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21 T-22sr V 1 Comment
22 T49
23 Pz.1.C

Too much fun. Too much awesomeness!

Best tier 3 after Pz.II J. It has a machine gun that has fast reload and good rate of fire. It is the second fastest tank in game( first being RU 251 with 80 km) and small size tank is OP. I always get kills in it

V 1 Comment
24 E100 Waffentragger V 1 Comment
25 IS 8-Ball

Was only available for april fools-2016, these little Stalin s balls were fun to play

Best Russian gun depression was on April fools day. Of course

26 AMX 38

HECK NO. Why my first list merged with this one?! Oh well I made new one.. - P-51IsDaBest

V 1 Comment
27 Renault Otsu
28 M3 Lee

Thank goodness this has 0% I only played it to get the Sherman and sell it to stop it from stinking up my garage.

29 ARL 39V
30 Medium III
31 Medium I
32 Black Prince
33 Type 91
34 D.W.2
35 M2 Medium
36 BT-7
37 Pz. II G V 1 Comment
38 T-46

Well, I didn't think I will ever hear this tank again apart from getting the Russian heavy lines. Well good mobility, palaver armor and a good gun is all I can say. But if you want a good low tier light tank, I suggest the Pz 1c.

39 T110E5
40 KV-5
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