Best Things About Suicide Squad (2016)

The Top Ten

1 Margot Robbie's Performance

Did a fine job bringing out the craziness of Harley Quinn

Best character in Suicide Squad. - AlphaQ

She is one of the worlds BEST harley Quinn’s, u know wut I mean? - BBugQueen

2 Jared Leto's Performance

I still defend him

Nah, he wasn't a good joker, - DCfnaf

Eh. I preferred the one in Dark Knight. - AlphaQ

Great - Movielover13

3 Will Smith's Performance

Will Smith playing as Will Smith. I mean, yeah he played that part pretty well. - cjWriter1997

Probably the only legitimately good thing in this mvoie - Jackamalio

4 Heathens - Twenty One Pilots Heathens - Twenty One Pilots Cover Art

An awesome song - TerminalDeath

Love this song. - DCfnaf

Love That Song - VideoGamefan5

This song is awesome. It's better than Dystopia - Megadeth, Closer - The Chainsmokers and 7 Years - Doofus Eggham. - AlphaQ

5 The Visual Effects
6 Cara Delevingne's Performance
7 Joker and Harley Quinn's Relationship

Worst then Bella and Edward

8 Batman's Cameo
9 Slipknot's Death
10 Jai Courtney's Performance

He was hilarious and I hope he comes back as Boomerang in SS2. Favorite character alongside Harley

Holy crap, Jai Courtney didn't suck, awesome!

The Contenders

11 Pinky the Unicorn

Do You Remember The Stuffed Unicorn That Captain Boomerang Has?

Uh I don’t remember... I think...? - BBugQueen

12 It's So Bad It's Good
13 The Extended Cut Was Better Than the Theatrical One

How - BBugQueen

14 It's Not The Abomination Everyone Is Making It Out To Be
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