Top Ten Things That Could Ruin Your Life

Don't do these things a lot. Or it will be an early death.

The Top Ten

1 Drugs

Yeah stop it, you would be doomed - Ananya

2 Cigarettes
3 Alcohol
4 Not Exercising

I never do any physical activity except for in gym class, and I’m perfectly fine. - mistyglow

I am very much athletic and active even though I have little anaemia.
Some kids in class say that I have "Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder" - Animefan12

5 Being Very Unsocial
6 Electronics

That's my problem. I stay all the time in front of T.V. - Animefan12

7 Not Having a Job
8 Guns
9 Poison
10 Rape

The Contenders

11 Obesity
12 Too Much TV
13 Video Games
14 Porn
15 Bullies

Bullies and guns are both equally worse.

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