Top Ten Things to Put On Your Bucket List

What to do before you croak. Thought it would be interesting.

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1 Go Sky Diving

If I had the nerve, this would be magical. To feel absolute freedom, the wind gushing through your hair...Ahh... - Britgirl

I like to go on scary amusement park rides, so this will be awesome! - Hanjax70

I probably would not do that. =^v^=

2 Get on TV or Movies

Being a celebrity has been a dream for me. To play a character is me experimenting with my personalities I made up in my head. In the last dys of my life, I would like to be in someone's life, making my life more meaningful.

I've been interested in being an animator or voice actress for some time, I'd love to give life to a character's voice. It's never too late to become a voice actor. - Hanjax70

Only if it is voice acting for me. Being a live action actor would be impossible for me due to shyness

I have tried that many times but it has never worked. Maybe I should just photo bomb news reporters and then run away. :-) =^v^=

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3 Go to Times Square for New Year's

Not safe, it's cold, and there are no bathrooms or food. If I did that, I would be wearing Pampers size 7 diapers to poop and pee in for that day only and bring food and lots of clothes and batteries and chargers for my camera and phone.

I imagine it would be just a little crowded - Ajkloth

I have. It was awesome, cause my crush's family came with us!

Where is that? =^v^=

4 Meet Someone Famous

I met the LA Clippers

I've met two Filipino celebrities, Darren Espanto at the airport and Daniel Padillia at his concert. - Fandom_Lover

I met dick rutan

I've done it! Kate milla hitka. I even got her autograph. =^v^=

5 Ride Kingda Ka

It's the tallest and second fastest coaster in the world! You will able to tell people that you did it and you can officially say you did it

I did this a few days ago. It wasn't that scary, but it was extremely fun!

I rode it. The Kingda Ka rules! - Tacocheese

I wanted to do this but my mom won't let me :(

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6 Get a Tattoo

This shoudn't even be here. - LeRoiDesSapins

You should not get tattoos. You do not need to. =^v^=

7 Go Bungee Jumping

Always wanted to do this

Probably not. =^v^=

8 Run a Marathon

Sounds fun but tiring. I could do it though. =^v^=

9 Go to the Airport, Pick a Random Flight, and Go On It

I would pick the flight to Vegas

10 Put a Mentos in Cola

I have done this before! It was funny! A girl got under it while exploding and got wet! - funnyuser

Ugh I need to do this

I really want to do it but never find an oppertunity

Once I put fiz whiz in a can of creaming soda. LOL It went crazy.

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11 Take a Trip
12 Go to Ireland

Folks, it's full of people like Puga. - PositronWildhawk

Yay! I want to go to Ireland! =^v^=

13 Lose Your Virginity

Can I just wait until marriage? I don't think that sounds like a good idea - MLPFan

I don't think this will count, since I'm asexual. - Hanjax70

Why can't I keep mine? - Merilille

What is that? =^v^=

14 Be an Extra In a Movie
15 Staying Up All Night

Doing this every 6 months or every year.

Have done this many times. It's fun. - Hanjax70

Done! It was a sleep over at school. My friends and I were sleep deprived that it we wouldn't even remember what happend the next day after. - Fandom_Lover

Done it. It was so fun. =^v^=

16 Donate Money to Charities
17 Skydive
18 Donate Blood

I don't have the nerve! Sorry...needles and other pokey things... Ugh!

You may think it's not necessary if you have a common blood type, but everyone thinks that. The result is that supplies aren't so high.
I'm a type A negative, and I donate regularly. - PositronWildhawk

I will do it one day, even if I may not have the nerve to now. - Hanjax70

I will do it one day. I just want to know that I am helping people by doing it. =^v^=

19 Be Part of a Flash Mob

I have always wanted to do this! - PianoQueen

20 Learn an Instrument
21 Dance In the Rain

Haha. In the Philippines, it's common, I've been doing this since prep to sixth grade! But I always got sick afterwards. - Fandom_Lover

22 Visit All 50 States
23 Find Love
24 Make Someone Happy

This is what I do a lot! - RiverClanRocks

Well, you should try to do this every day - Ajkloth

25 Get A Bucket

Best joke I've heard all day


26 Help People In Need
27 Go to Every State
28 Get a Good Job
29 See a Wild Lion

That would be so cool!

30 Adopt a Child
31 Go to Japan

I've always wanted to see Cherry Blossoms and draw them. This is on my bucket list for sure. - Fandom_Lover

32 Take A Photo a Day for a Year
33 Get a Souvenir from Your Favorite City
34 Send a Message In a Bottle
35 Visit the White House
36 Swim With Dolphins
37 Go Skinny Dipping

Ahem... A weirdo put this on this list

38 Become Good at Your Favorite Activity
39 Go to a Ghost B.C Concert
40 Become Rich
41 Get Away With Murder

Don't you think this is starting to get a little out of control?


42 See the Seven New Wonders of the World
43 Retire Into a Nice House
44 Get Huge Dogs
45 Love Yourself
46 Travel the World
47 Have Sex In Every State

No, This is not the awnser. You will end up liking it.

48 Steal Your Celebrity Crush's Underwear

... what

49 Volcano Surfing

Did anybody get to tell the tale afterwards? Can somebody tell me how it feels? No? Okay.. - Fandom_Lover

50 Meet the Entire Royal Family
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