Top 10 Games on the SNES Classic Edition

The Top Ten
1 Super Mario World

Good music. Good graphics. Good gameplay. GOOD GAME!

This was my childhood

This should be #1.

2 Donkey Kong Country

I just like the chimp caverns world a lot!

3 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

This is the game that gave the Zelda series its true form.
The NES Zelda games started it all, but A Link To The Past improved it. It provides better gameplay, deeper story, a wider version of Hyrule to explore and more fun dungeons and bosses!
Of all the games I've played, I'd say this one stands out from a lot!

Had it not been for its unnecessary difficulty, I would have placed it on the top of the list of the best SNES games!

This should be 1! It's my all time favorite zelda game! Yup, I like it even more than ocarina of time!

It's consistent with me! It's been my favorite game for years and years!

4 Super Mario Kart
5 EarthBound

There are just no words to describe this mastepiece of a game.
As a person who has already finished the game, I can safely say that EarthBound a must-have title if you're a fan of RPGs!

6 Kirby Super Star
7 Super Metroid

Super Metroid is my most played SNES game so far.
I've already completed it 4 times and I'm on my fifth playthrough, but I just can't resist it!

8 Street Fighter II Turbo
9 Super Castlevania IV
10 Star Fox
The Contenders
11 Mega Man X

Best SNES game, best Mega man game.

12 Contra III: The Alien Wars
13 F-Zero
14 Secret of Mana

I played this game and beat it. A lot of fun. Bright colors, great sprite work, amazing music. The music was my favorite part of the game.

15 Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts
16 Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
17 Super Punch-Out!!
18 Star Fox 2

Finally, Star Fox 2 sees a release for once and for all.

19 Final Fantasy VI
20 Super Soccer

Great soccer game, trying to beat the Nintendo team was so difficult

21 Kirby's Dream Course
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