Top Ten Things Parents Should Not Do to Their Kids

Some parents can be abusive to their kids these days.
And some spoil them to much.
So here is how an adult shouldn't raise their kids.

The Top Ten

1 Let them be bullied

Well, my parents nearly MADE ME BE BULLIED. I sure am glad not many people saw me back then when my mom was trying to "babysit" me when I was camping with my friends (and all my friends go without their parents). If there were many people who saw me back then, they could've bullied me relentlessly because they might thought that I'm still a baby while I'm NOT. Seriously mom, stop being overprotective - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

2 Hurt them
3 Badly punish them
4 Kill them

This should be #1.

Seriously. This should be no. 1 - nko32

*loses all sanity that any parent would do this* - Pikachu7586

It seems so unrealistic... but people have actually done this to their kids.

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5 Let them be a bully
6 Give them too much stuff
7 Not punish them if they deserve it
8 Not let them eat
9 Rape them

That is so disgusting!

what - opinionated4

What... I have no words as to why some dumbass parent would rape their children. WHY?!?!?!? - Pikachu7586

10 Take them far away then leave them behind

The Contenders

11 Make them watch only newer Cartoon Network shows for a month


12 Give them to an abusive family
13 Abuse them
14 Steal from them
15 Punish them when they never mean harm
16 Spoil them V 1 Comment
17 Treat one better than the other
18 Not listen
19 Let them play violent video games

Yeah, but my parents are pretty overprotective that they won't even let me fight other players or destroy stuff in Minecraft. First, fighting is one of the point of the game. Second, I'm destroying stuffs IN MY GAME. If I did that in real life, then you can be mad at me, but I did that IN GAME. What's wrong with that? You're ruining all the fun! - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

20 Coddle over them
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