10 Things You Should Never Buy Used

I am a thrifty/frugal shopper who loves finding deals at consignment or thrift stores. However, we really should draw a line sometimes.

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1 Underwear

Why would ANYONE think of selling their used underwear. That's just wrong and someone could get sick

This would be gross to buy used underwear from a stranger you don't know where it's been

Ah, a great way to make money. A skidmark here, some knob cheese there, add in some urine, & voila, recycled chic

Shane Dawson almost sold his used underwear for $100,000.

2 Bathing Suits

Yeah. That's just gross. My son is the only exception, as his are bleached heavily and he wears swim diapers under his, so there is no direct contact.

What to do? Splurge. They aren't that expensive at Target.

This would be gross to buy used bathing suit you never know where it's been

See comment on adult toys.

3 Condoms

One question, why would anybody want to sell a used condom to the public?

Yuck this would be gross to buy a used condom

These don't work laugh out loud

4 Diapers

Yuck! This is super disgusting

That disgusting

5 Mattresses

Okay, this one just seems gross to me. However, even if you can get past the concept, you really only should buy new mattresses. There are several health-related reasons for this including dust mites, bodily fluids (yes, it's gross, but it is true), and bed bugs. Yes... I said it, bed bugs. What are they? They are not just part of a cute little rhyme you use when putting your children to bed. They are real live blood-sucking insects that live in mattresses. They were almost eradicated in the 1950s, but have been on the rise worldwide recently. Speculation is that the increase in world-wide travel has taken these creatures abroad and they are rampant in some places. Most places have regulations that either prohibit the sell of used mattresses or require tags that require markings noting that the mattress is not new. Same thing goes for refurbished mattresses, which are made with recycled mattress parts. That's why that big annoying tag that says "all new material" is on your mattress. ...more

This would be bad you never know what germs are in it

How do you know no one laid on the mattress naked?

You don't know where that mattress has been!

6 Helmets

Same as with car seats, if these have been in an accident, it is best not to endanger your skull by putting it in there. And some internal, hidden damage could have occurred, so there is no guarantee that your self-inspection would catch any damage done to the shell. This goes for helmets of all types - motorcycle, bicycle, skating, etc. What to do? Same as child seat - buy new or from someone that you literally trust your life with.

These things mould to only one head. Protection is not guaranteed, & besides, a decent, brand new one is only slightly dearer

I once got head lice wearing a used helmet as a kid

7 Tampons

Yuck! Very unhygienic and gross.

8 Make Up

Yep, people sell their makeup on eBay, and do you know why? Because people buy makeup on eBay. No buyers = no sellers. So, even if they have only used it one time and decided it was the wrong shade, even if they have noted "sterilized for your safety" (yeah... explain to me exactly how they did that), don't fall for it. You can get a number of diseases including pink eye, cold sores (yeah... that's herpes, folks), nail fungus, skin-based staph infections, and even strep.
What to do? Have you noticed that there are a lot of websites out there (see the list of blogs I read) that tell you how to get some seriously cheap makeup at pharmacies such as CVS, Walgreen's and Rite Aid? Look at other stores' clearance shelf (I was able to stock up on some blush and eyeshadow that I loved, but that was being retired once). Just two days ago I posted here that E.L.F. is going out of business and having a huge clearance. Keep your eyes open folks, as there are plenty of ways to get most ...more

This should be either #1 or #2. Underwear is very bad too. Bathing suits are third.

That’s not good because people put makeup right on their face.

you should never because germs and prob because it is horrible make up so this should be #1!

9 Adult Toys

Yeah, no. Just no.

A dildo that was used by someone else. Ew

10 Toilet Paper

Ew! This would be so grose

Why is this on here. It's G-R-O-S-S!

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11 Food

Yuck I wouldn't buy food that someone else ate

Who wants food somebody else has had? Gross!

Especially if it’s one of those foods you have to lick. (Ice Creams, Lollipops)

12 Catheters
13 Toothbrush
14 Car Seat / Booster Seat

Unless you know the people who are the previous owners (and by know, I mean well - like they are your sister or something), never buy a vehicle safety device for your child second-hand. If these seats are in accidents - even minor fender-benders - they can be rendered unsafe. Without knowledge of the driving history of the previous owners, you do not want to risk using a car seat that would not protect your child in the event of an accident.

15 Children's Shoes

Children's feet are developing at an intense speed and are still very pliable. While it is uncomfortable to wear adult shoes that have been broken in by another person, it can be downright detrimental to the development of a child's feet. Serious foot problems could result that would require corrective surgery later in life for that child. Please take the time to buy good, supportive shoes for your child - especially the ones that they will be wearing for an extended period of time. And never put hard-soled shoes on your infant. Infants really don't need shoes until they are ready to walk, and then they need "walking shoes" designed to assist in the correct development of their tootsies. As long as it is not a safety issue, barefoot is always best, so if they are inside or you have a foot-friendly yard, let them run barefoot (or with socks indoors in the winter)

What to do? My advice is this - splurge on the pair(s) that they will wear regularly. For instance, our son has one ...more

When I outgrew my toddler-sized sneakers my mom gave them to my little cousins

16 Hard drive
17 Mouthguards

Why would anyone try to sell this in the first place!?!?!?

18 Skates

Just like shoes, above, even if you can get over the thoughts of what might have lurked between the toes of the previous owner and have heavily sanitized them as well, skates - if have been used for any length of time - will mold to the foot of the user and therefore, will never properly fit. They will then cause you much discomfort and possible actual foot damage.

What to do? Unless you really know what to look for, buy only from known sources who don't skate, but really wanted to learn. If they gave up quickly, there is your opportunity.

19 Hot Tubs

Seriously, people. Disgusting. Have you ever seen a set of jets properly cleaned out? It takes a LOT of chemicals and a LOT of work - more than most people are willing to invest (yeah... it's easier to sell if than really clean it good). And who knows who/what has been sitting in that tub. Ughhh.

What to do? Buy brand new only or find something else to spend your money on. Even if it is family you want to buy from... you just don't want to know them on that level.

20 Microwaves
21 Game Consoles

I bought a used ps3 and they had parental controls turned on I didn't know the password I couldn't play any m rated games on it or t rated games most of my ps3 games were rated m and t, only one game was rated E10+ and I was able to play it, only one game, I got a refund for the game

I bought a used xbox 360 and it had family controls on it, I couldn't play any m rated games or t rated games without the password I only had call of duty games and bully scholarship edition, it was unplayable, I gave it back for a refund

Once I bought a used original 3ds and it wasn't formatted and no sd card, there was a pin but I didn't know it so I couldn't format it, I bought it back for a refund and got a 2ds xl a week or 2 later

Might have someone's gamertag signed in or might not even work at all.

22 Toilet

How is this possible

23 Plasma TVs

With the cost of these TVs, I can see what this could be appealing. However, due to old technology, you can easily get your hands on a set that has images burned into the screen. If you are buying an older model (which I'm guessing you are since someone is selling it), you might have a TV that was made before all of the kinks were worked out and plasmas were failing left and right. Without a store to return it to or a warranty to call on, you are out some big money.

What to do? Sit on that want. As technology advances, the cost of these will plummet eventually. Even last year's model can be found at a huge discount already - especially when stores are trying to clear the way for the newest version. Like computers (which I am not adding to the list, but I will give them a quick reference here), the designers are working way too quickly to justify buying used and dealing with outdated technology.

I like these plasma

24 Certain Car Parts

Okay, I'll admit, this one I know nothing about, but in my research for this post, I found a list of parts that could cause either some serious headache or a real safety hazard by purchasing used. I am throwing it in because although I don't rebuild or fix cars, I can see why it would be appealing to buy second-hand parts. Since it could be a huge mistake, I am including it.

Old parts could explode..

These r awesome it works

25 Color by Numbers

Then they would already be complete!

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