Top Ten Things Americans Do In Their Free Time

We do these things because we are American... We like these things.. And I am not very proud of some of them..

The Top Ten

1 Eat

Sadly, true. I'm lucky I've got a fast metabolism, but sometimes, I just eat when I'm bored... - keycha1n

Um, yeah, I ALWAYS eat when I'm bored, which is a LOT because I get bored easily. Thank goodness I have a really fast metabolism. (I'm scrawny compared to others of my age) But what can I say? I'm American! - RockFashionista

Yes, the government should be in charge of keeping track of what everybody eats, and controlling portions, etc if you are eating too much, or are too fond of junk food or candy.

I agree with this.. this is so TRUE>> I'm fat :D

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2 Watch TV

We are the things people say we are, like lazy. We are dreadfully lazy.. - CloudofMercury

Land of the lazy

Well... Who doesn't?

I don't eat a lot but I love T.V. - OneWayStreet

3 Be on the Computer

We use computers and the Internet quite often, for whatever reasons, I use the Internet for such websites as TheTopTens, Facebook, YouTube and many others. - CloudofMercury

I feel like I spend too much time on the computer. - cosmo

I think this is universal, but as an American, I can testify that this is how I spend most of my time! - keycha1n

What else am I supposed to do when I'm always stuck and home and bored? Go on YouTube!

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4 Play Sports

A circus of wasted time and money, holding back the development of more important factors, like ending poverty and curing diseases. It's no better in my country either. - PositronWildhawk

Sports and athletes are useless to society. Seems us Americans find out how to do the least productive things possible. Lets put down the ball, and pick up a book. Learn something. - ToptenPizza

Not all of us do or try to, but we often find time to play a few sports at the park or in the baseball arena. - CloudofMercury

No, I don't like playing sports.
Watching sports is fine but playing sports is horrible - Ajkloth

5 Complain

We complain about a lot of things, like the economy, the President.. we never seem to shut up.. ^u^' - CloudofMercury

From my perspective, the Americans will simply attack whichever President is currently in office. They lose their judgment completely on what makes a good government, all voting differently in desperate need of a flawless leader, but in vain. They just need to accept that compromises must be made. - PositronWildhawk

6 Use the Phone

Like many others, us Americans have an addiction to cell phones. - CloudofMercury

7 Go to the Beach

If there are any around, most of the time, my family and I go to the Beach to see the beautiful ocean or just hangout for the day. - CloudofMercury

8 Chores

Everyone has them, the household chores. Not saying all Americans do them, but I sure do. - CloudofMercury

9 Pay Bills

Yeh, everybody has them. That's why when I introduce myself people smile but say they have enough already! - Billyv

I hate paying money

I know, I know, everyone does this. I just needed a bit more added to the list ^^' - CloudofMercury

10 Sleep

As one of the most sleep deprived countries, I find this surprising. Might go hand in hand with our obesity problem - keycha1n

Hey you I'm skinny as heck you call me fat then you suck

Again, we are lazy and obese.. we rest a lot, and we DO work. Hope you don't find that too surprising ^^' no just kidding. I know you guys won't judge, even if you did judge, it's alright it's only your opinion and I would be very interested to see what you think of us Americans if obviously you aren't one. - CloudofMercury

The Contenders

11 Walk the Dog


12 Act Like An Idiot

Stop being pretentious, we're all idiots every now and again! - keycha1n

Ya like we're the only country that's dumb. There are dumber countries then us so stop thinking we're the dumbest country in the world..

I'm a master at acting like an idiot. In our school English role play, I was given the role of a mental. - Animefan12

Shut up. That's offensive! - CinderpeltandCinderheart

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13 Masturbate

That's not a thing that only Americans do! Do you really think you have the monopoly for that?
Hi from Europe.

I masturbate to dank memes

14 Read
15 Donate Money to Charities



16 Play Video Games

Got nothing else to do

17 Exercise
18 Vote on TheTopTens

I'm from Europe and I just voted here to prove that this is not an American only thing!

Why do you think I am on this page

19 Watch Naruto

Naruto is the best anime in the world

Naruto! The best anime.i loved it.its awesome.ok the anime is about fighting and it is th

20 Swimming
21 Go to McDonald's

You literally have no life.

22 Watch YouTube
23 Fish

My great grandfather fishes every week kn the same day. Its pretty cool too

24 Cook
25 Take Selfies
26 Skiing

They are just great skiers I'm pretty impresed by the way its dantdm guys


27 Shoot Guns
28 Hunt
29 Watch Sports

Aka an-F-al.. the only sport most Americans know - jimmy12lee

30 Volunteer at Charities
31 Garden
32 Run Errands
33 Build Legos or Nanoblock
34 Drink coffee on the streets when walking

I noticed that in America many people drink their coffee in the morning on the street when they go at work. I"m from Europe and I find this very strange. Do Americans have no time to enjoy their coffee at home before they leave the house to go at work? Can't they make coffee at home? Do they have to buy their coffee at " Starbucks "? ( we don't have Starbucks in Europe because we don't like them ).

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