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They used to protect our screens from burned in images, but now they serve as living pictures that give us an excuse to go idle for 10 minutes. So in honor of their assault on productivity, let's debate the top ten best Windows screensavers of all time.

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1 PolarClock

It's the coolest screensaver ever, I like the colors and the animation. It's just great. I reccomend it to anyone using windows 7. I just don't kno the site you can downmload it from.

2 Windows 95/98 Maze Screensaver

Deserves the second spot. As a kid, the screen saver amazed me because it was 3D and the fact that you can change the floor and wall of the maze! - StephanTheIdiot

I Like Mazes :D - CuteGirlJigglypuff

3 Avatar Theme for Windows 7
4 3D Objects
5 Windows Energy

A screen saver featured in windows vista

6 Maya Paint Effects

holy crap what an amazing screensaver, I can totally hallucinate from sensory deprivation on this. I once watched it for 37 1/2 hours straight

Tons of customizations. Guaranteed you'll be able to come up with a configuration you'll love.

7 Electric Sheep

This screensaver is epic. It downloads new sequences via bit torrent while it runs (they're referred to as sheep). You may see the same sheep at first while it builds it's cache but after running for a week or so, you're almost guaranteed to never see the same thing twice. It's truly mesmerizing.

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8 The Matrix Screensaver

I'm srry Dream Aquarium but The Matrix Screensaver is the greatest screensaver off all time - ballaboi17

Another oldie but goodie.

The matrix screensaver is truly outstanding...

This one is great/

9 3D Pipes

Native Windows screensaver (at least prior to Vista) that more than holds its own.

its entertaining as well as cool - catman_zeppelin

I always use this screensaver. - dragon13304

I LOVE to stare at this screensaver... It's really hypnotizing - VoidSense

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10 Flying Windows (Windows 3.1/95/98)

The Contenders

11 Dream Aquarium

Out of the thousands of aquarium screensavers, this one stands above all.

12 Johnny Castaway

I'm sorry but to get a screensaver that gets me or any child as hooked as johnny does is impossible, he is literally the third person in my relationship and he still throws up surprises! What will he do next? And the most amazing thing is he has been around nearly 18 years and has not once been boring! Anyone that votes for a stupid clock over johnny clearly is lacking johnny love.

The classic screensaver that gets people absolutely hooked. One guy claimed that he saw Johhny do something he'd never done before after 6 YEARS of using the screensaver.

13 Particle Fire

Absolutely addicting. I had Particle Fire installed on a work machine while I was doing technical support and I stared at it for so long that I saw the screensaver when I closed my eyes at night to go to bed.

14 3Planesoft Caribbean Islands

I have used Planesoft other breath taking screensaver and never had a problem. I download the screen saver itself and not a bunch of other files asking me to install this or that which is rather refreshing. For the past 3 years I have always gotten a quick response back from them anytime I have had a problem.

15 SETI@home

Search for extraterrestrial life from your computer.

16 Creepy Faces
17 Ribbons
18 Mystery (Windows 98)
19 Bubbles
20 Avast Antivirus
21 Britney Spears
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1. Flying Windows (Windows 3.1/95/98)
2. Windows 95/98 Maze Screensaver
3. 3D Objects
1. Windows 95/98 Maze Screensaver
2. Windows Energy
3. 3D Objects


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