Best Supervillain Performances in Comic Book Movies

The Top Ten

1 The Joker - Heath Ledger
2 Magneto - Ian McKellen
3 The Joker - Jack Nicholson
4 Lex Luthor - Gene Hackman
5 Loki - Tom Hiddleston Loki Laufeyson, or Loki Odinson, is a fictional character appearing in the American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is the adoptive brother and archenemy of Thor, and is known as the "God of Mischief". In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the character has been portrayed by Tom Hiddleston.
6 Harley Quinn - Margot Robbie
7 Zed - Terence Stamp
8 Magneto - Michael Fassbender
9 Bane - Tom Hardy
10 Doctor Octopus - Alfred Molina

The Contenders

11 The Joker - Joaquin Phoenix
12 The Green Goblin - Willem Dafoe
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