Best Things to Do While Home Sick

Too sick to be productive? Too sick to go to work, or just can't do it today. There are a few of my favorite things to do whilst stuck in bed, sick.
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1 Sleep

Cold and flu symptoms can keep you from getting a good night's rest when you need it.
Be lazy. Avoid doing anything that requires a lot of energy. Stay at home for a day or two and sit and stay down. Sit on the sofa, uncurl and watch a movie or the news. Or go online and watch videos on YouTube or update your status on Facebook. Lie on the couch or in your bed and read a book. Find a way that you can stay entertained while sitting or lying down. Take naps. Although you may have trouble sleeping regularly, when you're sick you tend to get tired more often. In the middle of the day, whenever you feel tired, have a warm cup of milk, get in bed and catch up on your beauty sleep. When you wake up you'll probably feel more refreshed than before.
Don't let anybody bother you when you're sleeping or relaxing.
Keep all of your lights off if you are trying to rest.

2 Play Video Games

I threw up last night, and had to miss school, and I'm actually pretty glad I got sick, since I hate school so much. The only downside is that I would have to make up some work, but usually my school doesn't give out any homework on Wednesdays (The day that I had to miss), so it's fine. Maybe I'll just play Video games instead.

I believe that video games are very beneficial to a person if they are sick... For example, they can get your mind off of your pain (not advised if your head hurts), and they also give you a source of entertainment in which does not require much physical movement.

3 Masturbate

I'd love to (it's what I've been trying to do all day), but I have a hard time getting erect when I'm uncomfortable with a fever. It's not easy.

Hey, it releases dopamine into the brain, which is relaxing and can lead to sleep, why wouldn't you do it?

It helps you sleep; it feels amazing, and it's not mentally draining! What's not to like?!

4 Take a Bath

If you have one of those bath pillows you could lay down and rest you're eyes for a while. This is really relaxing and I always do this. Also you could wash your hair as this is also relaxing and releases stress

I know it doesn't, but I always feel like a bath makes me feel better, at least for a little while. I guess if you have a head cold the steam might be good for your sinuses.

I'm nine and bubble baths are fun its like sleeping in a warm blanket but with bubbles and water! I always but my swimming Ariel doll and my MY LITTLE PONIES its really fun

5 Crafts

When stuck at home ill crafts is a great way to wind down and take away all the aches and pains. Also it takes your mind of being ill. And we all hate being ill.

Making little animals from foam, felt and pipe cleaner (or "chenile stem" I should say) is a lot of fun! Also if you can sew and have a sewing machine that is a lot of fun too.

Watch movies! Best hits from 2013 I would also recommend relax such as listen to music or play a board game. Those are things I do when I'm sick!

6 Watch Movies

Marathons are great for when you're sick; it works with movies and T.V. shows. If you're planning on eating a load of junk food with it though, I'd reconsider. Obviously, lots of garbage snacks aren't great for when you're not feeling well, but don't starve or dehydrate yourself either; this will increase your chances of being sick/ being sick again.

That's what I love to do while I'm sick like, I just watched all the twighlight saga. But, with all ten reasons I love this one the most even though I love to play video games, I don't want to contaminate the controllers and make everybody else sick too.

7 Get Other People to Do Stuff For You

I love doing this! I mean, they don't listen to me most of the time, but it's entertaining, therefore it's worth it... You know?

Yes the only bad thing is that it could make them mad but they know that you are to "lazy" to do things.

Awesome! I mean I always have to do stuff for them for once there doing stuff for me!

8 Lay Down With An Animal Pet

They always sit next to you and they never leave your side. Pets also know when your sick so they already come over to sit next to you.

My pet, Clover is so cute and when I snuggle with him for awhile and pet him for at least 1 hour when I get up he follows me.

My cats avoid me like the plague when I'm sick, but when they do pity me enough to cuddle it's the best feeling ever.

9 Read

When I'm sick and have nothing active to do, there's no greater time for the geek within to live vicariously through the characters I read of.

Reading a little on the stuff the teacher is talking about in the classes you miss while staying home is a grear way to stay updated, motivating myself to do it.. Is something else

Another thing that is perfect to do while you are sick, that you might not be able to enjoy as much of when life is in full swing.

10 Watch YouTube Videos

Oh my gosh I love watching YouTube it totally lifts my spirits when I watch cats try to jump really high and then there's that one moment of truth where you think they are going to make it but just end up falling on the floor. -#Guiltypleasure

Oh yeah. I do this when I'm not sick laugh out loud.

Yeah here are some of my favorites: danisnotonfire, amazing phill, Jonny Orlando, oil white, and Nina high hope you enjoy

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11 Eat Saltine Crackers

I don't care if I have a cold, or the flu, or food poisoning, nothing feels better, or tastes better than those plain, stupid crackers. I call them sick crackers. Can't eat them 360 days a year, but those 4-5 or so days I'm sick, I'm all over that.

Yay crackers when ya sick taste yummy!

I eat them all the time whether I'm sick or not, these are like the God of crackers

12 Drink Chicken Broth

I like to dip my saltine crackers into my chicken broth.

Preferably with Saltine crackers.

Love it love it the best kind o soup is chicken noodle sou. And I eat wit oyster crakers

13 Watch TV

Ok T.V. is awesome take your pet and just lay down on the bed watching T.V. playing games on iPad or just petting your pet while eating in bed all those cheer me up but my dog only follows my mom she thinks my moms "alpha of the pack" or something

Whether it's just because it's your guilty pleasure, you want to fall asleep but need something to do it to, or there's nothing on, sometimes watching bad TV is cathartic.

Always works for me
It gets my mind of things
Makes me feel all better
I can do this any time any place and were
Every time Me and my mom watch T. V together

14 Lay Down With Lots of Stuffed Animals

There cute cuddly and in my opinion is just think stuffed animals re relaxing when I'm sick for those reasons you should lay down with. Lots of plush animal

For the person two quotes down, you do whatever you would like! Your dad sounds very insecure. Pity him, do what helps you!

DO THIS! I'm not feeling well and I'm doing this and its really relaxing me. Just snuggle up to your plushies and close your eyes

15 Search Online for What to Do

Curl up on the couch with a good book and spend the day reading a good book and drinking tea.

The internet is one of your best bets these days.

That's what everyone that saw this is doing.

16 Research Products You Want to Get

My birthday may be 6 months away, but when I looked up stuff for my birthday, I felt healthy again. I also found a ton of good toys! It really works!

This is not a good idea what if its far away then so you can only do this a certain time of year so it ain't a really good idea that everyone can do only some peoples whos birthdays near the time they are sick so yeah.

I've tried but honestly I can't get much down on my list because idek what to look up.. Any good website suggestions?

17 Sew

This is a long process because it isn't easy to sew as I know when I first started.. It would take hours and hours and probably days to sew with your hand and fabric let alone if u have a sewing machine, that takes hours too as I know from experience.. The easiest thing I would say is to make a scrunchie but your gonna need elastics and fabrics so

Sewing is fine just as long as you don't stab yourself with the needle laugh out loud

18 Play a Board Game With Friends

What if your house is too small for friends to come round or what if your sick and it is school or just know one will play with you...I poorly and my family won't play a bored game with me so I doubt people will play with you

I'm an only child! Thanks, but what if there's no one around? Any other Ideas?

If you are sick why would you be with friends?

19 Make Origami

Origami is a great way to pass the time. If you don't have an inkling on how to make origami, look it up on the net!
If you do not Have Origami paper there are some origami pieces that you can do with regular printer paper

I love making origami it is always so fun!

My favorite is a swan or fortune teller I love the books of origami Yoda if you don't know just go on

Tom AngleBerger made the book so it's awesome!

20 Eat Pineapple
21 Draw

Love It! It will never fail to get you laughing at your art skills... Or applauding them!

That is if you can draw without becoming frustrated that is if you can't draw well.

I like to draw I love anything artistic so this takes your mind off everything

22 Make Simple Gifts
23 Complain About Your Illness

My girlfriend likes to complain even when she is not sick!

It's good because then people will feel bad for you then you can get a lot of cool stuff

24 Listen to Music

What if your not allowed because your stepladder is really strict?!

I would crank up some music but my dad is asleep. Thanks for the idea

25 Ask People What to Do

I've done this for an hour or so, and it's SUPER FUN! I swear, I wish I was sick more often now. It's extremely interesting to see what others enjoy when they're sick at home (and possibly bedridden) just like you. Or, at least, it is to me.

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