Top Ten Things to Do If You Could Time Travel to the 1980s

I'm not going to ask why you are randomly time traveling but I assume it is for a good or neutral reason. When you are arriving in the 80s though you should try and do these things to enjoy your stay.
The Top Ten
1 Watch the Berlin Wall fall
2 Meet Ronald Reagan
3 Meet Mikhail Gorbachev

Why would anyone want to do that? - Swellow

I would have actually assassainated him, Reagan, and Thacher... - DieGedankenSindFrei

4 Prevent the Challenger explosion

NO! A rule of time travel: NEVER ALTER THE PAST! - Metalhead1997

5 Watch Back to the Future in Theatres
6 Get a Delorean DMC-12

And you can still do that in real life if you have money. - Swellow

7 Watch the U.S. hockey team beat the Commies
8 Watch the eruption of Mt. Saint Helens

That won't be safe

9 Buy shares of Apple

I would buy the entire company

10 Visit Pizza Time Theater

Don't get me wrong, I love the Rock A Fire Explosion [except for Fatz, he is scary] from Showbiz Pizza but the Pizza Time Players [including OG Chuck E Cheese] to me, were much more interesting and had more funny moments.

The Contenders
11 Play Pac-Man in an arcade

Um... you can do that now I believe. - djpenquin999

12 Be the first to play Super Mario Bros
13 Buy a Nintendo NES
14 Watch Wheel of Fortune at Radio City
15 Save John Lennon

No, we can't do this. - Metalhead1997

16 Defeat the Soviet Union
17 Attend the Grand Opening of the Mirage in Las Vegas
18 Visit Showbiz Pizza Place
19 Go to Child World toy store
20 Prevent the MGM Grand fire in Las Vegas
21 Visit Pistol's Pete's Pizza
22 See the 1984 Olympics in LA
23 Watch the filming of "Rain Man" at Caesars in Vegas
24 Buy a Chucky doll
25 Buy the first Nintendo Game Boy
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