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1 Being Blamed for Something You Didn't Do

My teacher yelled at me for when a student got angry and yelled at me. It also happened on picture day! Not the same student, but same person being blamed! That's probably why I'm gonna look like terrified worm-ape.

If I didn't do it, why should I get blamed for it. That makes no sense. Idiots should know better

Yes I do that with my family always now always makes me feel like madness a lot

YUP! almost all the time!

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2 People Who Take Credit for Your Work

I am the head of my class at language arts. I was sitting next to my friend when our teacher asked us to write something and then share it. My friend copied me. Of course, me being the lazy git that I am, I didn't share my answer but my friend did. My teacher was very pleases with it and asked her to display it to the whole class, and tell us more about the book she was reading. I still haven't gotten over it. She wasn't a very good friend either...

This would combine with the item 'your boss' I do all the thinking, the listening, putting a case together and he takes the credit! And what's more, he gets paid more! - Britgirl

When this happens I always get mad but then I tell the truth and the other person confesses. Then I say something along the lines of "THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE! "

I’m eleven, and I just finished sixth grade. Towards the beginning of the year I met a girl and we became fast friends. Long story short, it turned out we liked the same guy, who liked me. She kept showing him her art in the hopes of impressing him, but refused to show me. I later learnt that she had been copying my artworks and comics in school art projects and beyond, receiving praise from her parents, teachers and classmates. When questioned she had told them I’d been copying her... Bo wonder her parents, the teachers, and the other kids didn’t like! She’d also been copying my catchphrases, original songs, theories, ideas, writing pieces, poems, original characters, etc and claiming they were hers. She took a lot of my drawings/writing pieces too and would read or look at them without my permission, plain out never give them back, or just vandalise them beyond recognition. When I confronted her she’d get really, really nasty. Anyway, we’re going to different high ...more

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3 Liars and Lies

I hate liars my foster brother lies his way out of stuff and gets me into trouble its stupid its just his ignorance and deceptiveness

They are deceptive people.. I hate liars - Ananya

I hate lying, if my friend Adam lies to me, I would punch him 1000000 times

4 Slow Loading Screens

You start watching something and the second that something interesting happens it freezes and you see the dreaded wheel of death, Then you either have it giving you an error message or showing you the rest of your video as if it was running in 8 bit on a Sega Dreamcast

Out of all anger-inducing things in the world, I've never felt quite the rage that I get from seeing the continuous spinning ball of death... - keycha1n

YouTube buffering pisses me off - bobbythebrony

Overtime I try to get on musically or any other app I have wait 5 thousand hours so finally I have to delete the game! did you know the made iPhones,6,7,5,and iPhone four all slow they got sued for that so I was just like Psshh get an iPhone X but I have and iPad so lucky me!

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5 Bad Drivers

Idiots, my school timings are from 7:20, and the school van comes to take me at 6 am, a new driver was driving at that time, he was driving so slow that I could see cycles going faster than our van! - Ananya

The only thing you need to know about driving is that most people currently on the road is an idiot - Harri666

One time my dad went past someone because she was going slow so then she kept beeping at us and gave us the middle finger

Most bad drivers are people with their cell phones out or they text while they drive makes me want to shout "Get off your F@$##@ Cell Phone." - egnomac

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6 Donald Trump as the 45th President

You know what pisses me off? Dumb ass democrats hating on trump and causing riots because he is the president, yes I do agree that we could have a little better of a president, but he defiantly is better than Clinton, some people are so ignorant and stupid sometimes and nearly all of you need to check your facts

By now isn't it obvious to everyone that his whole persona is fake? He's the classic stereotype of a small-time hustler, a snake-oil salesman, a huckster, a fraud, a liar who lies so often (basically every sentence) that no one on earth believes him any more, neither allies nor enemies.

This is online. People say what they want. Sorry but I do not agree. Maybe if he thinks more about the people and not himself.

Idc bout dis one...

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7 Nosy People

My SISTER won't get out of my face in school and at home, and probably in my sleep because she is so nosy.

My dad gets in my business all the time.

Alex Bailey always be noisy loud all the time

This girl in my class is a snooty bitch who thinks her skirt is too long when it is not even covering her knees. She always sticks her dumb bitch nose into people's business, even when it has nothing to do with her. She's not a very nice person either. She also gives me bad gut feelings.

8 People That Talk During Movies

Some annoying little kid was laughing about a movie trailer when someone ripped their pants and during the whole movie he was giggling and saying, "RIP! " I hated it and it ruined otherwise a really great film for me.

I came here to see a movie, not listen to you talk on your phone with your friend.

Like always and forever all the. Time now until ever day

Especially they give out Spoilers.

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9 Screaming Children

I just want to yell to them SHUT UP - Harri666

Tie them up and gag them, I need a day without screaming kids in public.

Hate em, even if I'm a kid.

"I hate you, mommy! I have to kill this creeper, NOW! I. HATE.YOU! " - EliHbk

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10 People Talking to You While Your Trying to Work

I seriously hate this to the end of the world. People who do this all the time are the most dumb among us. To them, I would say, "How did you succeed in school? Was there a competition for 'Collect 1000 peanut shells for an A'? " - PositronWildhawk

I try to study in school...Then any dimwit will come, trying to waste my time, And the annoying girls " do you have a significant other? " Do you know about this make up? " - Ananya

Actually, number 8 would be the incorrect use of the word "your"

Pretty annoying, but there are more annoying - EliHbk

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11 People Who Steal Your Jokes

Yeah it's true I want to say that but. It's not good


12 People Who Are Morons

It is a lot it's not OK but it's bad I hate that

I know some very intelligent people who are also absolute morons. They may have a high IQ, but that doesn't prevent them from making stupid, foolish decisions.

13 Your Boss

" Your Boss " doesn't exist! Nobody is boss but yourself over you. The exact word is " Your Employer ". And a employer without workers is nothing more than " a someone ". He wouldn't exist if you don't exist. And don't forget, it's not because he gives you work that he can do anything he wants. You have rights too.

Almost everyone has a Boss who's always yelling and screaming at you and really makes things difficult for you. - egnomac

Bossy people telling you to do what they says

Some bosses can be nice.

14 Having Siblings

My brother is so annoying because he does a lot of dumb things so annoying

I have 3 and they're the worst- they never get out your way and think that there so much better then you because they're such a goodie goodie

I love her but she needs to understand that when you throw something at someone saying sorry it was an accident over and over doesn't help the situation

Sometimes I wonder why I'm destined to be an oldest sibling... - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

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15 Abusive Parents

I hate it when this happens because hurting your child is NOT going to help the situation at all don't yell at them either talk with them bond and build a relationship with them! Don't smack, hit, punch, kick... I'm sure that's what all children are told yet there parents are aloud to? I don't get it...

Long story short: I get abused by my parents because I do things God tells me to do.

My dad LOVES little mix and always sings along to girly songs when they come on radio and stuff and it's really annoying because I wanna listen to the actual song.Plus it kills me when he calls mam 'baby' and calls me Niamhy when I'd prefer to be called Niamh as it's my real name.He thinks I'm a girly-girl but I hate girly stuff and I wish I was a boy.

16 Hackers

On Minecraft, Somebody Went On To My Server And Stole 500 Of My Treasure Shards. I Had 960 Before But Now I Have 460!

My older sister hacked my neighbor on Animal Jam and wasted all her gems on pets, then traded them to herself.

If someone hacks any of my friend's account, I will kill him


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17 People Looking Over Your Phone While Texting

I. Want. To. Slap. Them.

I'll never let that happen...I hate interference... - Ananya

I'm pretty sure I got this for my birthday, and you didn't. So back off.

On my bus full of idiots
Me texting my friend playing Warriors trivia: what was Snowkit's disability?
Me: LEAVE ME ALONE LOSER! :slaps him:

18 Campers

Yes definitely I play ROBLOX murder mystery and they camp

*Plays GMOD* *Kid camps the gun and murders everyone* *Me in the corner having an intense rage*

People that hide all game, to get a terrible kill grr!

19 People Borrowing Your Stuff and Returning It Broken

God damn I hate this like once I let someone barrow my Mario party 5 and then when I got it back it was broken

I once let my friend borrow my comic book a week before summer break...Got it back in the middle of the summer with pages missing, the covers burned, and it looked as if a toddler had tried to translate the pages into a long-forgotten language.

Yes we always do that all the time really like I don't want them do that I don't like it it's not fun and funny it's really bad I know but it's true

My best friend borrowed my concealer for 2 minutes and returned it with the lid missing and the stuff coming out everywhere! we are no longer best friends I can't be dealing with that crap!

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20 Getting a Ticket

suck one

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