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1 Television Television Product Image

I just don't like telly, to be honest. I don't see why people obsess about it so much, blabbing on about the wonders of television. If I had to get rid of either my television or my laptop, I would get rid of my television. I don't like the programs, it's often rude and offensive and the children's channel is full of some things that really should be saved for the eighteen-and-over channels, they're really not age appropriate. Eight year olds should not be hearing about sex and heavy drinking, and some of these drama programs give completely the wrong idea. Plus, telly is not useful. No, no, no, no and no, I definitely do not agree.

Television is most useful to ourself

I believe that television is very useful. If you look back in time to the time when television was just a mere thought then you will realise that television is so important in out time and today as we grow and mature. Television will become more advanced and more mature than it already is.

It's true period

2 Laptops/Computers Laptops/Computers Product Image

Computers are definitely the best! So many thing you can do with them: Play games/call people/watch TV/take photos and most importantly of course: surf the web!
It's great that Nintendo DS comes before Television though!

Laptops/ computers are the best electronic device. Laptops can be taken anywhere and internet is easily available. Computers or laptops are made joining many devices, as we can say one device is better than many, as what they provide are same-player, speaker, internet, can call online (as in mobiles or telephones), watch movies as on television, etc... I say it is the best device which is very much necessary in the modern world not only in the terms of development but also it is very useful in the modern life style or in busy life.

It has almost every feature of others gadgets, from cell phone to gaming. Computer with net is a lethal combination.

I think the laptops/ computer are the best of this list, because are very usefull and are so think you can do with this electronic device.

3 iPhone iPhone Product Image

Apple introduced the iphone in 2007, and it literally changed the world and how people go about doing their daily activities. It was also the product that paved the way for all other smart phone companies. If you don't believe me, just take a lot at the smart phones that were out before the iphone and what they were capable of.

Look at the original iPhone's keynote, and people were cheering at things as simple as scrolling through music on the touch screen. - railfan99

This is the best because I'm not interested in television and I don't even know what a play station or a psp is. Though I had a hard choice between iphone and wii even if I didn't have one. But does this mean that psp and iphone is tie?

I love my iPhone I would not be able to live with out it!

iPhone are the modern electronic device through which we can see the entire world in a second and collect the new information... It's very essential in this new world because new things and incident happen more often so, it helps to updates us and creat a new idea. Not only iPhone is fast it's more convenient for us in our busy life...

4 Cameras Cameras Product Image

I love taking pictures, so, I really like cameras

Camera is most important for our life

Cameras are really good if you want to keep track on things you have done long time ago.

A photo can last forever but a text can't

5 Nintendo Wii Nintendo Wii Product Image

It's a very popular device that is fun to play with family and friends.

You need a Wii remote to play this

So many memories of throwing my controller at the wall

Really fun to play games on

6 iPad iPad Product Image

It's amazing apples best product it is #1 it has a big screen it is thin you can call some one with FaceTime
It has 10! Hour battery life you can take amazing photos and video you get photo booth automatically etc... Who wouldn't want one

How seriously is electric lamp beating this. You can do a million things more with this. I even have one

Love I pads! They are great!

An iPad has such a long lasting battery and it is so useful in every day life!

7 PSP PSP Product Image

I have ps vita. It's great electronic device. I think it's world best AR & electronic device...

Awesome! One of the best technology devise ever.

PlayStation rooks they're WAY better than Nintendo by far

I have a PSP and I love it

8 Kindle Fire Kindle Fire Product Image

The latest kindle is the kindle fire HDX I have it and it is amazing!

They r so useful

So handy I just love that you don't need to grab something bigger

I think kindles are fun you can have games shows and more

9 Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Product Image

The Xbox should be in the top ten because it can do many things and is much better than the PlayStation 3 and you can watch films, play online and chat with your friends!

I think the Xbox 360 is the best because it can do as many thing as a computer and more!

So many games

Xbox is one of the greatest things invented so it should be at least in the top 5

10 Oven Oven Product Image

These are the best machines in the entire world guys!

this is apples best product yet! you should go buy your self one today guys!

Cooking is basic to human needs. Electric or microwave ovens do this.

It is very good gadget

Great for making butter chicken with my Indian bestie

The Contenders

11 Samsung Smart Phones Samsung Smart Phones Product Image

This be the most bought device on the entire world, EVERYONE BUY A SAMSUNG TODAY!

Samsung should be number one

The world's best strong and tough product are Samsung products.

They are the best

12 Electric Lamp Electric Lamp Product Image

At the present, we can't spend even a single night without electric lamp. Every work takes place with its help. And it is growing more and more important. Even in hilly and village areas the use of electric lamp is spreading.

Show the electronic devices with pictures

Because I want to made a model on it so please help me to made it

Nobody can live without it.

13 Washing Machine Washing Machine Product Image

There are very useful at present to wash clothes. And it has made a helpful way for many women. The new technology saves time.

It is very useful for washing and drying I when I use it my clothes are always clean.

Fabulous bby

Pagal hai jo is ko parraha hai amaki churan

14 Kindle Fire XDX
15 PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4 Product Image

I have one their so much fun! )

I will give you anything for that

Should be before ps3.
Better than xbox
So underrated

better than all of Xboxes consoles

16 iPod iPod Product Image

I have one and there great for keeping your favorite tunes.

I have an ipod touch 5th gen and it works just like a normal phone, amazing for kids like me!

It is portable and a bit more fun than a iphone

Panda brua I got broads in atlanta

17 Fan Fan Product Image

Do you think we can spend a night without fan or ac? No. We can see the fan running even at day time in school, offices and in houses. It is widely used all over the world.

Always useful on a summer day...

Need it to survive

18 PlayStation 3 PlayStation 3 Product Image

Play Station 3 Is just awesome. Great experience and is a brand of sony with ultimate 3dness

PlayStation 3 with all its exclusive features, the operating system, the themes, the dolby sound quality and everything... Its simply awesome!

Best console of its time.

Same very fun

19 Google Glass Google Glass Product Image


20 iPad mini iPad mini Product Image
21 PC

PC is definitely the best, it has a larger screen, a really powerful processor. I loveee it!

22 Printer Printer Product Image

Printer is very useful in the modern world. It is better than copying down from the computer and it also saves a lot of time. And it makes the work easy.

Seriously a printer just write your darn letters to people

23 Nintendo DS Nintendo DS Product Image

Great consle. You can take it on the go and there are so many versions of it. It has many great games. It is better than psp. I have a ds lite and it is awesome, so take it from me, it's great

ds rules whats not to love

It is the best, because you can do so many things on it! My favorite games are Style Savvy trendsetters and the New leaf game

Don't like them

24 Bolometer

What is a bolometer

I have 7 at home

Good luck and best wishes

What is this

25 Blu Ray Player Blu Ray Player Product Image

Great player

Blu blu bate ray play play eir I am the blue I amd blue player

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