Top 10 Things that Make Justice League (2017) a Terrible Film

I'll say it: This movie is a complete mess. Man of steel is a decent and underrated film in my opinion (7/10) that started this universe in a strange direction, then bvs being fairly watchable (6.5/10) having many problems continued this universe in the wrong direction. Some time later suicide squad appeared being an awful film (1/10) almost killed everything in my opinion. Wonder Woman (7.5) turned things and was a step forward with some flaws though and it seemed that the universe still had hope but then Justice League appeared and this universe is now doomed (3/10)

The Top Ten

1 The Screeplay and Direction are Terrible
2 Plot Conveniences
3 Terrible Cgi

I loved the CGI, but fair point. - girlcool

4 No Character Development

I really like the film, but it's hard to argue against the character development. - girlcool

5 It's Very Rushed
6 Worst Villain Ever

Why do people hate Steppenwolf? He was menacing and exciting. - girlcool

7 Clashing Tones
8 Bad Editing
9 Ben Affleck Ben Affleck

Worst Batman to date.

10 Didn't Know What It Wanted to Be

The Contenders

11 Reshoots

Fair point. - girlcool

12 Gal Gadot Gal Gadot
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