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The Top Ten

1 Sprayer

About 11 turrets, this is op

I absolutely destroyed everyone with a sprayer before
Then I got smited by a salty destroyer :V

2 Booster

One of the most op ones I dare say - hellfire

3 Octo Tank Octo Tank

If it's a war you want, you're gonna have to give it more than that, hellfire. - ListerBlister

What? You're saying Octo Tank is the "best" tank? what - Doge4lifeGaming

4 Triple Twin Triple Twin

Should have been quad twin - JolteonIsAwesome

5 Triplet

Great thing, this Triplet. It's strong, it has great firing speed and accurancy, can escape from battle quickly, and I always became the top tank with it easily. It deserves to be higher. The same thing for Overlord, it's somewhat underrated.

6 Penta Shot
7 Overlord
8 Manager
9 Destroyer

Best tank ever!

10 Hybrid

The Contenders

11 Necromancer

This is op against snipers, ans sometime triangles - hellfire

12 Assassin

So strong as I think

13 Tri-Angle

Seriously, bite me! you stole my list! - ListerBlister

Add the rest of the tanks, you pathetic son of a bitch. my list is doing a lot better than yours - ListerBlister

14 Machine Gun
15 Spike
16 X Hunter
17 Ranger
18 Auto Trapper
19 Fighter
20 Stalker
21 Annihilator
22 Skimmer
23 Rioter

Just and idea

6/turrents and fast reload

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