Best Things About Suicide Squad (2016)


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1 Margot Robbie's Performance

Did a fine job bringing out the craziness of Harley Quinn

Best character in Suicide Squad. - AlphaQ

She is one of the worlds BEST harley Quinn’s, u know wut I mean? - BBugQueen

2 Jared Leto's Performance Jared Leto's Performance

Nah, he wasn't a good joker, - DCfnaf

Eh. I preferred the one in Dark Knight. - AlphaQ

I still defend him

I actually thought he was the best Joker we've ever had

Come at me you bitter Heath Ledger fanboys

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3 Will Smith's Performance

Will Smith playing as Will Smith. I mean, yeah he played that part pretty well. - cjWriter1997

Probably the only legitimately good thing in this mvoie - Jackamalio

4 Heathens - Twenty One Pilots

An awesome song - TerminalDeath

Love this song. - DCfnaf

Love That Song - VideoGamefan5

Love the song, but that’s not why the movie is good, do people understand? - BBugQueen

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5 The Visual Effects
6 Cara Delevingne's Performance
7 Joker and Harley Quinn's Relationship

Worst then Bella and Edward

8 Batman's Cameo
9 Slipknot's Death
10 Jai Courtney's Performance

Holy crap, Jai Courtney didn't suck, awesome!

The Contenders

11 Pinky the Unicorn

Do You Remember The Stuffed Unicorn That Captain Boomerang Has?

Uh I don’t remember... I think...? - BBugQueen

12 It's So Bad It's Good
13 The Extended Cut Was Better Than the Theatrical One

How - BBugQueen

14 It's Not The Abomination Everyone Is Making It Out To Be
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