Top Ten Best Things About Motocross

The Top Ten

1 It keeps you in shape

Riding dirt bikes takes a lot of physical work. You do not just sit on a bike and twist a throttle, you have to overpower the 200 pound machine. It takes a lot of strength to be a competitive rider.

2 It teaches sportsmanship

Just like other sports, you don't always win. You have to learn how to deal with not winning and realizing that it is okay to not win them all.

3 It teaches you how to work on vehicles

In order to ride a dirt bike, you must also know how to work on one. You have to know what to do when you blow out the top end or when you lock up the engine. This translates into working on other vehicles such as cars.

4 It increases your stamina

In order to race motorcycles, you have to have a lot of stamina. If you do not have a lot of stamina, you will get tired and get hurt. When you ride tired, you ride sloppy. Sloppy is dangerous when going 30+ mph.

5 It can be relaxing

You don't always have to be racing. You can just ride a dirt bike on a trail and experience the outdoors. You ride dirt bikes farther into the woods than you would normally walk.

6 It can be good for your heart

Motocross requires a lot of physical work and movement. Work and movement improves your cardio, thus helping your heart.

7 It improves your hand-eye coordination.

You can't always look down at your hands while you are riding, you have to look to where you are going. This trains your hand-eye coordination.

8 It improves your reactions.

It is not always fine and dandy while racing, sometimes you almost crash. This can be bad and get you hurt. You feel when you are losing control and if you act quickly, can save it. You also never know who, or what, you might run into while racing and you must react quickly.

9 It teaches you toughness

You will wreck. That is a given. Crashing hurts and isn't fun. The thing is, when you crash, there isn't a paramedic on the sidelines waiting to help you. You have to toughen up and keep going.

10 It teaches you basic vehicle skills.

This is mainly for cars, especially manuals. Dirt bikes have clutches and it is your best friend. It can be hard for someone who has never had to use a clutch to learn how to drive a manual. My experience with dirt bikes helped me tremendously with learning how to drive a manual transmission vehicle.

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