Top Ten Things Parents Should Not Do to Their Kids

Some parents can be abusive to their kids these days.
And some spoil them to much.
So here is how an adult shouldn't raise their kids.

The Top Ten

1 Let them be bullied

Yeah. It gives them low self esteem. - JoeBoi

2 Hurt them

Mine hurt my feelings and reputation sometimes! :(

3 Kill them

I agree with everyone that this should be number 1. I hate it when parents even put their hands on kids.

This should be #1.

Seriously. This should be no. 1 - nko32

Should be number 1, death is the worst thing ever.

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4 Badly punish them

That’s child abuse! You should not do this! - JoeBoi

5 Let them be a bully
6 Give them too much stuff
7 Not let them eat

My dad forces me to cook my own food and if I don't cook then he threatens to starve me that night. My mom refuses to let me cook and I'm 26...

You know food and water is a need. Denying them this is child neglect. - JoeBoi

8 Not punish them if they deserve it
9 Rape them

That is so disgusting!

What why is this on the list?

what - opinionated4

What... I have no words as to why some dumbass parent would rape their children. WHY?!?!?!? - Pikachu7586

10 Treat one better than the other

In my family, it's me and my younger sister. Guess who ALWAYS gets the better treatment? (Hint: it's not me)

It’s easy to tell that my parents have favorite kids, and I am the least favorite.

The Contenders

11 Take them far away then leave them behind
12 Make them watch only newer Cartoon Network shows for a month


13 Give them to an abusive family
14 Abuse them

That’s illegal! - JoeBoi

15 Steal from them
16 Punish them when they never mean harm
17 Spoil them

14? this should be 1

18 Not listen
19 Let them play violent video games
20 Coddle over them
21 Let them watch overrated cartoons

I saw the ban them from watching porn item. I regret making this a subjective list. - Skullkid755

22 Smash their toys
23 Tell them to watch children's shows
24 Be overprotective
25 Spank them
26 Control their life
27 Beat Them
28 Embarrass them
29 Reprimand them for nothing
30 Baby Them
31 Constantly Criticize Them
32 Yell at them until they cry
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