Mario games.

I played guitar before I played this level. I blistered my thumb and couldn't play this level.

7 World 5-1 - Super Mario Bros. 2
8 Grandmaster Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario galaxy 2 is the hardest Mario game in the world.

It took everyone months to beat this.

This level made me rage quit twice!

9 Wing Mario over the Rainbow - Super Mario 64

You know Youtubers like Packattack and ProsafiaGaming make these levels easy so if you want to stop thinking that the levels that there playing are easy. stop watching them

This level is so hard.

10 World 8-1 - Super Mario Bros. 3
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11 The Perfect Run - Super Mario Galaxy 2
12 Soda Lake - Super Mario World
13 The Pachinko Machine - Super Mario Sunshine
14 Tubular - Super Mario World

It was pretty hard.

15 Don't Touch Anything - Super Mario Bros U

I have seen levels in Kaizo Mario that are more forgiving than this.

16 Luigi's Purple Coins (As Luigi) - Super Mario Galaxy
17 World 7-7 - Super Mario Bros. 3
18 World 8-3 - Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels

This level is pretty dumb in my opinion, it took me a while but I eventually found out how to beat it, you need to hit a block and climb up a vine and when you go up you will see the flagpole

I knew this was gonna be here... It's very hard as I couldn't even beat the level

19 World 9-7 - New Super Mario Bros. Wii
20 World 8-2 - Super Mario Bros.
21 Special 8 - Crown - Super Mario 3D Land
22 Tick Tock Clock - Super Mario 64

Worst camera angles

23 Awesome - Super Mario World

This level is awesome.

24 World 6-6 - New Super Mario Bros. Wii
25 Pendulum Castle - New Super Mario Bros. U
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