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1 Nike

Nike is the best. Straight up they make everything! And they own air Jordan

They amazing I have loads of pairs

Nike is the best I have a bunch of shoes they rock. Everybody loves nike

They have good shoes

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2 Adidas Adidas Adidas AG is a German multinational corporation, headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, that designs and manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, and the second largest in the world. They were first founded in July of 1924 as Gebrüder Dassler more.

Adidas originals. Make awesome tees.

I live a every product of adidas...

I really lie this brand as it has a vast range of clothing

Best- a real slav

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3 Levis

Good stuff expensive but worth it

The quality of the fabrics is awesome ^. ^

Levis is good type of clo0thing for men and it is comfortable in summers

Good brand for clothing

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4 Polo Ralph Lauren

The best brand of men

Been a fan since childhood. Now that I have the power to spend, my money goes straight to the pony. Excellent fit, design, comfort, the value's just so rewarding.

I have polo shirts bought in the eighties, they are classic Americana.

It's quality but not too ridiculously overpriced like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Versace, etc.

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5 Gucci

Because this brand export materials from other places

A true brand created by gauchio gucci a shoemaker

This brand seriously has everything you need from luxurious professionals outfits to more casuals looks and also fine Jewelry I like that their clothing is 100% cotton making it more comfortable n yes its really expensive but truly worth the price


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6 Calvin Klein

It does have really smart clothes and yes it should be a little higher in this list.

The boxers are like no other and the jeans are quite nice also and they are good quality and quite expensive making you seem like a baller

Come on you guys it's CALVIN KLEIN not any clothing brand

I love this brand

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7 Aeropostale

It has everything. Anything anyone needs. It meets to everyone's taste. It has something for anyone. Aeropostale has brought style to the world and is a classic favorite. It has invented the word fashion.

Yeah, the only reason Aeropostale isn't at the top is because these idiots think that more expensive is better.

I love Aeropostale it's affordable and there clothes are my style! Jeans fit really well and are comfy. I also get a ton of coupons!

Has good quality (and cute) outfits, and they aren't greedy for money

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8 Puma Puma

Its nice I love its fitting is awesome

Nike is overrated and doesn't have the best shoes but puma has the best shoes and cloth

I'm a fan of PUMA they are making very good products and in general I like sport brands.

Best brand of shoes and clothes I have ever worn

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9 Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy just takes the cake their brilliant! The designs the patterns and the transition of color is keen. My hat goes off to Hilfiger for their epic sense of style!

The best clothes I have ever had
Also they make bigger sizes

Tommy hilfiger is the best. The clothes are comfortable, elite and sobor. The fabric and the quality is amazing. The service which you get in Tommy Hilfiger is great. The staff treats you so well and the customer service standards are above xpectations.

Tommy izz the besy

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10 American Eagle

I just LOVE American eagle. I like to shop there a lot! They have a lot of variety and Aerie is also part of it

Its excellent brand I am very comfortable with this brand and also called every one it use to ware

Why is this so low, Aeropostale has been losing interest and american eagle not only has some of the nicest boxers but is amazing entirely

Most of my clothes are from there.

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11 Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercromie and Fich is a great clothes brand I love it is cool for everyone it is for every season.

I like the designs of Abercrombie & Fitch. I buy most of the clothes for my hubby from A&F.

I love abercrombie just as much as I love hollister. Expensive, but nice :-)

Very good clothing line

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12 Versace

Medusa hed on me like I'm illuminati

Versace jeans comes to Africa! Melrose Arch!

Personally I think it's a good brand but it costs too much

Versace is my favorite besides Gucci and tom ford

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13 Lacoste

I love lacoste specially its logo

Lacoste is crushing ant brands when it comes to polos originally the first to come out with polo and the material and quality is beyond durable no doubt leading the competition

Quality brand, expensive maybe put worth every penny

Lacoste has a really cool funky style compared to its main rival Ralph Lauren.

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14 Victoria's Secret

The underwear seems pretty cheap but the bras are so nice. They are so comfortable and looks like they were made with good quality. I've never tried any of their clothing though. Lingerie is nice too.

Love their sweaters and leggings! Super comfortable and warm!

I love Victoria's Secret good Quality and good clothing

I love Pink and I think this needs to be number one, this brand may be expensive but it's worth it I love pink and where it 24-7 it's comfy and good quality clothing.

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Affordable and best design clothing

Fabric is very soft

The best relation price/quality ever


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16 Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton

Nice clothes like the best in the world

It's a French brand

High fashion and exclusive

Good quality. - catlvr

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17 True Religion

I love them I buy a pair at least every two weeks they are great quality they last long and the way I think of it is you pay more the longer it will last if you go spend 22 dollars at WalMart for a pair of jeans you will wear them 3 times and boom holes and rips you go with true religion 500$ last you long time

There jeans are so genius! I love them, I own like 20 pairs

Yes good brand but one comment made about Wal-Mart jean 1000000000% wrong Dickie jeans, Wrangler jeans, Lee jeans are made for working an working hard an out doors the last longer specially if you don't abuses them they last forever kock Wal-Mart company but not the brands they sell because those brands will last 10times as long as this one an yes this is a fact.

Spleanded clothes marvelous stitching and colour ways own different pants sweaters and shirts

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18 Hollister

Well ehemm! Hollister is one of my favorite brands! I begged my parents for Hollister on Christmas and I freaked out when I found Hollister clothes sitting under my tree. I get all my clothes from here (:. I RECOMMEND IT!

Hollister is the type of clothes that never loses size or color after wash, it always fits the way it should, it feels EXTREMELY comfortable, and it is priced decently. I love Hollister because of the California culture that it's incorporated with. I love California, and I love looking like I'm from California. Hollister pretty much represents California in the best way possible and believe me, no compromises have been made here. Hollister clothing is PERFECT.It makes me feel better about myself when I look in the mirror.

Simple. It is comfortable, offers a wide range of clothing for any season and the store offers a great feel of comfort. What is not to like?

I love Hollister da got some lit clothes

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19 Urban Outfitters

Expensive but has something for everyone there! Super modern, trendy, and I love shopping there!

Affordable indie hipster clothes.

A little pricy but the best shop out there for vintage hipster clothes & products.

My absolute favorite store.

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20 Dolce & Gabbana Dolce & Gabbana Dolce & Gabbana is a luxury Italian fashion house founded in 1985 in Legnano by Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

The best clothes I have ever seen.

This is best for me because their products are so amazing & Original.

Always amazing collections!

I think this brand has excellent quality, variety and style.I enjoy every thing Dolce and Gabbana has to share it is my brand of the day! 6.1.2017

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21 American Apparel

Apart from great quality clothing, it is fair trade

Good looking but prices need some work

Great casual clothes. Good stuff!

Good looking but abit of expensive

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22 Benetton

Best Clothing Brand should be a brand which is affordable as well as top notch quality. This brand's products came always tagged with a nice affordable price and with very fine quality and the thing which I love most about Benetton is their colours. They are the best.

Affordable and top quality products. In love with Benetton ever since I first bought it!

I think is this simple and best

My favorite brand

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23 PacSun

Cool shoes and for a decent price

Only place that sells kapa

Great store

Expensive lmao

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24 Steve Madden
25 Guess

Guess is THE brand for classy, sexy and confident womens

Exceptional clothing! love their jeans!

A$ap x guess is fire - Ed98


26 Under Armour Under Armour Under Armour, Inc. is an American company that manufactures footwear, sports, and casual apparel. Under Armour's global headquarters are located in Baltimore, Maryland with additional offices located in Amsterdam, Austin, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Houston, Jakarta, London, Mexico City, Munich, New York more.

Under Armour feels and looks so good with all styles it should be number 1 you get a nike sweatshirt and under armour the under armour will look better and last longer. It should be number 1

I had a pair of Under Armour shoes and they sucked but all of Under Armour's shirts, shorts, hats, and etc are excellent fit, are comfortable, keep you warm if that is what they were suppssed to do and cool if that is their design, and look nice.

Amazing brand, all gym gear is under armour even most day to day clothes are under armour, Number 1 in my opinion

The cotton charged material is so soft its unbeleivable!

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27 Old Navy Old Navy Old Navy is an American clothing and accessories retailing company owned by American multinational corporation Gap Inc.

It's not the greatest store it feels a little behind from the other stores, but low prices for a lot of things and really good quality

The tops and tanks are so cute and totally in style! Good quality and very pretty

Horrible quality

Simple and good prices. I can’t complain.

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28 Stone Island

Stone island is the top clothing brand in the world and most expensive because of its quality and and interest from football hooligans

Stone Island is fantastic because of its experiments on clothing materials and its simplistic yet extremely fashionable clothing

Stone island is just beautiful and while the logo is very present its also really pretty unlike canada goose.

Best brand as everyone wears it and in fashion

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29 Abbey Dawn
30 Chanel Chanel Chanel S.A. is a French, privately held company owned by Alain and Gérard Wertheimer, grandsons of Pierre Wertheimer, who was an early business partner of the couturière Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel.

Chanel clothing is handmade and beautiful. There's nothing like classic Chanel. It should be number one!

I admire her life

Chanel the best brand of all time

It is the best clothing brand

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31 Valentino

Your collection! <3 plus your shower gels.

32 Givenchy Givenchy Givenchy is a French luxury fashion and perfume house. It hosts the brand of haute couture clothing, accessories and Parfums Givenchy, perfumes and cosmetics.
33 rue21

Love Rue 21! All different types of clothing styles, accessories, and more for a very affordable price! The price is very good for the quality, which is top notch.

I jerk off there

34 Forever 21

Best and very affordable

Great long lasting material, adorable clothing, and affordable

Forever21's clothing selection is so beautiful!

High quality material.

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35 Brandy Melville

I love the simplicity of Brandy Melville. It's cute clothing, for a reasonable price.

Cute clothing, but I believe it's pretty overpriced for the quality.

Love all their tops! Cute, simple, and good quality!

Brandy is so cute and so trendy

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36 Balmain

Top designer clothes from Paris with pure lines and good textile quality, they use icons as lions, snakes and eagles I the design.

Top designer clothes from Paris, use icons as: lion, snakes and eagles in the design, pure lines and good textile quality

Has its own class

37 Vans

Damn daniel back at it again with the white vans

Vans is best brand in skate stuff

Vans is like the sickest brand around


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38 Supreme

Yo Supreme is one of the greatest brands on Earth, I have 16 box logo hoodies and despite the price they were all worth it!

Best clothing!

What the hell 89% this website is broken

Ay can't go wrong with sup - braydonaweimer

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39 Sissy Boy

Looks like a T-Girl goodies brandt.

40 Juicy Couture

Best brand ever not so famous but good quality

41 Henri Lloyd

Simply the best brand there is. Completely prestigious, expensive and exclusive. The ultimate statement


42 Amy Byer

Fashionable. Should be higher, much, much higher! - funnyuser

43 Fred Perry

Fred perry is one of the best brands all its clothing is comfortable nice and lasts long plus its expensive becasue its worth it in other websites it is in the top ten clothing this is dum putting it 40 th

I love Fred perry it should definitely be number one Nike isn't that good when it comes to clothes

The bags are buff

just mad

44 New York and Company
45 Banana Republic

I have best clothes of this brand. Hard to find in India. That's bad.

Banana Republic has the cutest clothes ever! I love this store.

Amazing quality, yet affordable. Love it


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46 Hugo Boss

Best brand in the world. Top brand at Laguna clothing

If you like comfort check out there Maine brand jeans they are really soft and light for summer

Best quality you can get on the market, so if you like quality go get it now!

Sieg heil

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47 Roxy

I got a Roxy swimsuit and it was really cute but the colors faded and looked dull after a few months

I had a Roxy surf drive which is a USB flash drive. I use it to copy my photos, music and documents from 1 PC to another. I purchased the USB flash drive off of Amazon 2 years ago during the Christmas holidays. - shelleyduvallfan10

48 H&M H&M

I has unique clothing for really good price, if you want to be in style or sometimes break the style, this is is the place for you

Super cheap with super cute clothes. Some of their clothes aren't very good quality but you would expect that from the price.

Just...well, the clothing is so trendy, but not so trendy it isn't tacky. It's so CLEAN...I love it.

So chic all the way.

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I, love DKNY..jeans and T shirt. it make feel so excited when ever I put them my body...

50 Billabong

They are the best and they absolutely are cool as hell - gordokc77

Awesome product's

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