Top Ten Grossest Cigarette Brands

Just a list of the worst cigarette brands in the world.
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1 Pall Mall

Bought a pack of Pall Mall Blue in once (I live in Ontario) because I was looking to save money.

Unfortunately, it ended up costing me more money in the long run. After about smoking two of them I was quite nauseous; so I threw the pack in the garbage (8 bucks or whatever they cost down the drain).

Went back to the same store about an hour later and went back to my DuMauier Mellows; they cost more but you do get what you pay for.

Asked for the cheapest cigs needless to say I quit smoking after a pack of blue pall malls and I smoked everything ranging from almost all Marlboros to European Kent HDs and Russian Black Sobranie. The Pall Mall reds were the first cigarette I had in Europe and they were bad but Ok. In the States the blue pall malls made me more disgusted than watching holocaust documentaries.

Pall Mall 100's in the red box is the brand I smoke. I Like them and they are my #1 go to cigarette.
They last longer than most other cigarettes, that slow burn, I timed it compared to 3 other brands.
If I smoke any other cigarette other than Pall Mall then it feels like I have'nt smoked.
PALL MALL... Long Lasting... My Brand... And I Like the taste

2 Newport

My roommate smokes these in my 3 season porch and they SMELL AWFUL! It also lingers. Lingers on clothes, in bedrooms, in my porch. It's so gross. Pay the extra money and buy better quality cigarettes people! Unless you want to smell like a rotting ashtray.

I'm white, & I smoke the Newport Nonmenthol Golds & I love them. However, the red box is absolutely disgusting. Leaves the worst after taste.

They taste so bad, leaves me feeling sick.

I smoke Newport menthol 100s and they are good and not that cheap. The red pack is horid though

3 Ruili River

I bought 2000 of the things, feels like I have a permanent tongue scrape, anyway trying to give up so these may help, I've smoked a lot of cheap in the past with no issues but theses, no idea what's in them.

Kindly reduce amount of nicotine and tar upto 50%
It will become more poular. Excess nicotine causes heavy cough and nausea and acidity in chest and abdomin. Kindly take immediate action

4 Native

Got a carton of these and I thought "not to bad for the price" Into my second carton I was coughing and my lungs filed up worth fluid. What ever they are doing it is wrong just wrong. Went back to my usual brand and these issues cleared right up YUCK

If you want to know what a native tastes like, roll up some sawdust and smoke that. It will be just as harsh and awful tasting as this sorry excuse for a cigarette.

5 Maverick

These deserve the #2 slot, in my opinion. I'm pretty sure the tobacco used in Mavericks has all been eaten off the floor of a chicken coop by a fat farm dog, then pooped out into a bucket of vomit, before being dried on the floor of a Tijuana strip club that was recently used for a donkey show. It is then swept up with a moldy broom and stored in old septic tanks until it is finally rolled into cigarettes 16 years later.

These almost made me quit smoking after trying only two of them. I gave the pack away to some bum at McDonald's begging change. NEVER smoke these. They have some pungent off-chemical type of smell to them and blowing out the nose will actually burn your sinus. Horrible.

Tried these when I was younger. One of the worst tasting cigarettes in my opinion. My friend bought them because they were cheap. I won't touch cigarettes anymore because I'm way more health-conscious now but these should be in the #1 spot.

Taists ok, but they feel of a burning toung all the way down to your smomach the next day is like what would happen after puffing on burning rubber piping tube, while it's cought chemicals and dirt siff over grease on the tube of all kinds, and it is connected to a running carbon dioxcide gas supply.

6 Camel

My x-husband smokes these and they smell so bad it makes me gag, I smoke Virginia Slims. My house never smelled even though I smoke. Since he started rooming with me I can't stand how every room smells like Camels. Yuck.

I'm glad they're also in this list and not only on the best list...
I really don't like the taste of Camel, it's one of the worst...
It tastes like rolling a piece of camel-dung in a rolling paper, and smoking that up so yeah, no...

The biggest problem was when Camel changed their tobacco blend in 2008. Their pre-2008 blend was fantastic and I long for the day they bring them back, if they ever do.

7 Pyramid

Pyramid red was the first cigarette I ever smoked (although this was not my first time smoking, as I used to smoke Black and Mild). Anyway, they made me want to never smoke cigs again, until my friend talked me into a Marlboro. That's when I realized cigarettes aren't gross, just Pyramid cigarettes.

Lit one from a fresh pack and it tasted odd then noticed a hole in the paper so I opened the cigarette and dumped out the tobacco and found 20 little beatle looking bugs in it. Straight NASTY and gas station where I just bought them wont take the hole pack back and refund me. Wish I knew who to contact regarding this nasty issue

Absolutely disgusting. No matter how long you've been smoking. These ones burn your throat inhaling and exhaling. And smell like crap.

8 Wave

Honestly what are these even. I can't deal with this insanity.

9 Timeless Time

I got a pack that was good tasting so I bought a carton king red 100's they taste nothing like the pack I purchased before. The first pack had favor the carton packs taste like saw dust or hot air. I am going to ask the vendor to test them maybe he will trade me as I think this ahole gave me bad smokes or supper stale ones. no taste at all like a electronic cig.

Smoked a few Timeless Times and now I've been sick for a week straight. They are one step away from little cigars. I would not even call these cigareties they are a nicotine alternative. Worst cigarette ever.

The red 100s aren't terrible for when you're broke. $36 a carton's a good deal but I prefer my Marlboro Blacks for sure. These are a little bland.

10 Marlboro

The most overrated brand out there. Burn fast and the taste gets old really fast. Don't get the big following, people just follow them for there popularity.

I don't understand Marlboro's popularity. The flavor is bad, they burn fast and unevenly, and the smoke is way too harsh.

I don't get why everyone likes these. They burn too fast and taste like ashed-out butts. Flavorless trash.

Even though they are over rated they are still food depending on what you get, reds menthol,nxt,black menthol. Although they failed on regular blacks,they do not burn good nor even. Factory fail I say.

The Contenders
11 Silk Cut

By far the worst, especially the Purples. Nasty and cheap tasting.

12 Sandia

You pretty much smoke paper were I live in Texas the cost about 2$ there nasty..

13 Edgefield

I bought 2 cartons back in February, and just now (June) stopping the awful cough. Tore me up. Don't now what is in this product, but deadly.

14 Surya
15 Smoking Joes

I know someone who smokes these and it smells like a rotten possum in a dirty diaper with burning perm hair. Her cough gurgles like an old buick with too much oil and a gastank full of diesel straight out of the exxon valdez. I would rather smell a beached humpback that just ate a ton of month old septic tampons from a 3rd world country. The exhaled smoke literally looks like a skull and crossbones, and the house has cancer.

Not good. At all. They taste as if you're smoking year old dried pine needles out of an old muffler. They made me kinda quesy also. Where I live, generally, the tweakers usually like them. I'm sure it's their top rated cigarette of choice, but I would never be the one to place a misnomer of "quality tobacco" on this not even sub-par taste. Sorry but needs improvement.

My mouth tastes like a ashtray after smoking these.

16 Doral

Just plain awful! Have smoke many brands in my many years of smoking ( 35 ) and I have to ask and wonder if the tobacco came from the tobacco drying warehouse floor! Just can't do it threw them out!

These are laughable. They deliver if your a budget smoker. Better than Pall Malls.

17 Grand Prix

One of my first packs of cigarettes lol and by golly there foul! I agree I felt the cancer forming rapidly lol I am surprised tourny brand didn't make the list and what is a "Ruili River" come on people smoke a Marlboro for your own sakes. All smoking may cause cancer but id rather enjoy getting cancer than smoking dirt and getting cancer. #cowboykiller

I can't stand the bad after taste and the smoking them makes me feel the cancer developing

18 Winston

Once bought a pack of these when I was trying to save money. They taste like you inhale smoke coming from a lit up piss-soaked carpet.

Marlboro is #1 worst,... Winston is 2nd! I can literally smell the addction added heavy metals in both!

19 More

I'm smoking for 5 years and I've came across many unpleasant cigarettes, but this wins my vote

20 Bronco
21 Monte Carlo

It literally has a sour taste. Very bad cigarette.

22 Sky Dancer

I just got a carton of these in Menthol; needless to say, they will help me quit... Awful after-taste! The smoke was super light

But breathing it out feels and tastes like disease... I almost prefer "Juditas" to these

No... Juditas are the worse (a Mexican brand... you could find them for 10 to 20 pesos: $.50-$1.) But I got a carton of these for 40$ grrr

23 Lucky Strike

Bought a brick in Greece because they were cheap, non menthol, it's two hours since I smoked one and I still taste in my mouth

24 Bridgeport
25 Amber Leaf

Like deeply inhaling a cigar, excessively strong, a budget smoke

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