Top Ten Things We Should Do But We Don't


The Top Ten

1 Study

Aww still I'm not in mood to do it, but I have to do 4 ma better future

Future doesn't depends on how much you study, it depends on how good your skills for your field are. - yatharthb

Hey I study! :/ - Ananya

I'm a pro-crastinator. A professional crastinator that is. - keycha1n

2 Exercise

I REALLY need to start working out. Especially at my age, before I grow up and become obese. - TheMainReason

I just hate it and it's so so so so so so hard and boring - Musicislife

Ev one needs to exercise DDOONE

3 Save Money


4 Eat Healthy Things

I like junk food. But I do exercise because I have to and I want to. I have to because I'm forced to in gym. And I want to because I do tap and ballet and I actually like it. - funnyuser

I sometimes look at the entire snacks aisle at Sainsbury's and think, that should do it for the week. But it's a good thing I get good exercise from martial arts twicea week. - PositronWildhawk

5 Clean

As told by Narendra Modi that we should clean our environment and surroundings and do not throw any waste on roads and on any place he told to clean India in every possible way it was the main mission of his campaign

6 Stop Drinking
7 Watch Less TV

Sorry, I just can't help it - Ananya

Okay, now THIS is something I'm not gonna work on and never gonna do. I need ma T.V.. - TheMainReason

The toughest of all
For an otaku like me! - Animefan12

8 Spend Less Time On The Computer
9 Stop Smoking
10 Stop Swearing

I used sear all the time but I went rehab and they told me to stop it immediately and help kids stop bulling

I really need to stop doing this

The Contenders

11 Be Nicer
12 Have Sex
13 Fold Fitted Sheets Properly

I NEVER fold my sheets properly. When I go to bed my sheets are messed up, then I just make sure that mY bed sheet is straight. Then I go to sleep and mess them up worse. - funnyuser

14 Check Air Pressure in Tyres

Moving along at 80MPH check your Air in your Tires

15 Daydream Freely
16 Go to Church
17 Meditate
18 Stop Bullying
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