Top 10 Things the U.S. Must Do to Improve Their Education System

As a American i feel the country's education system is broken.Take a look at Finland.They don't have homework and gets lots of recess and they have one of the world's best education system. So listen up America if you want to improve your education system here's what you should do.

The Top Ten

1 Get rid of homework

Jordon... are you trying to get us more hours in school? Besides all this fuss about making these changes will be complex and hard for everyone to be convinced it'll work and adjust to. Not saying change is bad, but even if they were to change the education system it would probably take so long that you are already out of school worrying about your own problems.

Yes Excatly! By Letting them do Classworks instead of Homeworks. - JohnPierre846

2 Stop common core testing

I think I remember that we had to take 4 tests in 2 weeks, that was terrible. I don't know if they were the common core tests, though. - Pegasister12

3 Stop spending a lot on military

Really? You think education is underfunded in America? In most cities and towns, education accounts for 60-70% of annual budgets. Then there's all that state and federal grant money. Finland? What are the demographics? In how many languages must they teach? To what degree are dysfunctional families and school violence a factor? This nonsense about looking to other countries for a "better" model ignores a world of realities that exist here that do not exist elsewhere.

Umm... Military is kinda important. - LordDovahkiin

4 Start donating to poor schools
5 Increase the education budget
6 Give kids more recess time

So more money and less and less schoolwork is the formula for educational success?

7 Have schools replace bad teachers with professional ones

Teachers' unions have made this nearly impossible.

Argue with the teachers' unions about that.

8 Create programs to motivate students

How 'bout the motivation of not flunking out and spending the rest of your days as a dryer at the local car wash?

9 Create programs to stop bullies

With all those "school hating" lists, I guess it's true - MChkflaguard_Yt

10 Start making schools safer

That is Very True and Correct! - JohnPierre846

But first you need to solve the question of "How do we do this? " In a good way, mind you. No metal detectors, bag searchers etc. - LordDovahkiin

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